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Prophecy of Ro Devastation

Travel through East Freeport and down into the basement of the arena if you are searching for a challenging and chaotic zone. When you enter The Devastation, the barren wasteland seems to extend forever but don't let this wide open seeming zone fool you, it is filled with danger.

The large red-con giant that greets you when you zone in, Oathmir, is probably the only non-life threatening thing you will encounter in this zone, despite his appearance. Scattered throughout the rest of the zone, the inhabitants move in packs. Kobolds, skeletons, orcs, drachnids and more can be found in a constantly changing environment but beware, most of these packs contain at least one creature that sees invis. For this reason, traversing this zone can be extremely challenging. There are also packs of undead mobs wandering at random. At first glance, the outer wall which surrounds this circular zone may seem safe, but there are also scattered packs of mobs standing still around the wall.

As you move through the zone, you will notice that not only will the mobs attack you, they attack each other. This can prove difficult when trying to pull mobs as some mobs may kill steal the mob you were after! Miniature wars will break out when a pack of kobolds draws near a pack of orcs and anyone caught in the crossfire will meet their untimely demise quite swiftly. The creatures in this zone hit up to the low 2000s and the yellow con and red con mobs typically summon. Soloing classes don't worry, most of the blue con mobs do not summon and providing you can keep an eye out for traveling packs, soloing is done with ease. Just beware the giant named bazu that travels around as he will make a quick meal of you!

While you are in this zone, you may want to start working on one of your new spells and discs. The red con mobs in this zone of each species drop a no-drop skin. Looting one of these skins will initiate a task that calls for you to collect a total of 9 different skins. These skins are in high demand and the red con mobs are highly sought after so don't plan on getting your spell in one day. Some of the skins are a bit rarer than others since certain packs of mobs spawn with more frequency than others. These skins can be returned to the Librarian in the Plane of Knowledge for one of your new spells or discs.

Had your fill and ready to leave? Well there are two ways out. The zone back to East Freeport is rather obscure and requires you to click lumpy section of the zone wall at the very southernmost part of the zone where you came in. For those of you looking for more of a challenge, the zone to Sverag, Strongohld of Rage is located in the center of the zone. A stronghold door, which must be broken down to pass through, stands at the entrance so don't expect to escape quickly if you are being chased! The door has several thousand hit points and is usually surrounded by the bodies of many fallen players that weren't fortunate enough to find the door already broken down. 

Escaping The Devastation is never as easy as entering....

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