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Warrior Epic 2.0 Kreljnok's Sword of Eternal Power

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Note: If you have the Champion's Sword of Eternal Power (epic 1.5):

Find Korbuk Brimblade in Dranik's Scar northwest of the port-in at -1045, -1365.

You say, 'What one?'

Korbuk Brimblade says 'Only da one who had da power to combine da sword could have come so far. You have it in you to make dat sword great! Right now, its power is minor. With some time and effort, you might be able to bring it into da light and make it da most powerful sword ever known! When I touched da sword, I sensed a [presence] within it.'

You say, 'What presence?'

Korbuk Brimblade says 'I can't explain it really. It's as if da sword was part of a being at one time. Perhaps da sword was a being but was changed into a sword by some terrible means. All I know is dat it keeps calling to me, leading me... and you... to da next step of da puzzle. Right now it's telling me dat da next step of da puzzle resides in da labryinth. We've already been there, I wonder what more we could find from [going back].'

You say, 'Going back?'

Korbuk Brimblade says 'Well, if you want to continue, you'll go back. Da vision I had showed a beast possessed by an evil spirit. It almost seemed like dat spirit was part of da presence dat I've felt from da sword. You should find da beast and destroy it, then see if you can recapture whatever spirit is trapped in its body.'

The "beast possessed by an evil spirit" is the Possessed Brute in Muramite Proving Grounds. Kill it to loot Kreljnok's Muddled Rage. Bring this back to Korbuk:

Korbuk Brimblade says 'All too easy. For you, I mean. You did well. I'm... I'm getting unclear visions from this essence. I can't seem to understand what it's trying to tell me. This essence is impure and needs to be purified. I happen to know of a [purification expert] dat can help us clear this mystery up.'

You say, 'What purification expert?'

Korbuk Brimblade says 'You're going to need to travel to da frozen underbelly of Norrath to find a gnome I've not seen in a long time. I couldn't begin to tell you where to find him, but you might try da frozen ocean as a starting point. If you can't find him, you may be able to find someone else who knows where he is.'

Find Fazzle Thumpkin in Iceclad Ocean at +3945, -20005.

You say, 'Hail, Fazzle Thumpkin'

Fazzle Thumpkin says 'Damnable interruptions! Can't you see I'm looking for my pestle?! I lost that blasted thing months ago and haven't been able to find it! What will I do without my pestle?! My poor, poor pestle. Where have you gone? I thought I'd lost it around here somewhere, but maybe I left it near one of those statues during my surveying of the islands. Drat and double drat! Where did I leave you? Woe...'

Find a Frozen Pestle (identifies as "Lost years ago, this pestle is covered in ice") at +1070, +5225. Return it to Fazzle.

Fazzle Thumpkin says 'You... you found it! My pestle! Hooray! I can get back to my work! I'm so grateful for this kind act, I've got to have something in my knapsack that you want! Here, how about some lint... wait, how did that get in there. You don't want lint! Hah! How about some cogs? No, what would you do with cogs? I know... you'll be able to make special use of this [map] I have.'

You gain experience!!

You say, 'What map?'

Fazzle Thumpkin says 'I've had this map for a long time. I can't seem to remember who gave it to me. I may have even made it myself. I do remember that something special can be found by following where the map leads. It's a magical map and will only show you the way in the dead of night, and only in the eastern wastes of this dreadful ice-covered place. You have to hold onto it tightly for it to work, keep that in mind! Good luck, you may need it!'

You receive Fazzle's Map of East Wastes, a TEMPORARY item. You can say "What map?" to Fazzle again later for further retries. At around 8 PM gametime, the map will become active and guide you to a spot in the Eastern Wastes near the top of the ramp to Kael Drakkel at -6300, +3600, where Larnik the Recluse will spawn and start running to Kael. As soon as you catch up with him:

You say, 'Hail, Larnik the Recluse'

Larnik the Recluse says 'Ahh! I've been found out! Who are you and where did you come from? How did you find me? It was that bothersome Fazzle, wasn't it? I knew he couldn't be trusted with the map! I knew it! Leave me alone, I don't want to be bothered! Away, away!'

You say, 'Korbuk sent me.'

He stops running.

Larnik the Recluse says 'What? What did you say? Who sent you? Korbuk sent you? That's impossible. I told him to be gone long ago. I told him never to speak of me or send anyone my way ever again! That fool! Why would he send you here?'

You say, 'The great purification.'

Larnik the Recluse says 'Raaaa! I'm out of that business! I'll never help him or anyone else purify another thing so long as I live! Get away from me!'

Larnik the Recluse says 'I'll not be hunted any more! Begone with you!'

He attacks. He hits for up to 1800, Double-attacks, has a 4K proc, and has ~93k hit points. Once he's dead:

Larnik the Recluse's corpse has lost the fight for his life and crumples helplessly to the snow.

Loot Larnik's Locked Purification Kit. Bring this back to Korbuk.

Korbuk Brimblade says 'Uh oh. I'm guessing dat he didn't want to part with this peacefully? Well, I can't say I'm sorry. He was a jerk to me da last time we talked. I guess I just figured someone else might be able to persuade him to change his mind. I went ahead and broke open da lock for you. You'll be able to make use of da [kit] now.'

You gain experience!!

You receive Larnik's Unlocked Purification Kit, a container (have an open inventory spot).

You say, 'What kit?'

Korbuk Brimblade says 'Da kit you got from Larnik was his very special and highly prized purification kit, used to remove impurities from magical things, such as da essence you gathered from dat possessed beast. I'm guessing it will work with dat too, so just place da essence inside and let it go to work.'

Combine Kreljnok's Muddled Rage in the kit to craft Kreljnok's Focused Rage.

You say, 'Hail, Korbuk Brimblade'

Korbuk Brimblade says 'You were able to purify da presence, good. Just as I thought, da essence is pure and unadultered. Things are becoming ever clearer da closer we come to unraveling this mystery. Even without touching da essence, I can see pure rage surrounding a sword. I cannot even begin to express what it looks like. It's a very powerful image, to be sure. We're not quite done yet, however. There's a bit [more] da needs to be done.'

You gain experience!!

You say, 'What more needs to be done?'

Korbuk Brimblade says 'I have sensed a strong and powerful draw from da fallen palace to da north. I've heard whispers dat it is called Anguish and is a terrible place to go. I don't know any more than dat, except dat there is... something there. My visions about this are chaotic and I don't know what to make of them. Be careful, there's no telling what may lie in wait for you there.'

Travel to the Citadel of Anguish and obtain a Globe of Discordant Energy from one of the raid mobs there: Arch Magus Vangl, Jelvan`s Keepsake (from the tormentor ring), Orb of Discordant Energy (spawns following the death of Warden Hanvar), or Overlord Mata Muram. Give the globe to Korbuk.

Korbuk Brimblade says 'Yes, this is precisely what I felt. Its power is indescribable. We're so close now! I can see what's left and it's a glorious end to a glorious journey. There are just two [last items] you need to take care of.'

You gain experience!!

You get the globe back.

You say, 'What last items?'

Korbuk Brimblade says 'First, it's time for me to put my strengths to use. Hand me da sword, da essence and da globe and I'll let da magic of these visions flow through me and into the sword. After dat, you must let da sword guide you to da end of your journey. I know now dat you are da one who will fulfill this journey, who will see it through to da end. Hurry forth into da causeway, do not stray. Then, and only then will da power of da sword be fully realized. Hurry now, you don't have much time!'

Hand in the Globe of Discordant Energy, Kreljnok's Focused Rage and the Champion's Sword of Eternal Power.

Korbuk Brimblade says 'Well done. Well done, indeed. I knew da moment I saw you dat you were da right person for all of this. Here is da sword, but there's one [last item] dat you need to do.'

You gain experience!!

You receive a Raging Sword of Eternal Power.

You say, 'What last item?'

Korbuk Brimblade says 'You must let da sword guide you to da end of your journey. I know now that you are da one who will fulfill this journey, who will see it through to da end. Hurry forth into da causeway and seek out dat which will end your journey. Then, and only then will da power of da sword be fully realized. Hurry now, you don't have much time!'

Head to Nobles' Causeway with a raid. As soon as you zone in, Korbuk Brimblade will spawn (/loc?).

Korbuk Brimblade says 'At last, you have arrived. I've been waiting. Da time has come and your journey is at its end. You must hand over da sword so dat I may reign over everything in greatness! It is destined for me and me alone! No one else shall have it, least of all you! If you [won't give me da sword], I'll take it from you!'

You say, 'I won't give you the sword.'

Korbuk Brimblade says 'You have lived far too long. I shall end your miserable existence now!'

He attacks. He has around 100k hit points, hits for up to 2600, rampages, enrages, and procs Whirlwind Slice.

Korbuk Brimblade has been slain by ______!

Korbuk's death has released a more powerful spirit into the mortal realm.

Essence of Kreljnok shouts, 'You foolish mortals! How dare you defy the will of Kreljnok! I will be reborn and shall have my sword once more! Hand over what is rightfully mine!'

It attacks. It has ~750k hit points and no special abilities, but spawns Kreljnok`s Power and Kreljnok`s Rage during the fight (any additional fight info for these?).

Essence of Kreljnok has been slain by ______!

The death of Kreljnok signals the end of his power in this region. The once powerful warrior has had his life taken by a far superior force.

Loot Brimblade's Scabbard and Kreljnok's Essence from the Essence of Kreljnok. Doing the latter spawns a chest (called what?).

Combine Kreljnok's Essence and the Raging Sword of Eternal Power in Brimblade's Scabbard to craft Kreljnok's Sword of Eternal Power, receive 10 AAs, and your new 2.0 epic title of Decimator

Congratulations on your 'Kreljnok's Sword of Eternal Power'!

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