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Shadow Knight Epic 2.0 Innoruuk's Dark Blessing

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Note: If you have the Innoruuk's Voice (epic 1.5):

Find Gilina Yilzior in the Plane of Knowledge at -665, +1025. When you received Innoruuk's Voice, Gilina mentioned a vision.

You say, 'What vision?'

Gilina Yilzior says 'My recent vision was of Lhranc. Perhaps you remember him, perhaps not. In any case, his spirit has returned from the dead. He now seeks revenge on those who killed him. There is something sinister behind his return. What exactly is going on, I do not know at this time, but I fear the worst. You must find Lhranc and [destroy] him.'

You say, 'How do I destroy him?'

Gilina Yilzior says 'I sent a servant of mine named, Kilidna to the City of Mist to investigate Lhranc's reappearance but he has not returned. Go to the City of Mist and see if you can find him. Return to me if you find anything.'

Kilidna can be found in some pain near the zone-in at +255, -160. Hailing her will provoke her attack. She hits for 1215, harmtouches, and may or may not have an AE or spell for nearly 5k (can someone confirm this?).

Return Kilidna's Head to Gilina:

Gilina Yilzior takes the head from you and holds it by the hair. Gilina casts a small spell and the head springs to life. 'Talk, Kilidna. What has happened to you?' Kilidna's head begins to sob. 'I am sorry, master. I was corrupted by evil magic! Now look at me! I dare say I will not be able to finish my studies any time soon.' Gilina scowls, 'What did you find out while in the city of mist? Tell me now!' 'Well master, it seems that when Innoruuk's Voice was summoned to this plane, it drew the attention of many [powerful beings].'

You say, 'What powerful beings?'

Gilina Yilzior says 'Yes, what powerful beings? Out with it, head!' 'Well, master, one of these powerful beings has resurrected Lhranc from the dead! When I confronted him, he turned me into a mindless zombie! I overheard Lhranc talking about recovering the sword for himself. You are both in great danger! Lhranc cannot be defeated in his current form and he will surely be coming for the sword!' Gilina tosses Kilidna's head aside. 'Thank you, Kilidna. Your services are no longer required. Well it seems we have quite the [dilemma] on our hands, wouldn't you say?'

You say, 'We do have quite the dilemma.'

Gilina Yilzior says 'Luckily, I have much knowledge of Lhranc, the first of the Shadow Knights. We must find a way to anchor him to this plane so that he will be vulnerable to our attacks. I believe if we recover some items of his from his former life, we may be able to accomplish this. First, you will need to find his pendant. Look for it in the City of Mist. Next, you will need to recover Lhranc's corroded bracer from Charasis. Lastly, you will need to find Lhranc's ring from the undead in the Kithicor Woods. Once you have all these items, return them to me.'

The items Gilina speaks of are:

Lhranc's Corroded Bracer - dropped from golems in the Charasis (Howling Stones)
Lhranc's Pendant - dropped by Lord Ghiosk and black reavers in the City of Mist
Lhranc's Ring - dropped by a various undead in Kithicor Forest, including a "revenging knight," "rotting knight," and "zombie advisor"

Gilina Yilzior takes the items from you and holds them before you in her hands. She mutters an incantation and the items meld into one. 'This item will be used to help anchor Lhranc to this plane of existence. The anchor will not be enough however. In an area in the Realm of Discord known as Anguish, you will need to find a globe of discordant energy. This will be used to infuse the earthly anchor with the power of discord. When you have these two items, hand them to my contact, Filligno the Slayer. He has tracked down Lhranc in Dranik, the Ruined City in the Realm of Discord. He will need your help to get Lhranc's attention however.'

You receive Lhranc's Earthly Anchor.

Gather a few friends and complete the six Muramite Proving Grounds raid trials. This will give you access to the Citadel of Anguish, inside which you must kill Warden Hanvar to spawn an Orb of Discordant Energy, Overlord Mata Muram, Arch Magus Vangl, or complete the Keldovan the Harrier ring event to spawn Jelvan`s Keepsake. Loot a Globe of Discordant Energy from one of these.

Head to the Ruined City of Dranik, where you can find Filligno the Slayer (location?).

You say, 'Hail, Filligno the Slayer'

Filligno the Slayer says 'Yes, yes, Gilina said you would be coming. I can help you in your battle against Lhranc! I have a personal vendetta against Lhranc. He killed my twin brother, Gilligno. This is going to be a tough battle. Lhranc has been reincarnated as a powerful general of the Mata Muram army. Are you [ready] for me to attempt the summoning of Lhranc?'

You say, 'I am ready.'

Filligno the Slayer throws Lhranc's earthly anchor and the globe of discordant energy above his head. To your amazement, they begin to hover. 'Oh mighty, Lhranc! We have slain your minions and have the blade that you seek! If you want it, come get it!' Filligno looks your way. 'What? You wanted a more elaborate incantion? It really doesn't take much to anger him. Trust me.' A moment later the ground begins to shake and a mighty voice booms out, 'Fools, I have followed the steps of this pathetic weakling who believes themselves to be a Shadow Knight. Now your lives will end and I will retrieve the blade destined to be mine! All of Norrath will fall before the might of the Mata Muram! Attack! Leave none standing!' Filligno begins to cower in fear. 'The blade isn't mine! Don't kill me! Please!'

When in the course of this dialogue do you give him the globe and anchor?

Several of "a Minion of Lhranc" spawn and must be killed. Kill these until the real Lhranc spawns:

Lhranc says 'You are powerful indeed, but I am the first of the shadowknights! The first to walk in shadow and command the dead! Now you shall witness true power!'

Kill him (fight information?).

Filligno the Slayer says 'You have done it! That wasn't so bad, eh? Oh, I wasn't really scared. He just startled me for a moment. You now have in your grasp the very essence of the power that shadowknight's possess! Hand it to me along with Innoruuk's Voice and I can reward you!'

Loot the Essence of the Shadow Knight, after which a chest (called what?) can spawn with additional loot. Turn the essence along with your Innoruuk's Voice in to Filligno:

Filligno the Slayer takes the essence and begins to study it most carefully. After what seems like an eternity, Filligno throws the globe onto the floor. It cracks open, letting loose a stream of ghastly spirits. Filligno dives for cover. As the cackling spirits dissipate, a powerful looking sword floats in mid-air before you. 'Take it! The blade is yours! A gift from Innoruuk, for the most powerful of Shadow Knights.

Congratulations on your 'Innoruuk's Dark Blessing'!

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