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Wizard Epic 2.0 Staff of Phenomenal Power

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Note: If you have the Staff of Prismatic Power (epic 1.5):

Find Talwyn Flamecaller, a High Elf, at location +2182, -1042, +332 in the Lavastorm Mountains.

You say, 'Hail, Talwyn Flamecaller'

Talwyn Flamecaller says 'The power of the wizard courses through your veins thoroughly, ever in search of the opportunity to harness even more power. You have created a staff of immense power, yet even in its glory, is limited. To unleash the full potential of this weapon will be a large undertaking of its own. You must obtain a globe of pure discordant energy and return it to me. Look for assistance from the Plane of Discord from Grathnok Gilforgan. I know not where this being may be, but I do know that once you find him, he will be willing to assist you in finding the globe you seek.'

Locate Grathnok Gilforgan in Dranik's Scar at location -460, 164.

You say, 'I need a globe of pure discordant energy.'

Grathnok Gilforgan says 'I know about the globes of which you speak and perhaps may even be able to aid you in obtaining one. First, though, I have to ask a favor of you. My people have suffered tireless ages here in Discord, protecting the portal. If we lose our hold on the portal the armies of discord would be able to overrun our home world, much like what has started to happen on your home world of Norrath.'

You say, 'Lose your hold?'

Grathnok Gilforgan says 'It is still too early to tell. . . We are well established here, but the constant attacks and dreary landscape really take their toll on young minds. Adding to that, when an attack is successful it bears heavy in the minds of my people. In a recent attack, a surprise raid upon our encampments, the precious Intricate Horn of Galien was taken. The purpose for this atrocity is as of yet unknown, however this item holds great meaning to us and the favor I ask is simply to return this sacred artifact to me.'

You say, 'What Intricate Horn of Galien?'

Grathnok Gilforgan says, 'This precious Artifact was placed on our largest tower, where its resonating voice stretched across the planes and through the mountains to rally our troops and warn us of an impending attack. The horn has tremendous sentimental value for us, as it belonged to one of the great leaders of our past. It is a horn made of the finest precious metal of our homeland, laden with runes and etchings and filled with gems and precious stones. It is a signification of our strength and perseverance of the ages and without it the morale is very low amongst our soldiers.'

Go to the Muramite Proving Grounds. You'll need to bring a raid force to take down Lightningcaller Vhalek. Once he's dead, loot the Intricate Horn of Galien. A chest (called what?) can spawn with additional loot. Bring the horn back to Grathnok.

Grathnok Gilforgan says 'Your resolve and strength of will astounds me. You have returned to my people, the most sacred artifact we have on this world, and for that, you have earned my gratitude. As promised, I will give you the information that I have on the discordant globes. These globes can only be collected in one area, where the magic of discord constantly fluxes and an eerie sense of pain and anguish resides. Beware, it is an extremely dangerous area, protected by many of the Muramite Army's best and highest ranking members. Good luck to you, I hope you achieve all that you aspire.'

Your next step is to get a key to Citadel of Anguish (see quest given by Taromani). Head to the zone and kill Arch Magus Vangl, Jelvan`s Keepsake, Warden Hanvar (to spawn an Orb of Discordant Energy), or Overlord Mata Muram, then loot a Globe of Discordant Energy and bring it to Talwyn Flamecaller.

Talwyn Flamecaller says 'Your first task is to take the right half of the orb to the highest point achieved by a wizards spire on Norrath. On the western prong, you will find a small tear in space. Place the orb inside this tear; it will absorb the pure essence of teleportation. The second task will take you to the highest point achieved by a wizards spire on Luclin. Find another tear in space there and absorb that essence as well. Return to me with both halves imbued with the proper essence and hand them to me, along with your staff.'

Receive two Broken Orbs of Discordant Energy.

The final steps to your Epic 2.0 are nothing compared to the rest of the quest. Head to the Dreadlands spires (not the port-in spires, but the gigantic spires next to it). Levitate up the northwest spire to a group of five glowing containers named "Always Work."

Put one of your broken orbs into a container and hit combine. This results in an Infused Orb of Discordant Energy.

Now head to the Mons Letalis spire. Again, go up the northwest spire to a container called "Always Work." Put your other broken orb inside and hit combine. This results in another Infused Orb of Discordant Energy.

Head back to where it all began - the Lavastorm Mountains. Hand the two infused orbs along with your Staff of Prismatic Power (take augments off before hand-in).

Talwyn Flamecaller says 'With these Infused Orbs, your path to becoming a soldier of Solusek's legions has been completed. You have surpassed even my expectations!' You hear Talwyn chant in low, almost inaudible tones. His hands glow bright with power as he assembles a weapon worthy of Solusek himself. 'Take this staff as a symbol of your loyalty to Solusek and weild it proudly, wizard!'

Receive your Epic 2.0, the Staff of Phenomenal Power (as well as 10 AA points)

Congratulations on your 'Staff of Phenomenal Power'!

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