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Lost Dungeons of Norrath


Players are introduced to several exciting new concepts in adventuring through the world of EverQuest. After joining the Wayfarers Brotherhood, you and your group undertake perilous new adventures into the recently unearthed Lost Dungeons of Norrath. These new adventures offer many benefits, including a clearly defined goal, the ability to play and make progress in a couple hours per adventure, and the confidence that you can set a time to meet your friends and have a dungeon fully available for you right away - no competition and no waiting!

When you win adventures you gain Adventure points (AP) which are used to buy equipment, augmentations and spells from special LDoN merchants. The equipment is basically on par to the loot gained from level Plains of Power Zones. What makes this expansion so appealing is that they adventures take a maximum of two hours to complete and you can gain equipment which most players would never have access to.

LDoN also brought in scored boards keeping track of who has completed the most missions of a particular theme etc. These boards are just for bragging rights and not surprisingly generally the leaders are the hardcore players who already had Plane of Time access or are hard core players.

When you choose an adventure you have two options a normal or high risk. Normal is normal, high risk is well harder but the reward in Experience, Loot and Adventure Points in considerably higher in a high risk adventure. Normal adventures and high risk adventures require different group compositions.

For a normal adventure really all that matters is DPS, the more DPS the better. The monsters in a normal LDoN are not very high level and crowd control is not really needed in most cases, but a slower is handy.A good group can finish an LDoN in well under half an hour, some in around fifteen minutes.

For a high risk LDoN, you need a balanced groups and crowd control and a slower is must. You have to approach a high risk LDoN like you would a tier one Gates of Discord zone or a mid level Plane of Power zones. The problem is that anyone can do a high risk LDoN, so you have to be careful when choosing your group for a high risk LDoN's, especially if succeeding is important to you.

There are four kinds of adventures in LDoN, they are only just slightly different but they all involve killing as fast a possible. If you do not complete the objective in 90 minutes you can still win a booby price if you finish in an additional 30 minutes.

Slaughter: Kill X number of mobs in 90 minutes to win, pretty straight forward. You often have to kill a lot of enemies to succeed so potential a longer LDoN.

Collection: You have to collect X number of item Y in 90 minutes, the item can drop off of any enemy in the zone. These can be really long or short comes down to luck. Really popular because they can be done in the least amount of time, allowing maximization of AP's gained.

Assassination: Basically plow deep into the zone and eventually a named mod will spawn, kill it to win in under 90 minutes.

Rescue: Same as Assassinations but after you kill the named monster you have to guide an NPC out of the zone in less than 90 minutes. This can be frustrating to if you do not have a map, but there is no reason not to have a map.

The LDoN expansion added the idea of Augmentations which are basically items which can be added to existing weapons to make them more powerful. These augmentations are bought from LDoN merchants and drop in Gates of Discord zones and also LDoN adventures. Some of these augmentations are extremely powerful and can be still bought from the LDoN merchant, so it just a matter of completing enough LDoN's to buy them.

LDoN also introduced the adventure stone which is an augmentation which fits on your charm slot item. This item gains in power as you complete LDoN and then hail NPC's. Below are the NPC's that you have to hail to increase the power of your adventure Stone.

LDoN Adventure Stone Break Down

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