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Prophecy of Ro Auras

Before you can get started on your quest, you must journey to the Ruins of Takish-Hiz inside the Southern Desert of Ro. You can reach South Ro via a magus, or hitch a ride with a druid or wizard. Around the middle of the zone, on the western wall, you will find a large, dark hole to fall into. Jump on in, and you will land in the ruins. If you would like to download maps to make your journey easier, you can download the zip here.

Once you are inside, you may begin on your task. Depending on your level, class, and gear, you may need to bring a few friends along to complete it. A moderately geared level 70 melee class should be able to duo this task with a moderately geared priest. I also recommend bringing a tracker along if able. Once inside with a capable force, you must go speak with Lilthill`yan`s Ghost, found at location -550, -350, or the southern corner of the zone if you have a map.

Speak with him, and accept the task called 'The Chalice of Life.' Please note that this is a single person task, and that every single person will need to get it. As such, every person will have to do the steps below in order to get their aura.

Once you have the task, you can finally get to the killing! Lilthill`yan`s Ghost asks you to bring him four items in order to complete the chalice. These items -- the Lifestones of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter -- are all guarded by capable guardians that have recently become out of control. You must kill these guardians, loot the Lifestones, and return them to Lilthill`yan to get your aura. The 'Lifestone Guardian of Autumn' and 'Lifestone Guardian of Summer' can be found roaming the zone near Lilthill`yan; the 'Lifestone Guardian of Spring' can be found near the zone in area on the eastern side of the zone; finally, the 'Lifestone Guardian of Winter' is found roaming the area around the Elddar Forrest zone in (loc 120, -100). While a tracker makes finding them trivial, you should be able to find them if you just wait patiently for a few minutes in the areas mentioned above. If you see someone else killing one of the guardians, do not fret, as they respawn in a matter of minutes.

The guardians only hit for around 800 damage and are not very difficult to kill at all if fought by themselves. Once you dispatch the four guardians, loot and turn in the four stones to Lilthill`yan`s Ghost to complete your task.

You will receive a droppable cloak for your troubles, along with your level 55 aura.

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