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Warrior Epic 1.0 Jagged Blade of War

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The Beginning

Kargak Redblade is standing next to a Dwarf named Wenden Blackhammer in East Freeport (/loc?). To get to them, head in the gate from North Ro and follow the left wall. They both start the quest.

Hilt #1 - Jeweled Dragon Head Hilt

Head to Lake Rathe and pick up an Unjeweled Dragon Head Hilt. It can be found on the lake floor at +2513, +920, underneath the aviak tower. You'll also need to get a Diamond, Black Sapphire, and Jacinth. They drop in various zones (Sebilis, Planes) and can almost always be found for sale in The Bazaar.

Take the Unjeweled Dragon Head Hilt, Diamond, Jacinth, and Black Sapphire to Wenden:

Wenden Blackhammer begins to fiddle with the hilt, gently pressing the gems into place. It seems to take forever as you watch in silence. Wenden slowly places the last gem in place and gently bends the settings to hold the gems before he hands it back to you. 'That's a very impressive looking hilt there. The material it is made out of seems strangely familiar,' Wenden says as he turns back to his forge and his other work.

You receive a Jeweled Dragon Head Hilt.

Hilt #2 - Finely Crafted Dragon Head Hilt

Head to the chessboard in Timorous Deep. At the base of the King piece you'll find a Severely Damaged Dragon Head Hilt.

You'll also need a Ball of Everliving Golem. This drops from the named golems in the Plane of Fear: Fright, Dread and Terror.

Now go to the Dreadlands, to the giant fort just west of Karnor's Castle. You need to kill the Mountain Giant Patriarch and loot a Giant Sized Monocle. Take the Monocle to Frontier Mountians. Get to the giant fort and get inside. When you get to the very end of the Mine you will see the giant named Mentrax Mountainbone.

You say, 'Hail, Mentrax Mountainbone'

Mentrax Mountainbone says 'What be it you want! Go away before I eat you for dinner!'

Hand him the Monocle. (How do you know what to give him?)

Mentrax Mountainbone says 'Eh, you actually found one! Thank you, ______. Here is a block of ore for you. Just don't let the other giants know.'

You gain experience!!

You receive Rejesiam Ore.

Now run back to East Freeport with the Rejesiam Ore, Ball of Everliving Golem and Damaged Dragon Head Hilt. Give these to Wenden and receive a Finely Crafted Dragon Head Hilt.

Sword Blade #1 - Ancient Sword Blade

Talk to Denken Strongpick on Aviak Island in the Ocean of Tears.

You say, 'Hail, Denken Strongpick'

Denken Strongpick says 'Hello, ______. I am Denken Strongpick. I wish I could get off this rock, silly clan honor. My boss broke our rebreathers and we can not go back to the mainland before we gather some goblin relics.'

You say, 'What goblin relics?'

Denken Strongpick says 'There are supposedly goblin ruins around here somewhere. Fendlemend thinks we will find paydirt underwater. We did find one thing.'

You say, 'What did you find?'

Denken Strongpick says 'We found a very fine sword blade.' Denken pulls open his pack and shows you a razor sharp sword covered with runes. 'I can't figure out what type of metal it is and I sure can't figure out what technique was used to forge it. Perhaps you would like to take it off my hands and [buy] it?'

You say, 'I will buy it.'

Denken Strongpick says 'Out here, money is fairly useless to me. You see, I can't leave Fendlemend out here alone. I signed on with a very detailed contract. I could sure [use] a few things from the mainland though.'

You say, 'What could you use?'

Denken Strongpick says 'I would be willing to part with this very fine blade for; a keg of Vox tail ale, a block of permafrost to keep it cool and two new rebreathers to get this operation back underway.'

a) A Keg of Vox Tail ale - bought from alot of vendors around the world. A good place to buy one is the sandfishers in North Ro or the Freeport Port Authority.

b) A Block Of Permafrost - Dropped by Ice Giants. (while you're here, kill some goblin wizards until you find a frozen goblin heart -- you'll need it later).

c) Two Rebreathers - Tinkered by Gnomes. Expect to drop as much as 4k for getting two rebreathers.

Turn the Rebreathers, Keg of Vox Tail Ale, and the Block of Permafrost in to Denken:

Denken Strongpick says 'Excellent! Here is your sword. I feel like I'm at home already!'
You gain experience!!

You get the Ancient Sword Blade.

Sword Blade #2 - Ancient Blade

The Ancient Blade is dropped by the Queen of Chardok. Bring along a large group of friends.

The Red Scabbard

Find Kargak Redblade in East Freeport.

You say, 'Hail, Kargak Redblade'

Kargek Redblade looks up from his forge and says, 'Hello there, can I help you?' Your eyes are drawn to an extremely large red sword scabbard strapped to his back with no sword in it. Kargek speaks again, 'I said, can I help you or do you need help from Wenden?'

You say, 'Tell me about that scabbard.'

Kargek Redblade turns to look at you and says, 'It is a family heirloom. I might tell you the story behind it if you do me a little favor.'

You say, 'What favor?'

Kargek Redblade says 'An associate of mine is wandering somewhere in the Feerrott. His name is Oknoggin Stonesmacker. If you will deliver this note to him, I would appreciate it.'

You receive a Wax Sealed Note. Oknoggin hangs out between the Stone Bridge and the Fallen Totem (/loc?). Hand him the letter and receive a Tiny Lute.

Run back to East Freeport and give the Tiny Lute to Kargek Redblade to receive a book. Take the book over to his brother in East Karana - Tenal Redblade, who is at the very end of the canyon next to the ramp to Highpass. Hand him the book and receive a Frozen War Totem.

Go back to East Karana and hand Tenal the Totem of the Freezing War and a Heart of Frost.

Tenal Redblade says 'Very good, you have wreaked havoc on your foes in the ancient land of the giants. Rallos Zek must have guided your blade.' Tenal's voice is suddenly silenced and you feel as if your body is frozen. From Tenal's lips issues a voice that is not his own, 'Bring this mortal the scales of the children of Veeshan. The red and green as well as my war totem. I will guide your blade.' Your movement returns as Tenal falls to the ground, gasping for breath.'
You gain experience!!

He'll give you a Totem of Fiery War.

Now get yourself a Green and Red Dragonscale (from Severilous in Emerald Jungle, and Nagafen in Naggy's Lair respectively).

Go back to Tenal Redblade and give him the Totem of Fiery War, the Green Dragon Scale and the Red Dragon Scale.

Tenal Redblade looks at you oddly as you hand him the scales. 'What are..? You have done well, mortal, and you will be rewarded if you are truly brave. Travel to the Plane of Hatred and slay the ancient bard who lives there. Do not return without his hand and this mark or you will never be a true warlord.' Tenal drops to the ground as the last words leave his lips.

You gain experience!!

You receive The Mark of the Sword.

You'll now need to go to the Plane of Hate and kill the Hand of the Maestro (note: Hand is now pullable without having to kill Maestro of Rancor). You need to loot the hand, which is a rare drop. Bring that back and give it to Tenal along with the mark and he gives you a note to Kargek.

You now need a Spiroc Wingblade from the Spiroc Lord in the Plane of Sky. Take the Wingblade and the note to Kargek where he gives you the Red Scabbard and instructions on how to combine the Ancient Blade, Ancient Sword Blade, Finely Crafted Dragon Head Hilt, and Jeweled Dragon Head Hilt. Do this and receive your reward.

Combining the Jagged Blade of War in the Red Scabbard splits it into the Blade of Strategy and the Blade of Tactics. Combine the two blades in the Red Scabbard to get the two-handed version again.

Congratulations on your 'Blade of Strategy, Blade of Tactics, Jagged Blade of War, Red Scabbard'!

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