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Wizard Epic 1.5 Staff of Prismatic Power

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If you have the The Staff of Four (epic 1.0) or have done the pre-quest:

Find Talwyn Flamecaller, a High Elf, at location +2182, -1042, +332 in the Lavastorm Mountains.

Talwyn Flamecaller says 'You have completed the tests of your abilities, but your journey to joining Solusek's legion is far from complete. You must now assemble a wand to help further focus your energies. In the lands of Discord power surges and fades in an awesome display, the fluxing power flows thru all things in teh landscape. Go, investigate the lands of Discord; return to me with a fluxing rod, gem, rune, ore. With them you will be ready to take your first steps as a new soldier.'

You say, 'What fluxing rod?'

Talwyn Flamecaller says 'The rod that will be used to create the foundation for the staff can only be found in the place where magic tears and screams across the landscape. Only in the plane where discord reigns does the power exist to charge the rod properly. A race that has been recently discovered there has been seen carrying around rods of super charged discordant magic. We are unsure of their origin, but we believe the rods hold a great, yet unknown power worthy of use in this staff.'

A Fluxing Staff is dropped by the Girplan Guardian in Wall of Slaughter. It is a nasty raid encounter, so bring some friends. It can spawn a chest (called what?) with additional loot.

You say, 'What fluxing gem?'

Talwyn Flamecaller says 'Fluxing gems have been found growing in the desert of Luclin. They form from the sand that has been blasted by magic. Sun Revenants have been known to collect them. Go to the plateau, and speak the word proclaim your desire to take their gems, this will draw out the elite revenants, one of them should be carrying the fluxing gem.'

Head to the Scarlet Desert and find the Elite Sun Revenant.

You say, 'I have come for your gems.'

A voice booms from the center of the cauldron. 'These gems are sacred, important to our survival, you shall not have them.'

Elite Sun Revenant spawns as a level 75 Wizard. He is KoS and is another raid encounter. Loot the Fluxing Gem from his corpse. He can also spawn a chest (called what?) with additional loot.

You say, 'What fluxing rune?'

Talwyn Flamecaller says 'Fluxing runes are carried by the army of Terris Thule. These runes help her minions slip into their victim's dreams more easily. I believe you would be able to find one being carried by the lord of the hobgoblins.'

The Fluxing Rune is dropped by the Hobgoblin Horrorfiend in the back of the Plane of Nightmare caves (/loc?). He is a bit easier than the previous two encounters, but you will still need a few groups. Loot the rune from his corpse. A chest (called what?) can spawn with additional loot.

You say, 'What fluxing ore?'

Talwyn Flamecaller says 'It shouldn't be too hard to find some fluxing ore in an area we have termed the Ruined City of Dranik. Look in areas where one might expect to find ore-veins. Look on the mountain sides, beneath cliffs, even among the loose pieces of rock in the area.'

A Fluxing Chunk of Ore can be found in the rat caves of the Ruined City of Dranik. Location is +1360, -337.

Return to Talwyn and hand him the Fluxing Gem, Staff, Ore, and Rune.

Talwyn Flamecaller says, 'You are indeed ready to join the ranks as a soldier of Solusek Ro. Every soldier in Solusek's league must wield a staff of power, which will focus your abilities in a way that you have never felt before! Fear will consume you as you feel your essence being ripped from your body. Do not give up, use the staff with faith and hope that you will be rewarded with the most powerful item you could ever imagine.'

Receive a Staff of Fluxing Power.

You say, 'Tell me about this powerful item.'

Talwyn Flamecaller says 'To lay hands on this staff you will have to construct it of items of this world. Power is not given out freely, you must earn it. You will be pressed to the limits of your knowledge and abilities. To begin you will need to gather the fires of Solusek himself. These fires burn in the deepest part of the dungeons named after him. The pure flame burns near the runes. Bring it to me to examine when you get it.'

Go to the Cavern of Exile (aka Solusek C). You will have to complete a ring event ending in the death of the Pure Flame Elemental. Approximate location is 0, -200. You'll see a circular room with eight lava elementals, four lava vindicators, and four lava champions. Kill these. (We could use their exact in-game names and approximate levels.)

The room grows warmer as the lava pool begins to steam heavily.

The next wave consists of four Furious Magma Guardians. Kill them.

The lava starts to bubble and churn. Dark shapes move beneath the molten rock.

Two Inflamed Champions spawn. Kill these.

The pool of lava begins to boil furiously. Something large is growing within.

The Pure Flame Elemental spawns on the middle rock.

Pure Flame Elemental says, 'Why have you awakened me mortals?'

Kill the elemental and loot the Wisp of Pure Flame. Head back to Lavastorm and give it to Talwyn.

Talwyn Flamecaller says, 'You have obtained the pure flame? That was impressive how quickly you did it, the other wizards I am recruiting have not returned yet. Back to the recruitment, you will need pure ice. The ice is coldest in the wastes of Velious. Retrieve this pure ice and bring it back to me.'

The "pure ice" he speaks of is the Shard of Pure Ice. It is dropped in Siren's Grotto by Mistress of the Darkwater. Beware that sirens in this area chain aggro, so you will want to pacify them. The Mistress herself hits for about 500, and has an AE DoT which drops 100hp/tick and acts as a 15% slow. Loot the ice and return it to Talwyn.

Talwyn Flamecaller says, 'I can see the pure ice is in your possession. Take care while handling it because it is fragile. To infuse the staff with the powers you have attained you will need to retrieve a tapestry bag from the weavers in the Plane of Tranquility. Go talk to Kalym; he should be able to help you.'

Kalym Rasalan is in the Plane of Tranquility at location -304, -1162 (a house next to the Plane of Nightmare).

You say, 'Hail Kalym Rasalan'

Kalym Rasalan says, 'Hello _____, Talwyn told me of the coming of new recruits. I suppose he told you that you would need to use the magic in our woven tapestries to create a satchel to hold something very delicate? Well, you are lucky enough that I have this finished swatch of tapestry here that you can use. I am busy and can't tailor it for you though. You will need to tailor it yourself. If you take the tapestry, a backpack pattern, and a silk cord you should be able to tailor it with moderate effort.'

Receive a Silken Tapestry. You'll need to do a tailoring combine with a Silk Cord and Backpack Pattern. You must have a tailoring skill of 130 in order to attempt it. It is no-fail.

This combine results in a Silken Tapestry Satchel, an eight-slot container. Bring it back to Talwyn.

Talwyn Flamecaller says, 'So you got the tapestry satchel, did you? Good, you can begin to retrieve the final portions of the staff. I cannot tell you where exactly, but you will have to find four differently colored fragments. These fragments will circle your staff and feed it power. Think of them as the staff's own familiars. These crystal fragments only grow on the ground that has not seen footsteps for some time. The vibration in the ground is enough to destroy these delicate shards. When combined though, they will form a material harder than diamond. Once you have the four pieces, place them in your tapestry satchel along with the fluxing staff, a cohesion gem, and the two elements that you gathered previously, and then return with it to me'

You'll need to gather four Prismatic Crystals from various places:

1. Dulak - Ground spawn at -75, -877 (also drops from Treasure Sorter Neiben)
2. Timorous Deep - Ground spawn at +5613, -4228
3. Twilight Sea - Ground spawn at +4269, +1223
4. Veksar - Ground spawn at +300, +350

Then, head to the Plane of Innovation and kill trash mobs until you find a Cohesion Gem.

Now, combine the Cohesion Gem, four Prismatic Crystals, the Staff of Fluxing Power, the Shard of Pure Ice, and the Wisp of Pure Flame inside the satchel. This produces a Full Tapestry Satchel. Return this item to to receive your Epic 1.5.

As Talwyn removes the components from the tapestry satchel they begin to vibrate with power. They pulse quickly as they move towards each other, static flies in each direction as the pieces fuse into each other. In a final burst of magic the staff is complete. Talwyn looks it over with wise eyes before giving it to you. 'The staff of power is yours to wield. If you are up to the task I can set you on the final portions of what is needed to become a true avatar of Solusek.'

Congratulations on your 'Staff of Prismatic Power'!

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