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Shaman Epic 2.0 Blessed Spiritstaff of the Heyokah

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Note: If you have the Crafted Talisman of Fates (epic 1.5):

Find the Elder Spirit of Enlightenment in the Jade Tiger's Den of North Freeport (first room on the third floor).

You say, 'I am prepared to carry on.'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'I knew we could count on you, ______. The time for Ruchu is drawing ever nearer, but we still must gather some essential elements. Soon, you will have to cross the barrier into that realm of Discord. Lupot Nukla can help you.'

Find Lupot Nukla in Fungus Grove.

You say, 'Hail, Lupot Nukla'

Lupot Nukla says 'Welcome back. I received word that you were ready to continue the journey. Word travels fast when we have brave spirits like you on our side. As we proceed, our tasks become more difficult. We feel you are ready to take on the charge of aiding the spirits we've lost. We must recover some items that were [taken by force].'

You say, 'Taken by force?'

Lupot Nukla says 'Over in Taelosia, the peaceful folk there found themselves overcome by the Muramites. They had stolen much of what had meaning to them. If you can track down Undari Perunea she can tell you how to find a sacred necklace of perseverance that was created by her own people, though Norrath's spirits did charm it. You will find Undari near the temples, hiding, and waiting for you. Return the talisman to me.'

Find Undari Perunea in Kod'taz (located on the way to Yxtta by Gazzak).

You say, 'Hail, Undari Perunea'

Undari Perunea says 'Are you here to help me? Yes, I feel the intent of your spirit. You must be careful, the evil beast that stole my necklace is ever near.'

Ikaav Spiritstealer will spawn south of you, with an AE Rampage. Loot the Necklace of Perseverance and give it to Lupot Nukla in Fungus Grove.

Lupot Nukla says 'You have traveled far, my friend. This necklace is more powerful than those foolish Muramites knew. Undari has been holding a key to the spirit world around her neck for many years. How do you think she remained [protected] near those temples and beasts?'

You say, 'Protected?'

Lupot Nukla says 'When Undari was a young, peaceful Taelosian, she chose to defy the trusik -- the religious fanatics -- who called for the hurt and torture of her people. You see, once, all Taelosians lived in Nihilia, but something changed. One sly and corrupt Taelosian found a path to power and preached about a false god. He convinced many to follow him and they became the [trusik] who worshipped Trushar, an ocean god. They would torture those who didn't believe as they did.'

You say, 'Trusik?'

Lupot Nukla says 'The trusik were eventually forced into exile in the temples of the highest mountains. The Taelosians who resisted the beliefs and rhetoric of the trusik became known as the nihil -- and Undari was one of them. She believed in nature, the ebb and flow of a greater consciousness, and that if she kept her hopes high, she would overcome the horror of the zealots. And she [prevailed].'

You say, 'Prevailed?'

Lupot Nukla says 'Undari's unwavering regard and respect for nature gained the attention of the spirit world, particularly that of the Spirit of Perseverance. The spirit would watch over her and time after time would [see] her bring more of her kind into spiritual awareness.'

You say, 'See?'

Lupot Nukla says 'The spirit saw that Undari always wore a beautiful necklace made of polished stone that her mother gave her. Her mother was taken by the trusik long ago because she refused to accept Trushar into her heart. She was taken down to the shores of Natimbi and shackled, sentenced to hang over the sea until she died. It was then that the spirit chose to bestow a [great gift] on Undari, as thanks and reward for her steadfast faith in the spirit world.'

You say, 'What great gift?'

Lupot Nukla says 'The spirit appeared before Undari, who was overcome with humility. The spirit cast a mighty spell and it rained upon Undari and was imbued into her necklace. The necklace would henceforth protect the young Undari from those who held dark beliefs and would try to corrupt her mind. Now you see why we had need of this necklace. But we are not done yet. We still need to make a [talisman]. '

You say, 'What talisman?'

Lupot Nukla says 'Yes, we need to complete a talisman to perform the Ruchu and it is up to us to finish this part of the task. We need a particular type of wood and it is rather unusual. You shall only find this material in an ethereal plane where the woods are imbued with spirits. I am counting on you to hunt down a sample of this wood and show it to me when you've acquired it.'

Head to the Plane of Storms to location +2055, -1300. You are looking for a tree near the zoneline that you can target but doesn't have a name. If it is up and you are at this point of the quest, a Darkened Chanting Woodspirit will spawn. He hits for 1500 or so, procs Branch Whirl and Decaying Foliage, and spawns several adds called "a woodspirit vineguard" which hit for up to 650. Loot the Piece of Moaning Timber and return to Fungus Grove with it. (Does a chest spawn after you loot the timber? If so, what is it called?)

Lupot Nukla says 'Welcome back. I received word that you were ready to continue the journey. Word travels fast when we have brave spirits like you on our side. As we proceed, our tasks become more difficult. We feel you are ready to take on the charge of aiding the spirits we've lost. We must recover some items that were [taken by force].'

Lupot Nukla says 'You have done well, _____. We are drawing nearer to being fully prepared for the Ruchu. I've put the bark and the necklace into this satchel that is protected by a spell. The only one who may open it is the Spirit of Enlightenment. Go and give that to it.'

Receive an Impervious Medicine Bag and give it to the Elder Spirit in North Freeport:

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'You never cease to surprise me. I felt in my heart that you would get this far, but I did not expect you to be so bold and steady with your advance. Can you feel the spirits smiling on you?' The spirit lifts its weary head and closes its eyes . . . Yes, yes, they are pleased, but they are weak just as I am. And now the path grows dark and dreary. We must ask you to once again to risk your life, but not in this world, but the world of [Discord]. '

You say, 'Discord?'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'We know the Spirit of Might is beginning to disperse not just in Norrath, but that place shadowed by Discord as well. The spirit has passed through many beasts and is corrupting them, each one commanded by a trace of the spirit. You must find several beasts and find those traces of the wasichu. One is an airy, fluid creature. Yet another is a fierce beast that has grown beyond all normal proportions because of the spirit of Might. You must find them. And there are still others you must [seek].'

You say, 'Who must I seek?'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'The other creature you must find is a soldier of evil. Another is an scurrying creature that is not bound to our realm. You have much ahead of you. Take this pouch and carefully piece together everything you find and return it to me. You will know how to do it. The spirits will guide you.'

Receive a Pouch of Spirit Dust and take it Noble's Causeway where you can find Kupiop Iku (+1808, -469). (Need dialogues.) When you are ready, say so to spawn an epic version of the Murkglider School Leader. Kill it and loot the Slight Trace of a Spirit.

Head to the Ruined City of Dranik and kill the Bloated Girplan. Loot the Reviving Potion of Might. A chest (called what?) can spawn afterwards with additional loot.

In the Muramite Proving Grounds, walk up to the Distilled Lightning Warrior (between Riftseeker's and the Projection of Realms, /loc?). This triggers the spawn of the Lightning Warrior Spiritseeker.

a lightning warrior spiritreaper suddenly appears at the will of its master and moves to attack, its energy pulsing with determination.
Lightning Warrior Spiritseeker attacks as it senses the presence of the meddlesome Norrathian shaman in a desperate attempt to protect the spirit essence that animates it.

Loot the Glowing Trace of Might. Any chest?

In Dragon Necropolis, loot two Spirit-Touched Phased Spider Thoraxes from Phase Spiders.

Now, combine the two thoraxes, the Reviving Potion of Might, the Glowing Trace of Might, and the Slight Trace of a Spirit in your Pouch of Spirit Dust to receive a Glowing Spirit Charm of Might.

Take the Spirit Charm to the Elder Spirit of Enlightenment.

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'The time is nearly here! We have only a few remaining pieces that we must collect in order to restore our spirits. We did miss something, however, and it must be stopped. You must gather your allies and return to Discord. A wasichu has learned to summon the fiercest beasts and has grown out of control. It is now a [spiritcaller] who is drawing the strength of our most precious elders to do it.'

You say, 'What spiritcaller?'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'The fiend that is consuming our spirits is in Discord and is siphoning what little energy and strength we have remaining. We are losing ourselves in the passage of Discord. Without the spirits of Might, Patience, and Wisdom, we may not [survive]. We are not whole without them. '

You say, 'How can you survive?'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'Make your way to a place of great suffering and death in Kuua. You will need to investigate to help us learn more about our waning spirits. We have no influence there and it is a wholly unpredictable place.'

In the Wall of Slaughter, find Hudar Tritton. He is located in the ruins between the Wall and the entrance to Noble's Causeway, at location -890, +150. To talk to him safely, you will have to pull and kill the mob behind him.

You say, 'Hail, Hudar Tritton'

Hudar Tritton looks from side to side before speaking. 'Tell me, what is your business? You here about the [caller]?'

You say, 'What caller?'

Hudar Tritton says 'The dark spiritcaller. The one that is upsetting the balance of things here. I should not be speaking to your kind. It will put me in great danger. In that fortress, you will find a creature that is able to call spirits to its aid. It may look harmless at first, but do not be [fooled].'

You say, 'Fooled?'

Hudar Tritton says 'You will need to be very patient and brave to overcome this beast. You will find it this very moment if you make haste. I must leave soon so you must best this creature alone.'

Discordling Spiritcaller spawns on top of the wall in the northwestern section, just past the area with Pyrique and east of the Girplan. He spawns with two guard ferans (names/levels?). Loot Spiritcaller Beads from his corpse. A chest (called what?) can spawn with additional loot.

Head back to North Freeport and give the Spiritcaller Beads to the Elder Spirit:

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'There is one last thing you must do. Your defeat of the spiritcaller has proven your strength and I believe you are ready. Do not fail us now. You must go into the lair of Mata Muram himself. There is a strange orb that only exists there. We believe some of our spirits, beyond those we shall restore with Ruchu, are becoming absorbed or attracted to these orbs. You must find one and bring it to me and then we shall have all we need.'

Complete the six raid trials in the Muramite Proving Grounds for access to the Citadel of Anguish. Once there, loot a Globe of Discordant Energy following the Warden Hanvar, Jelvan, Overlord Mata Muram or Arch Magus events. Bring the globe to the Elder Spirit in North Freeport.

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment lowers its head and you believe you see a shade of a tear drop from its eyes and disappear into nothingness. 'You have done it. You cannot imagine our gratitude. The time for Ruchu is at hand and we offer you the privilege of taking part. If you are able to do the ceremony now, tell me you are [prepared for the ceremony].'

You say, 'I am prepared for the ceremony'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'Follow me closely. We must gather the spirits and try to call our ethereal kin of Might, Patience, and Wisdom. The other spirits will join us for Ruchu, namely the Spirit of Perseverance, Spirit of Understanding, Spirit of Fortitude, Spirit of Will, and the Spirit of Sense.'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'It is time to begin the Ruchu. Collect your strength and let us begin.'

You recognize that the spirits hold items you've retrieved -- crafted totems, the necklace, beads.

The spirits all howl, creating a resonance that shakes the ground around you.

Elder Spirit of Perseverance says 'The spirits and heyokah call upon the greatness of Might. Turn your back on the way of the wasichu and return your steadfast spirit to us all.'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'We bring the sum of our strength to you, our Spirit of Wisdom. Hear our call and draw from our offerings of strength. We need you if we are to ever overcome the evil presence that seeps into our consciousness.'

Elder Spirit of Understanding says 'Let our collective voice reach the failing strength of the Spirit of Patience who has lost its way among the dismal influences of Discord. Do not give in and bring the strength of your spirit back to us who live on minds and winds.'

The spirits begin to chant in unison in a language no Norrathian understands, but you only hear it in your mind. 'Ruchu immana kiratu. Ruchu immana kiratu.'

As the magic fades, the Spirit of Wisdom lies inside the circle, dazed and confused.

The spirits continue to chant.

This time, the Spirit of Patience appears from the ether, looking tired, but bright-eyed.

Elder Spirit of Wisdom says 'I am truly here. I have truly made it back to my home and those I respect most. I understand I have you to thank, dear heyokah. A thousand blessings upon you.'

The chanting of the spirits grow louder, their furry brows furrowed as they focus, trying to call the Spirit of Might out of the shadows of Discord.

Magic sparks out of the air, revealing nothing. The chanting still echoes in your mind.

The Spirit of Might appears and disappears, enable to keep a hold in this realm. You hear: 'It has its grip on me. You must let me go.'

The spirits respond by chanting louder. The rattling of talisman beads fills the air.

Finally, the Spirit of Might appears, its essence is faded and it is so weak it barely keeps a hold on its own existence.

The spirits slow their chanting and then there is silence.

Elder Spirit of Might says 'How can you forgive me? I turned on you and I do remember trying to harm the very one you asked to save me. That shaman risked all to take part in saving me.'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'You are not to blame. The voice of Discord is becoming deafening in Norrath. This heyokah has done right by all of us and should be suitably rewarded.' The spirits all nod in thanks as they prepare to quickly take the returned spirits back to their ethereal existence to strengthen them.'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'Come to me shaman and state to me that you are, indeed, a [faithful heyokah].'

You say, 'I am a faithful heyokah.'

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'Well, then, the time has come. Give me your Crafted Talisman of Fates, heyokah. Should you not have it now, give it to me when you do. If you have lost it, tell me so. I may be able to help you.'

Give the elder spirit your Crafted Talisman of Fates.

Elder Spirit of Enlightenment says 'You have heard the stories of the blessings bestowed on some of Norrath's most faithful to the ways of the heyokah. To reward you for all that you've done, the spirits have chosen to bless this talisman and offer it to you as our thanks, for without you, all shaman would have suffered without our presence in this realm. Walk proud, heyokah, and never forget what you are.' All around you, you feel the strength of the spirit world begin to strengthen as the spirit leaves to tend to his wounded companions.'

Receive the Shaman Epic 2.0: Blessed Spiritstaff of the Heyokah, and 10 AAs.

Congratulations on your 'Blessed Spiritstaff of the Heyokah'!

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