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Mission Statement


Let me start off with saying that we are not out to compete with any other knowledge base out there. The sole purpose of this website is to give players an alternate free place to gather accurate and up-to-date knowledge about EverQuest.

EQthieves will never require you to register to get information, however you may be required to register to post comments on any forums within this website.

Another promise made to the EverQuest players is that when viewing this site you will not be bombarded with popup advertisements. EQthieves may advertise on this site to cover operational cost, but these ads will be static and placed in a way that they will not interfere with your reading. We figure you are hear to look up something not navigate through advertisements.

EQthieves was created for players, by players. The information provided within this website has all been submitted by players.

We hope you find this website resourceful and easy to navigate.


DEV Team

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