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Shadow Knight Epic 1.0 Innoruuk's Curse

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The Beginning

Kurron Ni: Thief

Find Kurron Ni, in the Overthere Outpost.

You say, 'Hail Kurron Ni'

Kurron Ni says 'Out of my way, stranger, I am on a delicate mission. Interfere with my search and I shall relieve you of your head! Bother me no more.

You say, 'What do you seek?'

Kurron Ni says 'I have traveled here in hopes of finding a soul worthy of assisting me in completing my mission.

You say, 'I am worthy'

Kurron Ni says 'I doubt it, but I have been wrong before. Before I share with you the details of my mission, however, you must first prove your worthiness. Agreed?

You say, 'Agreed'

Kurron Ni says 'Very well then, my new friend. I have an acquaintance that stands in need of three pieces of Darkforge Armor. He requires the breast, greaves and helm to complete his set. I also must pay back a loan that has come due in the amount of 900 platinum. Return this to me and I shall share with you my dark mission, and the immeasurable reward that will be earned at its completion. Show your face here without fulfilling my request and I will offer you on the altar to Innoruuk himself. Be off!

The Darkforge Armor items are all seperate quests.

For the Breastplate you need Decayed Mail and Decayed Breastplate, and 2 bars of enchanted platinum. The two decayed pieces of armor are dropped in Feerott. All you need to do it get a big group of people around the temple. Then split up into groups and kill everything. You will probably come across at least one decayed mail and decayed breastplate. The two bars of enchanter platinum you can get from enchanters.

For the Greaves you need Decayed Left Legplate, Decayed Right Legplate, and two bricks of Melatite. The decayed is dropped in Ferrott and the Melatite is dropped off of clockworks in Solusek A. People can be found selling them for 50pp.

For the Helm you need Decayed Helm, Decayed Visor, and two Freeport Militia Helms. Freeport Militia Helms can be gotten rather easily by sneaking into East Freeport and waiting for the guard that walks by the dock (provided no one is camping the guards by the gates). He is pretty low, and is far enough away from other guards that, as long as you have him darknessed and kill fairly quickly, he won't aggro any others.

Take the three items plus 900 platinum and give it to Kurron Ni. He will respond:

Kurron Ni says 'Well done, {your name} , I honestly didn't expect to see you again. Yes, yes, this is perfect! My mission is nearly complete!

You say, 'What mission?'

Kurron Ni says 'My mission was to find a pathetic Shadow Knight and bring him closer to Innoruuk. You volunteered. By exercising my superior powers of persuasion, I have now taken from you a fine suit of armor and enough coin to ensure that I will be sleeping neither soberly nor alone for quite some time! Now I ask you, worthy Shadow Knight, do you not feel the fires of hatred coursing through your veins like never before? That is the very reward I spoke of! You have been brought closer to my master. My mission is complete! You foolish excuse for a dark knight, I shall take your head and tell all of your generous donation to the mighty Teir'Dal rogues!

At this point Kurron Ni will start attacking you. He is a level 55 rogue and resistant to all spells except for disease and poison DoTs, and the Wizard Lure Spells. You will need around one group of level 50-60 players. You might want to bring more because you definitely do not want to die on this part of the quest.

Once killed, loot Letter to Duriek from his corpse.

Duriek, I have searched this godless pit for what seems to be an eternity with nothing to show for my efforts. I pray to Innoruuk that you have made some breakthrough in your research. Please update me as to your progress. In the meanwhile I have run into some unexpected expenses and will need some funds to carry on. An additional ten thousand should suffice.

Regards, Karnett

Duriek Bloodpool

Find Duriek Bloodpool in Paineel. Give him the Letter to Duriek.

Duriek Bloodpool says 'Yes, most unfortunate. I was informed last week of the death of my most recent apprentice. A few months ago, I paid a substantial sum to a group of rogues sent from Neriak to collect on a gambling debt. He swore to me that was the end of it, but I suspected otherwise. My warnings of gambling with the rogues fell on deaf ears. Please accept this for your troubles.

You say, 'What apprentice?'

Duriek Bloodpool says 'As stubborn and foolish as he sometimes was, he was full of potential. Had he managed to achieve my age he doubtless would have surpassed my abilities. Though I am not surprised at his passing, he will be sorely missed. Well, I thank you for your efforts. Feel free to meet me in the tavern for a drink sometime. I must now get to the task of replacing my associate.

You say, 'I will replace him'

Duriek Bloodpool says 'Hmm, you seem a bit green and I hesitate to trust you with such an important work, but time is of the essence as my days in this world are running out. Bring me back a bottle of cough elixir and, if you are still interested, I will instruct you further.

Go to the Neriak Foreign Quarter. Find Smaka and Hail her.

You say, 'Hail Smaka'

Smaka says 'You want stuff? Or mebby you looks for a cure?

You say, 'I need a bottle of cough elixir'

Smaka says 'Ahh, you want me cure?! It cost lots of money, big big secret it is. Only us ogres know how to make. You wants? Only 1000 platinum! Make you feels bedder in no times!

Give 1000 platinum to Smaka and she will give you the Cough Elixir. Now, go back to Duriek and give him the Cough Elixir.

Duriek Bloodpool says 'Thank you. Now, quickly, there is not much time for me. What I tell you here now must never be shared with another soul. I have spent the better part of my life piecing together clues for the creation of a legendary dark blade, a corrupted Ghoulbane. I am very close to understanding the method used in manipulating the enchantments of the Ghoulbane, but in my current condition, I cannot finish collecting the research. My previous apprentice was searching for this last clue when he met his untimely demise.

You say, 'where was he searching?'

Duriek Bloodpool says 'I possess a key that will open a sealed tome to be found somewhere in the ruins uncovered here not long ago. Recover that tome for me and I am certain I will be able to corrupt the Ghoulbane. My name will be etched in history and you will wield a legend! You must hurry now, and I must return to my studies. Do not return to me, {your name} , without the tome.

Work for Duriek Bloodpool

Go to The Hole and find a ratman guard. They can be found patrolling the jail area with ratman warriors. Bring along two 50-60 groups to kill a ratman guard and any other creatures that attack you. Loot from the corpse a Dusty Tomb. Go back to Duriek and give it to him.

Duriek Bloodpool gasps at you in astonishment, eyes beaming with pride and says, 'You've found it! It seems I underestimated you. You have succeeded where others failed. I feared it would never come to pass.' Duriek takes the key from his neck, softly muttering some words, and places it in a previously unseen keyhole. The book's hinges creak as Duriek pulls it open. After reading for a few moments, he says, 'It is even better than I had hoped! It will take me weeks to uncover a portion of what this book has to offer. But this is what I have been searching for, so many years! At last I know the items required to corrupt that accursed blade!'

You say, 'What items?'

Duriek Bloodpool says 'I will need the Ghoulbane, the Soul Leech, the Blade of Abrogation, and the Decrepit Sheath. Alas, I am far too ill to travel and collect these pieces. I must call upon your youth and ability again, {your name} . Return to me with these items and I shall be known throughout history as the greatest grave lord to have walked Norrath and you shall be among the most powerful in our art.

The Corrupted Ghoulbane

The Ghoulbane can be obtained by camping the Froglok Shin Lord in Upper Guk You can also do it via a quest if you choose not to camp it. Details are below.

The Soul Leech is dropped from Cazic-Thule himself. He has the ability to harmtouch (his harmtouch essentially kills anyone) anyone in the zone, no matter how far they are. He is pretty hard to kill unless you have a strong guild and to make this even harder, Soul Leech is a rare drop!

The Blade of Abrogation is dropped by various mobs within Plane of Air.

The Decrepit Sheath is a separate quest started by Teydar in the Qeynos Aqueducts.

Ghoulbane By Quest

There are 5 parts to the quest. This quest is an alternative means of acquiring the Ghoulbane besides camping Upper Guk. You will need to obtain the following items:

  1. Hilt of a nobleman
  2. Blade of Nobility
  3. A Ghoul's Heart
  4. Amstaf's Scroll
  5. A Nobleman's Bag

The bag is achieved through talking to a number of NPCs. You put the items in the bag, click combine, and you are holding Ghoulbane.

A Noblemans Bag

Make absolutely sure that while you are talking, you always have the NPC targeted!!! Otherwise when you give the items to the NPC they will disappear!

Go to West Karana and find Ryshon Huntsi, he is a Human male He is at the water edge just near the West / North Karana border. Get a TP to the wizzy spires, head to the water and stay at the waters edge when you zone you'll see him after about 50 yards. Get a 'Letter for Kanthuk'.

Then head to Butcherblock Mountains and find Kanthuk Ogrebane, a Dwarf male. Get to the docks and while looking out to sea go right (North), follow the coast, now it's not the first Dwarf, Kanthuk is fishing further on. Hail him and give him the letter from Ryshon. After he stops talking he gives you a Pendant. This is for Llara.

Head to Dagnors Couldron off the Butcherblock zone and get to just outside the Unrest Tunnel. Llara is on a rock pillar a little way in the water. Hail her and pass her the pendant. Here is what tosay:

Say 'Hail Llara'

Hail {player name}, you handsome {race} you.

Hand Her the Pendant

Llara: Oh My! This belongs to Amstaff! Where did you get it?

Say 'Kanthuk gave it to me' , then follow with the bracket prompts.

She gives you a 'Note to Ruathey'

Lastly head to Lavastorm and find Ruathey, a female human, she is on a hillside near the Nektolus zone, a little to the west. Hail her and hand her the note from Llara. She gives you a bag: this is the combine container for the LORE items.

Amstaff's Scroll

Anyone who's levelled for a while in Highkeep has seen this, drops off 'a goblin thief' and 'a crazed goblin' anywhere in the zone (not just lookout/guard room). Usually you can shout for it and some nice group will tell you when it drops. If your in your 20's just join a group and enjoy the XP. This is the longest you'll wait, since its not a very common drop.

A Ghouls' Heart

Go to unrest, kill crazed goblins, eventually you'll find the heart.

A Nobleman's Blade

This drops off goblins in a camp by some ruins in Butcherblock at 1300, -1500. Kill the goblins/crazed goblins there, eventually the blade will drop.

A Nobleman's Hilt

Go to Najena. Inside, there are some low level 'a large skeleton' or 'a giant skeleton' laying around. They look like they're already dead and just for decor, don't be fooled. Travel into the zone, and follow the path to the left in the room with the ogre guard & campfire. Keep following the path (don't go into the tunnels made of stone, just dead ends) and you will end up in a large open area (Beware: Tentacle Terrors (mid 20's, cast knockback.). Go through the gate you see and you will end up next to a stairwell that goes into a cave.

This will be the camping spot.

At the bottom of the stairs is a mob called 'a skeleton'. That's one of 3. Kill it, check for hilt. If you're not lucky and it didn't drop right away, here are the other two:

1. Go down the stairs, and go straight. There's a pool right there. On the opposite side of the pool is another 'a skeleton'. If it isn't there, don't worry, all spawn times are 10 mins.

2. Go down the stairs, and go left. (Note: Possible ogre guard. Kill it). Follow the path until the room with some logs on the floor (if you hit any mob other than an ogre guard or 'a skeleton' you've gone too far. Again, 'a skeleton' should be waiting.

Ok, these drop the hilt. Probably the highest level mobs, I brought a group of 3 mid-20's and did it easily. I find it worked best to camp under the stairs and have a tank pull one at a time. By the time you finish with the 3rd, the first will be up again. Took me bout 10 kills to get the hilt.

Put all the items in the bag, click combine, and you will receive a Ghoulbane.

Decrepit Sheath

You say, 'Hail Teydar'

Teydar says 'Hello {your name} , It's good to see another Shadow Knight. I'm Teydar, I've made it my life to fashion suitable scabbard and sheaths for our order.

You say, 'Can you fashion a decrepit sheath?'

Teydar says 'The object you desire is very difficult to fashion, nearly impossible, really. All I can offer to do is try. The real difficulty is the contents that give the sheath its power. They have to be of an almost equal evil. I think some kind of decrepit hide, a drake spine along with a bar of enchanted platinum should prove enough to make this item.

The decrepit hide is found off of Ashenbone Drakes in the Plane of Hate. They are level 51-53 and are extremely resistant to magic. They look like a miniature Dracholiche. The Drake Spine is dropped from Rharzar, a named drake. He is level 55 and is a cleric who heals himself. You need two full level 50-60 groups. He is immune to all magic based spells which means that you cannot stun him. The enchanted bar of platinum can be found off of a fellow enchanter. Take the three items to Teydar and you will get the Decrepit Sheath.

Take the Decrepit Hide, the Drake Spine, and the enchanted bar of platinum to Teydar. You will get the Decrepit Sheath.

Teydar says 'I did it! The pieces you got me were perfect! It took a huge effort on my part to craft this, of course. it saddens me that I'm unable to keep one of my best works. A deal is a deal. There is honor among Shadow Knights.

Corrupting the Ghoulbane

Now take the Ghoulbane, the Soul-Leech, the Blade of Abrogation, and the Decrepit Sheath to Duriek. You will get the Corrupted Ghoulbane.

Duriek Bloodpool takes the Ghoulbane and places the other swords on either side of it. The sheath begins to gleam so intensely, you can see the bones inside Duriek's hands. After several minutes, there is a final, blinding flash. Duriek collapses to the ground. After a few moments, Duriek motions you closer and whispers, 'You have done well. I wish fate had been kinder to me and allowed me your aid years ago, I might have lived long enough to enjoy the fame our combined efforts. I studied much of the tome you retrieved and have stumbled upon something that may be the key to unleashing darkness upon the face of Norrath forever. You must seek out a powerful lich by the name of Lhranc. Farewell, {your name}.' With his last bit of energy, Duriek places the corrupted Ghoulbane in your hands.

Duriek Bloodpool then dies after giving you the Corrupted Ghoulbane.

Lhranc: the Ghost

Find Lhranc the Ghost is City of Mist. He spawns in the center room on the other side of the wall that surrounds the castle moat.

You say, 'Hail Lhranc'

Lhranc says 'Ahh, finally! He has sent you. No time to waste now, you must help me lift the curse at once!

You say, 'What curse?'

Lhranc says 'Can you not see my condition! I have been unjustly sentenced to an eternity in this wretched form you see before you, never to leave these walls. In exchange for the cure for this curse, I swear to show you a secret that would make you the most powerful of your kind.

You say, 'What is the cure?'

Lhranc says 'I require only four things of you, dark one, and one of them you hold now. Bring me the heart of an innocent, the head of the valiant, and the will of Innoruuk. With these, my curse shall be lifted at last and I will craft a weapon that will cast a shadow over all of Norrath.

The Ritual

At the docks in Toxxulia Forest, looks for Knarthenne Skurl.

You say, 'Hail Knarthenne Skurl'

Knarthenne Skurl says 'Ah, you do not possess the heart of an innocent. Be gone with you!

You say, 'What heart of an innocent?'

Knarthenne Skurl says 'What's that? Heart of the Innocent, you say?! Ages, it has been, since I was last asked that. The Heart of the Innocent is an item of great power. Few are they who have ever commanded the dark magic of such an object. It is the bound soul of a pure mortal, rare indeed. Take this hollow gem, and combine with it the heart of one who is pure. If your hand is steady and your mind is clear, you shall have what you seek.

Knarthenne will then give you a Soulcase.

Now go to Kerra Isle and search for Marl Kastane.

You say, 'Hail Marl Kastane'

Marl Kastane says 'Begone!! You do not have the will to do the things I require!

You say, 'I have the will of Innoruuk'

Marl Kastane says 'You speak of a myth, friend. Such an object does not exist in this age and the secret of its creation lies locked in my mind, where it shall stay. It has been passed down through generations in my line, not to be revealed to a soul until the prophecy has come to pass.

You say, 'What prophecy?'

Marl Kastane says 'My apologies, {Your name} , I have said too much already. Instead, I have an errand to occupy your thoughts. Take this as proof that you are sent from me and find my brother in Paineel. I haven't spoken with him in some time now and his well being is essential to our family's destiny.

Marl will hand you a Seal of Kastane.

Give this Seal to Gerot Kastane, her husband. He can be found in Paineel, past the elevator.

Gerot Kastane says 'At last! I have been waiting for my brother for weeks! We are doomed! Innoruuk will taint our seed into some perverse, twisted, maddened breed. The prophecy has begun to unfold and there are none capable of stopping it. Quickly, return this note to Marl, we must hide! We have failed the master! We must escape the hateful one's wrath!

From Gerot you get a Note to Marl. Go back to Marl and give her the note.

Marl Kastane reads the note, eyes widening in panic. He raises his eyes to you and says, 'This is grave news, friend. If the prophecy is allowed to be fulfilled, our strength will vanish into obscurity. Goodness and purity will spread like a plague across the land and the servants of Hate will be powerless to stop it!'

You say, 'What prophecy?'

Marl Kastane says 'I suppose it is time for the secret to be shared. Ages ago, two brothers were born. Glohnor was highly favored by the pompous Lightbringer, whose name we do not utter. Lhranc was chosen by the Prince of Hate to bring destruction and turmoil to the sons of men. The one thing they shared in common was their love of the fair priestess, Kyrenna. Kyrenna fell deeply in love with Glohnor. When Lhranc discovered this, he was overcome with rage and unwisely attacked his brother, who happened to be far more adept in combat. The fight cost Lhranc dearly. He lost his dignity as well as an eye in the struggle. He was ordered to leave Freeport and live his life in exile from the only home he had ever known.

You say, 'What became of Lhranc?'

Marl Kastane says 'Lhranc wandered the deserts of Ro for weeks, sinking deeper into depression and giving in to rage. Reports from the local merchants and caravans had him roaming the dunes muttering to himself incoherently. Eventually, he was forgotten, blending in with the hermits and madmen common to that region, forgotten by all save one.

You say, 'Who is the one?'

Marl Kastane says 'Innoruuk had not forsaken Lhranc. Once his rage and hate had matured and sufficiently altered his soul, the dark prince summoned him and gave him dominion over the demons that had enslaved his mind. He was given a weapon that made him powerful enough to slay any enemy that stood in his way. He was to become the first human to harness the power of the almighty Shadow Knight. After years of traveling and teaching mankind his newfound abilities, Lhranc sneaked back into Freeport through a series of sewers in search of revenge against his brother and in hopes of kidnapping Kyrenna, the source of his obsession. Waiting until Glohnor was alone, Lhranc sprang from the shadows and slew his brother. This was the act that brought about his curse.

You say, 'What curse?'

Marl Kastane says 'As I said, Glohnor was highly favored by the Lightbringer. When the contemptible god of honor discovered what had been done, he transformed Lhranc into a deformed spectral knight and placed him in the ruined city. Lhranc then used what remained of his power to summon Kyrenna to his side and bind her there in a timeless, seamless sphere. He struggled for centuries to break her will and convince her to serve Innoruuk, certain that together they could remove his curse. But then, there was the prediction.

You say, 'What prediction?'

Marl Kastane says 'The prophecy states that one day Kyrenna will escape the clutches of Lhranc and that she will resurrect Glohnor. Together, it reads, they will destroy Lhranc and undo all he has done. I trust that I do not need to tell you, {Your name} , that this would decimate our foothold in Norrath. When the prophecy was written, its words spread across the land. A dark council was held to construct a plan that would frustrate the words of the prophets. My ancestors were responsible for robbing Glohnor's tomb and securing his remains. For generations we have been charged with the duty of guarding those remains and the secret plan, should the corpse be discovered.

You say, 'What secret plan?'

Marl Kastane says 'The plan is a last resort only to be tried if Kyrenna indeed escapes and the remains are discovered. Judging by my brother's words that time is now. It will take the most powerful hero all the courage and dedication he can muster to complete the ritual.

You say, 'I will complete the ritual'

Marl Kastane says 'It would seem we have no choice, and this is our only hope. I must first make a dark shroud. To do this I must stain it with the blood of an innocent. Go find me this rare blood so I can start the creating of the shroud.

Go to the Hole and find Caradon.

You say, 'Hail Caradon'

Caradon says 'Please help me get out of here! My companion, Kyrenna, and I are trapped in this hellish place!

You say, 'Who is Kyrenna?'

Caradon says 'I was with Kyrenna when she attempted to revive the corpse of Glohnor the Valiant. Like fools, we rushed into a trap. Now we sit here and await our deaths.'

You say, 'Where is Kyrenna?'

Caradon says 'She is close by. For a price, I shall tell you. Bring me the key to my freedom and I will betray her, who sentenced me to this fate.'

Find a mimic. They roam the hole. A semi-common drop from them are Cell Key's. Take this cell key and give it to Caradon.

Caradon says 'Kyrenna! We are free!

Caradon and Kyrenna then start attacking you. Caradon is a level 55 Paladin and Kyrenna is a level 55 cleric. Two kill them both you will need to full level 50-60 groups. Caradon and Kyrenna both are immune to any spells so you need many tanks and many clerics.

Loot Kyrenna and you will get Blood of Kyrenna and Heart of Kyrenna.

Completing the Ritual

Take the Blood of Kyrenna back to Marl.

Marl Kastane says 'Here, you take this shroud. You must now find the spirit of glohnor and place this item on him. This should force him back into his mummified body and then you must destroy this newly raised form and return to me its wrappings.

You will find Ghost of Glohnor in the Hole. It is a rare spawn you might have to wait a while. When you find him give him the Dark Shroud that was given to you by Marl.

The Ghost then despawns and a mummy comes running at you from the basement. Luckily it brings no reinforcements. The mummy is a level 56 warrior and is immune to all spells except the Wizard Lure Spells. You will need two level 50-60 groups. From his corpse you get the Head of Glohnor and the Glohnor Wrappings. Take the Head of Glohnor to Gerot Kastane and the Glornor Wrappings to Marl. You will get the Valiant Head and the Will of Innoruuk. To get the Heart of the Innocent you must combine the Heart of Kyrenna in the Soulcase.

The End

Go back to Lhranc and give him the Corrupted Ghoulbane, the Heart of the Innocent, the Valiant Head, and the Will of Innoruuk.

Lhranc says 'Ahh, at last I can free myself of this prison! Centuries have passed since I enjoyed the fruits of mortality.' He hurls the components above his head where they remain suspended in midair. They hover in place while he chants the words of an ancient spell. As he speaks, the items begin to rotate around his head, slowly at first, then faster as the chanting grows louder, until it spins in a blur. Soon, the room is filled with a deafening shriek that pierces you to the core.

Lhranc will disappear and reappear as a human. If you have not become KoS at this point then...

Lhranc says 'Young one, you cannot fathom how long it has been since I breathed air and felt flesh on my bones. I told you I would show you a weapon that would make you the most powerful of your kind. I said nothing of giving it to you. Feast your eyes on Innoruuk's Curse mortal, thank you for your service.

Lhranc will now start attacking you. He is level 63 Shadow Knight. He harmtouches many times during the fight and has a buttload of hitpoints. It is impossible to mesmerize him, slow him, or any other debuffs so have many, many, many clerics ready to use all their many healing. You will need around 5-6 full groups of level 50-60s. Once Lhranc is dead you will find, on his corpse, Innoruuk's Curse.

Congratulations on your 'Innoruuk's Curse'!

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