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Shaman Creation

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The Shaman is one of the most underrated classes in Norrath. They are very well rounded offering powerful offense damage, defense, and buffs for almost every statistic.

With the exceptions of the Iksar, Shamans can wear two types of chain armor in the world of Norrath. Iksars can't since it chafes their scales, and must resort to chain-mail or the special Iksar armours they have crafted over time. This affords them a high amount of protection, which helps greatly when soloing.

Shamans have two forms of offense. Their most powerful damage lies through the damage over time spells (DOT's). Shamans get two powerful lines of these spells. One poison based, and the other disease based. They can stack these spells to achieve a very efficient damage output. Alternatively they can also use their cold damage based direct damage spells. These are good for adding in a little extra punch, or for fights of short durations.

In terms of defense and debuffs, Shamans have the most powerful Slowing Spells and Resistance debuffs in the game. This greatly reduces the damage output of the enemy and also assists the entire party in succeeding on magical attacks.

Shamans also have the best buffs in the game, able to increase all statistics except for Wisdom and Intelligence by over 50 points at higher levels. This not only makes them highly sought after in groups, but means that the shamans can be a lot more selective in what equipment they choose to wear. They also have spells to increase running speed and attack rate, as well as increasing hit points and AC. 

Shamans can use almost any one or two handed blunt weapon in the game, and have a limited selection of piercing and slashing weapons at their disposal also. Shamans can melee reasonably well with their buffs up, and with a pet at their side are capable of doing some serious damage. Downtime is also minimized with Shamans with both a health regeneration spell, direct healing spells, and a hit point to mana conversion spell.

Shamans are the only class which can do Alchemy, a trade skill which can help in funding the purchase of spells or equipment as your character progresses.

The downside to Shaman's is that they can get very repetitive. With so many awesome buffs at their disposal they are always getting begged for spells. In dungeon raids there main purposes are buffing and debuffing, with very little mana left to actually get into the nitty gritty of the fights. Also most of the Shaman races are evil, and are forced to travel lengthy distances to bank and resupply. 

Also in order to be mana efficient Shamans normally have to use Damage Over Time spells. This normally results in kiting or a drawn out process of rooting and DOT'ing. This can be particularly difficult on caster mobs which will still have offensive capability even though rooted.

Shaman's can only charm animals up to mid levels, and they only get a few pet upgrades. Shaman pets are the only ones in game which cannot dual wield.

The shaman class is a very enjoyable one to play, particularly for those who enjoy role-playing. It is a very self-sufficient class, which functions excellently both as a soloist or in a group.


Strength: Strength determines how much you can carry. It influences maximum and average damage and how quickly you learn many offensive skills. For Shamans their are two main factors to consider in relation to this stat. Firstly, Shamans wear chain armor which is quite heavy, and if wielding a weapon are heavier still. This can greatly reduce the amount of space left for carrying things. However, the second factor somewhat displaces this first one. Shamans get a number of spells which increase their strength. This somewhat lowers the need to not put bonus points into this statistic, but Strength will help in both your melee and general life in EQ, so some extra points here won't go astray.

Stamina: Stamina affects how many hit points you have, and how long you can hold your breath. It is difficult to raise this stat through items in game so it may be one you wish to consider investing in at creation.

Agility: Agility affects how quickly you can learn some defensive skills, how difficult it is to hit you as well as how much damage you take when you are hit. The true effect of Agility is often debated. Shamans get good buffs for this statistic, but it is difficult to notice how much less you get hit even with very high Agility. A good AC is always something to work towards though, despite the lack of knowledge regarding this stat, and you may want to consider some points for this at creation.

Dexterity: Dexterity affects how quickly you learn weapon skills, and how often weapons will do their special. This is important only in terms of the melee capacity of a Shaman. Whilst at lower levels one will melee a lot, it will diminish as you raise higher. Shamans get sufficient spells for this statistic, and it is not recommended to put bonus points into this.

Wisdom: Wisdom affects the amount of mana the priest classes have, also rangers and paladins. It also affects how quickly you can learn many skills if your wisdom is higher than your Intelligence. It is the core statistic for Shamans and a good amount of your bonus points should be allocated here. Whilst some people may say it is easy to reach the soft cap of 200 wisdom through the many bonus items in the game, this is one stat which you can never have enough of. Once you reach 200 you can then free up slots for other stat enhancers such as for hit points, direct mana, or AC.

Intelligence: Intelligence directly affects how quickly you can learn most skills. It affects the amount of mana for bards and all pure casters, as well as shadow knights. Since a Shaman always has a higher wisdom, skill raising is based off that statistic. Do not put bonus points into intelligence.

Charisma: This affects amount you will be paid for goods by NPC merchants, and how much they will pay you. This is not a stat to worry about at creation. Although vendor prices do add up for purchasing spell components, you can easily raise your charisma with in game items or your own buffs.

Choosing A Race

The first thing you have to pick then is your race. Which race you pick will determine the foundation of you character for the rest of your life in Norrath so it is kind of important you pick one you like. 

In terms of Faction, only the Barbarian and Vah Shir is not evil. All the other races are killed on sight in most places. Barbarians level the fastest of the races. Barbarians have no night vision, but can wear both medium and large sized armor.

Vah Shir have infravision and a high innate safe-falling skill. This prevents death in many cases if they fall from a great height. Vah Shir also have excellent base stats.

Ogres level slightly slower than the Barbarians, but have the advantage of not being able to be stunned from blows delivered to their front. They can still be stunned if attacked from behind. Ogres also have some basic night vision and very high Strength and Stamina.

Iksars and Trolls level considerably slower than the Ogre. They have the added bonus of an increased health regeneration rate. This amount increases as their level increases. Iksars can also forage, but they cannot wear plate armor. To compensate for this Iksar's get a natural AC boost. Iksars are hated in almost every city, good or evil.

Frogloks are the newest race able to play the Shaman class. They have excellent night vision and start out with good skill in swimming. They are good aligned.

Base Statistics

Barbarian 103 100 82 70 80 60 60 30
Troll 108 114 83 75 70 52 42 30
Ogre 130 127 70 70 77 60 42 30
Iksar 70 75 90 85 90 75 60 30
Vah Shir 90 80 90 70 80 65 70 30
Froglok 70 85 100 100 85 75 55 30


Spending Your Bonus Points

In today’s EverQuest starting stats are not as crucial as they were in the beginning. We suggest maxing out your stamina stats first, and training the rest of your starting points in wisdom.


Since many Shaman are generally hated because they are evil it doesn't matter a great deal what religion you choose. If you are evil, you can eventually avoid being kill on Sight in many zones, but you will never be able to trade there because of your race. It is more fun to pick a religion, and maybe you will find a religion-only item at some point that will make it useful. There is no real advantage to be gained from being Agnostic as a Shaman.

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