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Rogue Epic 2.0 Nightshade, Blade of Entropy

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Note: If you have the Fatestealer (epic 1.5):

Several steps from this point to this step:

Find Lairyn Debeian in the Gulf of Gunthak. (location? trigger information?)

Lairyn runs to the beach..

Lairyn shouts, 'They're still following me! Help!'
a shadowed enforcer says 'Your time has come, Lairyn!'
a shadowed thug says 'Your time has come, Lairyn!'
a shadowed assassin says 'Your time has come, Lairyn!'

Multiple waves of shadowmen (about 37k HPs, average hit 360-390, max hit 785) attack him and have to be killed. After the last shadowman is down...

a shadowed assassin's corpse says 'It's still too late to stop our plans. . .'
Lairyn Debeian says 'Oh no . . . I'd recognize the echo of those footfalls anywhere. That sounds like Krill . . .'

The shadowman Krill the Backbleeder attacks. (about 83K HPs, average hit 820, max hit 1669)

Loot Krill's Head and a Bloodied Torn Parchment.

Lairyn Debeian says 'For my own knowledge and to bring some closure to this terror, can you bring me his head? I want to see with my own eyes. I need to know if it was him.'

Lairyn Debeian adjusts his spectacles and peers at the head, 'True enough. This is a Wayfarer . . . Errr, was at one time. I imagine he renounced his membership in the Brotherhood sometime before he took up a career of tormenting a poor scholar. They must have been trying to get to Nedaria by coming after me. I am famliar with Krill and he is a follower, not a leader. Someone else is the mastermind behind this - a person with access to magical disguises to hide their identity. Lirprin must know of this at once, _____.'

More information needed.

Congratulations on your 'Nightshade, Blade of Entropy'!

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