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Rogue Epic 1.5 Fatestealer

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If you have the Ragebringer (epic 1.0) or have done the pre-quest:

Note: you may do the tradeskill components in any order, and you may do the tradeskills sections, the bards sections, and the Shakey sections in any order. If you kill an epic mob and are not to that part of the quest to, you cannot loot the epic drop and it will rot. You must have the Omens of War expansion enabled.

Speak to Stanos Herkanor

To start this part of the quest, you will need to talk to Stanos Herkanor in Highhold Pass at +10, +325. If Stanos isn't up, say "I need to see Stanos" to Anson McBale.

You say, 'Hail, Stanos Herkanor'

Stanos Herkanor says 'Ha, the prodigy returns. So good to see you, ______. I always consider it an honor to have your company, and we have much to talk about!'

Stanos Herkanor says, in Thieves Cant, 'But not here and not now. We are in grave danger, you and I, and should not be seen speaking to one another. Seek out my associates. They will apprise you of what needs to be done. When you have found them... Tell them that the sun is setting on the horizon.' He clasps your palm and gives you a strange handshake, 'Before you go, know that you have proved yourself as one of us, ______. You are a member of this circle and nothing will ever break that.' 

Speak to Vorla Diensk

Find and speak to Vorla Diensk in Firiona Vie (loc -435, -3300, southest corner of the island far east side of zone.)

You say, 'Hail, Vorla Diensk'

Vorla Diensk stares at you blankly. She is wearing a pendant that resembles a sun occluded by the horizon.

You say, 'The sun is setting on the horizon.'

Vorla Diensk nods in your direction, 'He said you would come, ______. Listen closely to what I have to say. We do not have time for dilly-dally and I don't appreciate having to repeat myself to any old Dark Elf. Your services came highly recommended and so I doubt there will be any problems, hm? Our mutual acquaintance, Stanos, has various contacts around Norrath. Through these eyes and ears some disturbing information has surfaced. Word is that someone is attempting to forge a weapon of unmatched prowess - a blade of assassination, potentially capable of slaying even the most powerful creatures. We know the perpetrator is an outsider. They are not a member of any of any rival thieving guild, and we cannot trust such a weapon to exist out in the open without knowing its true purpose. Do you know [how we deduced this information]?'

You say, 'How did you deduce this information?'

Vorla Diensk leans in closer and continues, 'Thieves guilds have their secrets - this is not in dispute. The most treasured secrets reside in the hands of the most senior members and they guard these secrets carefully. Because of this, an uneasy balance is maintained between the different sects. That balance has been disrupted. What we have discovered is that an unknown party has managed to pry the most guarded information on how best to craft a blade from thieves around the world. To what end this knowledge will be used for is unknown, as is the method they used to coerce these pillars of the community. But it does not bode well. Stanos knew this. Due to his past he no doubt believes that the blade will be used for a dark purpose, and who are we to argue? He has a special insight into such matters. At any rate, this is [where you come in].'

You say, 'Where do I come in?'

Vorla Diensk says 'You must find these rogues and deal with them.' She chuckles, 'Don't worry, you needn't cause them harm. Deal with them diplomatically. Here, take this pendant so that they recognize your status. Your name is inscribed on the pendant in symbols that they will understand. Many of these individuals are legendary members of the rogue community, or at the very least . . . Infamous. Causing them grief will solve nothing. Find out what they know. We can use this knowledge to [craft another blade]. If you can, find out who they spoke to. Use whatever methods you have at your disposal - these blaggards are not necessarily beneath bribery.'

You receive an Occluded Sun Pendant, which identifies as "The proof of loyalty." It raises faction with Miners Guild 628, Deeppockets, Rogues of the White Rose, and Guardians of Shar Vahl.

You say, 'Craft another blade?'

Vorla Diensk says 'We have multiple reasons for wanting to forge a duplicate blade: Firstly, we want to find out what we're up against. Second, it only makes sense to carry comparable weaponry in case you have to tangle with the assassin. Third, it will help us to uncover who was behind the creation of the original.'

For the next steps, if you are of the same race (or under an illusion to be of that race), you can skip the small tasks by handing them a Pouch of Gems instead. It costs 15.8kpp or so from A Shady Highpass Citizen in Highpass Hold at -95, +425, and you can substitute ONE TIME ONLY. He also only sells it once every few hours. It is required that you wear the pendant during all of these steps.

Vah Shir Tradeskill

Master Taruun Rakutah may be found in the Rogue guild under the palace in Shar Vahl, at +190, -260.

You say, 'Hail, Master Taruun Rakutah'

Master Taruun Rakutah gazes at you, his amber eyes gleaming. 'Welcome, ______. I have been awaiting your arrival. The information that you seek is here, and I have no qualms sharing it with someone of your illustrious background. The name '______' pops up in idle conversation here more than you would realize. However, my knowledge does come at a price: one pouch of gems. I've no need for your money, but a contribution of gemstones is symbolic of your dedication to the craft and your understanding of the value of that which I am about to impart to you. Nothing of value is ever given freely. You should understand that more than anyone. If you are lacking coin at the moment, a [small task] will do the trick as well. Whichever you'd prefer.'

You say, 'What small task?'

Master Taruun Rakutah says 'King Raja deserves to be well-fed, and I deserve to be in his good graces. You can take care of both these problems simultaneously by assembling a culinary masterpiece for the King. There are delicacies from far off lands that we have only heard rumors of, but they sound incredibly appetizing. Collect the various foodstuffs on this list. Return them to me and then I will bestow upon you the information you desire. Farewell, ______.'

You receive a King's Feast Request, which identifies as "List from Rakutah." The note reads:

King's Banquet:

  • Calamari - (Four hunks of Raw Squid Meat, Sauces, Spices, Butter, Flour)
  • Carp, Chub, Caribe, and Giant Catfish Fillets
  • Grilled Crab Cakes and Grilled Tuna Cakes
  • Sweet Milk
  • Royal Mints

Collect and store in a Picnic Basket Serve while still warm

You can craft each one as follows (some have subcombines):

Calamari, trivial 15, spit/oven
4 x Raw Squid (NO TRADE from A Tide Feaster in Natimbi), Jug of Sauces, Spices, Butter, Cup of Flour

Carp Fillets, trivial 82, spit/oven
Boar Carp or Kedge Carp, Jug of Sauces

Chub Fillets, trivial 82, spit/oven
Despair Chub or Rujarkian Chub, Jug of Sauces

Caribe Fillets, trivial 15, spit/oven
Sharptooth Caribe (NO TRADE, dropped by "a sharptooth caribe" in Grobb, Jug of Sauces

Giant Catfish Fillets, trivial 15, spit/oven
Giant Catfish (NO TRADE, dropped by "a flighty catfish" in Ocean of Tears), Jug of Sauces

Grilled Crab Cakes, trivial 182, spit/oven
2 x Egg Batter, Vegetables, Grilled Crab Meat, Clump of Dough, Cup of Sugar

Grilled Tuna Cakes, trivial 182, spit/oven
2 x Egg Batter, Vegetables, Grilled Tuna Meat, Clump of Dough, Cup of Sugar

Bottle of Sweet Milk, trivial 38, mixing bowl
2 x Cup of Sugar, Bottle of Milk

Royal Mints, trivial 76, mixing bowl
Frosting, Eucalyptus Leaf

Picnic Basket, trivial 76, sewing kit/loom
Steel Boning, Woven Mandrake


Egg Batter, trivial 17, mixing bowl
Bottle of Milk, Eggs

Vegetable Oil, trivial 102, Brew Barrel
Vegetables, Water Flask

Grilling Sauce, trivial 54, Brew Barrel
Vegetable Oil, Garlic (purchased in Abysmal Sea)

Saltwater Crabmeat, trivial 16, mixing bowl
1 lb. Saltwater Crab

Grilled Crabmeat, trivial 50, mixing bowl
Saltwater Crabmeat, Grilling Sauce

Tuna Meat, trivial 16, mixing bowl
1 lb. Saltwater Tuna

Grilled Tuna Meat, trivial 50, mixing bowl
Tuna Meat, Grilling Sauce

Woven Mandrake, trivial 66, Sewing Kit
2x mandrake Roots

Butter, trivial 54, Mixing Bowl
Dairy Spoon, Bottle of Milk, Rennet

The combine on the King's Feast itself must be done in an oven, trivial <= 120. Hand it back to Rakutah.

Master Taruun Rakutah accepts the basket of food and purrs softly. 'Mmm, that is a delicious aroma. The King will most definitely be pleased, ______. And now it seems I owe you a favor.' He pauses momentarily as if gathering his thoughts then speaks. 'Let me ask you, what is the greatest advantage of a Vah Shir's claws?' He retracts a single dark claw and holds it forward, studying it with his amber eyes. 'The design is simple but beautifully effective. Elegant, sharp, and dangerous. Most importantly, I want you to notice this: our enemies feel the claw's pierce twice, both when penetrated and when the implement of pain is ripped out. That is key to creating the perfect blade. I can describe the topic more fully in writing. There you are, I've scribbled some notes in your journal.'

You have coerced Rakutah into revealing his secret.

Halfling Tradeskill

Lendel Deeppockets may be found in Rivervale at -50, -190.

You say, 'Hail, Lendel Deeppockets'

Lendel Deeppockets nods curtly, 'So there you are, ______. You are, of course, preceded by your reputation. I was wondering when I would have the pleasure of receiving your company. Word has it that you're looking for information, and I'm afraid you've come to the wrong bar, friend. The drinks are downstairs and the information is strictly off limits. That is, unless you can take care of a [small job] for me. I might be willing to entertain the notion of overlooking your stature if you can assist me with a special problem.'

You say, 'What small job?'

Lendel Deeppockets says 'One of my girls stumbled across a beverage that should bring in crowds to the Fool's Gold. It's fantastic stuff, really. I am expecting folks to travel all the way from Freeport. But without having even tasted a drop of the stuff, Mayor Gubbin has outlawed it in Rivervale. He won't let me bring in a shipment of ingredients, and my shippers have refused to deliver here anymore after being turned away at the gate so many times - rudely I might add! If you were to brew a bottle of the stuff and convince Gubbin to take a drink, I think he might appreciate it enough to change his mind. Here's the recipe. I'm counting on you, ______.'

You receive a Jumjum Twist Recipe, which identifies as "List from Lendel." It reads as follows:

Jumjum Twist

  • Two jiggers of Rum (Any will do)
  • One jigger of Jumjum Juice
  • Cream
  • One jigger of Melon Juice - combine water, cup of sugar, and a Tropical Melon

Milk from a Timorous Coconut

You can obtain each one as follows:

Confirmed to work so far: Doogles Spiced Rum (sold in Thurgadin by Doogle McBanick and Fogerty Bottlenip), Black Bart's Spiced Rum (dropped by deckhands in the Timorous Deep), Frozen Toe Rum (sold in McDaniels Smoke and Spirit in Halas), Royal Rebirth Rum, Rhino Beetle Rum.

Jumjum Juice
Sold in Rivervale by Daleen Leafsway

Cream, trivial 83, mixing bowl
2 x Bottle of Milk, Benzoin, Dairy Spoon

Flask of Melon Juice, trivial 15, minimum skill required ~118, brew barrel
Cup of Sugar, Tropical Melon (NO DROP from A Spiroc Harvester in Timorous Deep), Water Flask

Coconut Milk, trivial 15, minimum skill required ~118, mixing bowl
Timorous Coconut

Brew the ingredients to craft a Jumjum Twist, trivial 15. Give it to Mayor Gubbin at +95, -160.

Mayor Gubbin says 'Ah, thank you. I was a bit parched.' Mayor Gubbin unstops the flask and takes a healthy swig of the brew. He makes a strange face and licks his lips while staring at the bottle. 'Wow, this is delicious. Like no other drink I've ever tried. This is even better than that Spiced Jumjum that Lanena is so fond of. Wait a moment . . . Is this the brew that Deeppockets keeps trying to hawk in my town? Well now, I suppose it's not so bad. Hmm. Why don't you tell him I've changed my mind. Tell Lendel he has my blessing and is welcome to bring in as much of this as he can sell.'

You receive Gubbin's Approval Letter, which identifies as "Agrees to allow Lendel to sell Jumjum Twist." Bring it back to Lendel.

Lendel Deeppockets cracks a sly grin, 'Well done, ______. With the Mayor's blessing to sell this liqueur in the Fool's Gold we'll make a mint, and there's almost nothing illegitimate about it. Now that we have the formalities taken care of, allow me to tell you something. What I know is fundamental to the idea of creating a perfect blade. It's my pleasure to pass that knowledge on to you. Many people are hung up on the shape and size of a weapon. I'm here to tell you that it's not about size, but overall weight and balance.' Lendel holds out his dagger and balances the point on the tip of his finger. 'You see what I mean, ______? Perfect. In the heat of combat, when every precision strike counts, you can't afford to be wielding an unbalanced bulky blade. I have some notes I've written up on the topic. Here, I'll jot them down in your journal.'

You have coerced Lendel into revealing his secret.

Dwarf Tradeskill

Find Diggins in North Kaladim at +605, +230.

You say, 'Hail, Diggins'

Diggins sneers, 'Well if it isn't the sticky-fingered, back-stabbin', murderin', ne'er-do-well ______. We were just talkin' about ye. I was mentioning' how I'd like to personally see to it that ye disappear and never turn up again, save for bedtime stories to scare the little ones to sleep. Why don't ye do us all a favor and make yourself scarce?' He pauses to stroke his beard, 'But, before ye go, I have a [small job] I need taken care of. I might be able to assist ye in your no-doubt nefarious endeavors if ye could lend me a hand.'

You say, 'What small job?'

Diggins says 'Consider this both a favor and a test. I couldn't rest at night knowing that someone carrying around my secrets was anything less than proficient at smithin'. On top of that, relics crafted by the infamous ______ will make some fine conversation pieces I think. Ha ha. If that isn't clear enough for ye, I'd like ye to demonstrate your skill with forge and a hammer. Here's a list of items that ye can make for me. Seal them up in this satchel when you're done and bring them back to me, lad.'

You receive a Collection Satchel, a LORE 10-slot GIANT container, and a Test of Smithing note, which identifies as "List from Diggins." It reads as follows:

Test of Smithing:

  • Aligned Mace and Aligned Short Sword
  • Forged Halberd and Forged Pick
  • Forged Velium Throwing Spear
  • Forged Velium Dagger
  • Banded Cloak and Banded Belt
  • Gem-studded Tower Shield - Tower Shield Mold, Sheet of Compressed Steel, Smithy Hammer, Water Flask, and six

Lacquered Gems (one of each)

You can craft each one as follows in a forge (some have subcombines). Note that you must do either the Smithing Freebie or Smithing Collect quest to be able to craft Aligned weapons:

Aligned Mace, trivial 102
Aligned Mace Haft, Aligned Mace Head

Aligned Short Sword, trivial 102
Aligned Short Sword Blade, Aligned Short Sword Hilt

Forged Halberd, trivial 82
Sheet Metal, Water Flask, Oak Shaft, Halberd Head Mold

Forged Pick, trivial 49
Sheet Metal, Water Flask, Oak Shaft, Pick Head Mold

Forged Velium Throwing Spear, trivial 104
Sheet of Velium, Water Flask, Javelin Mold

Forged Velium Dagger, trivial 95
Sheet of Velium, Coldain Velium Temper, Hilt Mold, Pommel Mold, Dagger Blade Mold

Banded Cloak, trivial 102
2 x Sheet Metal, Water Flask, Cloak Sectional Mold

Banded Belt, trivial 95
2 x Sheet Metal, Water Flask, Belt Sectional Mold

Gem-studded Tower Shield, no fail combine
Tower Shield Mold, Sheet of Compressed Steel, Smithy Hammer, Water Flask, Lacquered Emerald, Lacquered Fire Opal, Lacquered Opal, Lacquered Pearl, Lacquered Peridot, Lacquered Star Ruby


Aligned Mace Haft, trivial 82
Bar of Aligned Steele, Short Haft Mold

Aligned Mace Head, trivial 82
Sheet of Aligned Steel, Small Head Mold

Aligned Short Sword Blade, trivial 82
Sheet of Aligned Steel, Short Sword Blade Mold

Aligned Short Sword Hilt, trivial 82
Bar of Aligned Steel, Short Hilt Mold

Sheet of Aligned Steel, trivial 46
Bar of Aligned Steel, Water Flask

Combine them in the Collection Satchel to craft a Satchel of Smithed Relics, which identifies as "Diggins might have need of this." Give this to Diggins.

Diggins accepts the satchel and peers inside at the contents. 'Fine job, ______. I knew ye had the burning fire of a smith ragin' inside ye. These little relics are going on my mantle, or I may sell em. Not sure yet.' He sets the items aside, 'Now, sit fer a spell and allow me to tell ye what you need to know. It should go without sayin', ______, that a fine blade is crafted with the best metals possible. Any fool knows that. What ye don't know is that the lightest and sturdiest stuff to be found is an alloy called Velixite. With a few pounds of raw Velixite you could truly forge a blade to be feared. Give me jes' a moment while I take down some notes in your journal, ______. There ye are, all done!'

You have coerced Diggins into revealing his secret.

Barbarian Tradeskill

Find Elyn Connoy in Halas at +280, +185.

You say, 'Hail, Elyn Connoy'

Elyn Connoy feints an attack. She swings her dagger with incredible speed, bringing the tip of the blade to a stop less than an inch short of your neck. 'Another step closer, cur, and I'll end your miserable life. This ain't no place for no Dark Elf, and you'll be doing yourself a favor by leaving the premises. Quick as ye blink.' With a flick of her wrist, she flings her dagger at the table and it sinks deep into the wood with a satisfying thwack. Just as quickly, she withdraws another pair of previously concealed blades from her bodice and brandishes them menacingly. 'So, are you going to step off, or do you have the guts to take care of a [small job] for me? You should know that this ain't no boondoggle and I don't tolerate [stupid questions].'


You say, 'What small job?'

Elyn Connoy says 'How's your sewing, ______?' Elyn smirks at the absurdity of her query. 'Don't worry, this ain't no woman's work. I've got my eye on a certain market - for those in need of tasteful tailoring that conceals cold steel. You'd be surprised how much interest there is in such a product. The catch is, I need high quality materials and I need this taken care of discreetly. My contact wants to see a sample of the product soon. Everything you need to know you'll find on this list. Bring the items back to me in this here satchel, and don't let anyone catch you at work.'

You receive another Collection Satchel and a Deceiver's Garb Instructions note, which identifies as "List from Elyn." It reads as follows:

To craft a garment designed to conceal blades requires the highest quality materials. For each pelt used, there will be enough material to conceal one weapon. The blade itself must be small enough to conceal in the fabric - a shiv or fine steel dagger will do. Use the appropriate pattern.

  • Coif - Bear skin
  • Boots - Pair of wolf skins
  • Bracers - Lion or cougar skin, one for each bracer
  • Sleeves - Pair of rockhopper skins
  • Pantaloons - Pair of walrus skins
  • Tunic - Pair of Tundra kodiak skins
  • Gloves - Hynid skin

You can craft each one as follows in a large sewing kit or loom. Each has a minimum skill required of 80:

Coif of Concealed Blades, trivial 15
Cap Pattern, High Quality Bear Skin, Fine Steel Dagger or Shiv

Boots of Concealed Blades, trivial 15
Boot Pattern, 2 x High Quality Wolf Skin, 2 x Fine Steel Dagger or 2 x Shiv

Bracer of Concealed Blades, trivial 15
Wristband Pattern, High Quality Lion Skin or High Quality Cougarskin, Fine Steel Dagger or Shiv

Sleeves of Concealed Blades, trivial 15
Sleeve Pattern, 2 x High Quality Rockhopper Hide, 2 x Fine Steel Dagger or 2 x Shiv

Pants of Concealed Blades, trivial 15
Pant Pattern, 2 x High Quality Walrus Hide, 2 x Fine Steel Dagger or 2 x Shiv

Tunic of Concealed Blades, trivial 15
Tunic Pattern, 2 x High Quality Tundra Kodiak Pelt, 2 x Fine Steel Dagger or 2 x Shiv

Gloves of Concealed Blades, trivial 15
Glove Pattern, High Quality Hynid Hide, Fine Steel Dagger or Shiv

Combine the items in the satchel to craft a Satchel of Deceiver's Garb, which identifies as "Elyn might have need of this." Give it to Elyn.

Elyn Connoy reaches into the satchel and strokes the animal fur with the back of her hand. 'Mighty fine quality and craftsmanship if I do say so, ______. My contact will surely appreciate this. You've done right to bring this back so quickly. I was starting to think you had forgotten about our bargain.' She releases her grip on her dagger so that you can get a view of the handle. 'Take a close look. You see the grooves in the handle, the soft leather? This beauty was made specially to fit my hands. A fine blade ain't no good unless you can wield it well. It's tantamount important that your weapon is comfortable. It should be a part of you, an extension of your arm. How else can you expect to wield it well? This is the knowledge I pass on to you.'

You have coerced Elyn into revealing her secret.

Human Tradeskill

Arly Golbeck is in Paludal Caverns at bandit camp 2, at -180, +685.

You say, 'Hail, Arly Golbeck'

Arly Golyeck says 'Ho there, look who stopped by. What can I help you with, ______?' He smiles, 'Don't worry. You needn't tell me, friend, as I already know. Seems you've made quite a name for yourself. Stanos has spread the word that you helped him out with his little dilemma. I'll tell you what. In return for what you want, you can help me with my pressing issues. First and foremost, I could use a bit of cash to help run things around here. It's been hard times for me and the boys, and the money from a pouch of gems would keep us well fed, well armed, and our enemies well bribed for quite awhile. That, or I have a [small job] you can take care of. Whichever you'd prefer.'

You say, 'What small job?'

Arly Golyeck says 'Right. I've had my eye on a handful of poisons that are difficult to obtain from this dank hole on this secluded rock. Normally I'd ask my assistant to take care of that for me, but he's indisposed at the moment. If you could collect each item from this list, place it in the satchel and bring it back to me, that'd do the trick. When that's all taken care of, I'll explain how to properly poison a blade.'

You receive another Collection Satchel and a List of Required Toxins note, which identifies as "List from Arly." It reads as follows:

I require the following poisons delivered promptly. Please waste no time in collecting these items. It should prove trivial for someone of your background.

  • Nematocyst Poison
  • Choking Asmag
  • Mind Melt
  • Lixt Wing Dust
  • Crystalline Serum

Bite of the Ikaav - Venomous Secretions of the Ikaav combined with Constrict Suspension in a Sealed Poison Vial

You can craft each one as follows in a mortar and pestle (some have subcombines):

Nematocyst Poison, trivial 159
Lined Poison Vial, Constrict Suspension, Ovate Jellyfish

Choking Asmag, trivial 151
Sealed Poison Vial, Constrict Suspension, 2 x Asmag Weed

Mind Melt, trivial 322
Sealed Poison Vial, Ethereal Suspension, Quicksilver, Mt. Death Mineral Salts

Lixt Wing Dust, trivial 76
Lined Poison Vial, Suspension, 2 x Embalming Dust

Crystalline Serum
Dropped by A Crystalline Arachnae in the Plane of Valor

Bite of the Ikaav, trivial 15
Sealed Poison Vial, Constrict Suspension, Venomous Secretions


Quicksilver, trivial 15
Gnomish Spirits, Cinnabar

Combine the items in the satchel to craft a Satchel of Poisons, which identifies as "Arly might have need of this." Give it to Arly.

Arly Golyeck accepts the satchel of poisons and cradles it as he gently sets the bag aside. 'I don't know how carefully you packaged these, ______, but the last thing I want is to reach into the bag and brush my skin against a spilled contact poison. Which reminds me, you should always wear gloves when handling toxins. You could ask my previous assistant about that, except that he's dead for that self-same reason. Now, about your reward . . . cop a squat and listen up for a moment. This is a secret that I'm entrusting to you. There's a way to paint poison onto the edge of a blade in such a manner that the toxin never needs to be reapplied. It involves using an extremely potent poison agent, mixing it with a thin lacquer, and making sure the combined solution seeps into each tiny groove of the metal. It's easier to understand if you see it written down on paper. Here, I've jotted down some notes in your journal covering the topic.'

You have coerced Arly into revealing his secret.

Dark Elf Tradeskill: Wild Goose Chase

Pazin Punox (Guild Master)  may be found in Neriak 3rd Gate, location +667, -1362, -108.

You say, 'Hail, Pazin Punox'

Pazin Punox glares at you, 'So, ______. You have finally come - no doubt to steal away with my darkest secrets. The rumors you may have heard, they are true. I do carry with me the ability to capture tormented spirits and enslave them in cold steel. The deadliest Teir`dal weapons have been twisted to a dark sweet purpose by my hand. You'd like to know how, wouldn't you? ______, I would rather perish than share that knowledge with anyone.'

Translation: the dark elf is included for flavor text, but doesn't actually contribute to the quest at all.

Speak to Inem

Inem R`Ker may be found in the evil outpost in the Overthere, at +2865, +2145.

You say, 'Hail, Inem R`Ker'

Inem R`ker shoots you an untrusting glare. He is wearing a pendant that resembles a sun occluded by the horizon.

You say, 'The sun is setting on the horizon.'

Inem R`Ker says 'Yes, of course. I have been waiting for you, ______. Seek out the legendary rogues. While some of them may welcome you with open arms, the [Teir`dal] will certainly be the most difficult to negotiate with. Wear your pendant so that they recognize your status. While tales of your exploits and your name are well known, they don't necessarily know what you look like. You can use that to your advantage. When you can fit it into your schedule, there is also [another problem] that needs to be dealt with. I hope this hasn't overwhelmed you yet. There is much to be done and little time.'

You say, 'What Teir`dal?'

Inem R`ker winks and you see through his guise. He isn't a dark elf after all. 'Yes, the Teir`dal's information might be tricky. You see. . . they hold a bit of a grudge against Stanos ever since they learned of his involvement in the Joren incident. That grudge WILL carry over to you, no matter how charming you think you might be. Use other methods to obtain the information if you cannot coerce it from them.'

You say, 'Another problem?'

Inem R`Ker says 'I hope you aren't against a little intimidation, ______.' He sighs, 'This is the problem. Our most influential contact in the Wayfarer's Brotherhood refuses to affiliate himself with us, even a little, until the bad publicity surrounding our organization lightens up a bit. Our shady background wasn't a problem in the past, but now he refuses to speak with us. We suspect he has turned over a new leaf and now that he considers himself a champion of the people, he doesn't want to tarnish this reputation. If you can convince those that have spoken out against Stanos to [change their tune], I think we stand a chance of garnering the favor of this contact again. This job is of utmost importance, ______, because this contact could lead us to the would-be assassin.'

You say, 'Change their tune?'

Inem R`ker nods and hands you an envelope, 'Yes, exactly. Bards. The self-proclaimed heralds of Norrath. What they are is slander, personified. It seems there are several of them that have been sullying Stanos' name in both story and song. Deliver this letter to them. It's a 'request' that they speak favorably about our generous benefactor, lest some ill fate befall them. If they refuse, you know what to do. Empty threats mean nothing.'

You receive a Notice to Cease and Desist, which identifies as "Contains veiled threats to those who speak ill of Stanos."

Kill the Bards: Galdorin

Head to the Abysmal Sea and find Galdorin Visigothe at -165, +220. Give him the notice.

Galdorin Visigothe says 'Hello. Please pardon me, but. . . Hmm, what do we have here? It says that you wish me to cease and desist spreading slander about the swashbuckler known as Stanos, or else . . .? I'd hardly place him in the 'swashbuckling' category, friend. Let's not sugercoat it. He's more of a scoundrel or smuggler or sniveling scumsucking slimeball. I can't believe you would have the nerve to come in here and threaten my right to say what I wish. My very livelihood depends upon my being able to speak freely to entertain the visitors of this tavern. I'll not be threatened by you, brute. Fight me if you dare!'

He attacks. He's level 70, hits for 843, is slowable, and will attempt to mez his target every 15 seconds. After 5 minutes, he may complete heal himself. Once he's dead, loot a Signed Agreement, which is a"Signed with the bloody handprint of Galdorin." Return this to Inem.

Inem R`Ker says 'Well done, ______. Galdorin had it coming, so don't feel too guilty about your part in this.'

You say, 'Change their tune.'

You receive another Notice to Cease and Desist.

Kill the Bards: Seana and Stefan Marsingers

Seana Marsinger and Stefan Marsinger are located at -1900, -500 in the Greater Faydark.

Stefan Marsinger accepts the note and begins to read, 'What's this? You wish us to cease and desist spreading slander about the swashbuckler known as Stanos, or else . . .? Else what? You understand we don't fabricate the stories told in our songs. As messengers, we carry the tunes that we learn during our travels. If there's anything I can vouch for, it's that every story has a little bit of truth to it. If this Stanos gentleman is so concerned about his reputation - perhaps he should begin by taking a look at the source, himself. As for you, you're soon to find out that my twin sibling and I don't take kindly to threats.' The Marsinger crumples up the note and tosses it at your feet. 'You have earned the wrath of our most dissonant chords.'

They both attack. Both are level 65 and slowable. Seana hits for 656, and she  will attempt to give you all Spire Stones and cast the port spell. You have only 5 seconds to delete them from your cursor before the spell triggers.Stefan uses two spells: Dissonant Screech and  Shackleroot. Once they're dead, loot a Signed Agreement from each of them. They identify as "Signed by Seana Marsinger" and "Signed by Stefan Marsinger" respectively. Bring them back to Inem (need dialogue). You receive another Notice to Cease and Desist.

Kill the Bards: Lythe Songbird

Find Lythe Songbird in West Freeport near the monk guild at -60, -680. She's only up 10 minutes every 2 hours or so. Give her the notice.

Lythe Songbird accepts the note and begins to read, 'What's this? It says that you wish me to cease and desist spreading slander about the swashbuckler known as Stanos, or else . . .? You know, I am new in Freeport. Haven't been performing at this venue for long. I'm just a fledgling muse trying to make ends meet in this big city. My father told me that someday I'd have to put up my fists to protect my rights. I can see that day is today. What I have to say to you is . . . Guards, help!'

She attacks. She's level 65, hits for 1700, is slowable, and spawns "a Freeport guard," which hits for 400 and is slowable and mezzable. If "a seasoned Freeport guard" spawns, it is not mezzable. Once she's dead, loot another Signed Agreement, which identifies as "Signed by Lythe Songbird." Bring it back to Inem.

Inem R'ker says 'That should do the trick. I think our contact will speak with you now. His name is Lirprin, and he is a paladin that works for the Wayfarer's Brotherhood. You can find him somewhere near the great portal, or possibly on the other side. Good Luck.'

Speak to Lirprin and Smith Dandi

Lirprin, Head of Affairs may be found in Nedaria's Landing at +1400, -170.

You say, 'Hail, Lirprin, Head of Affairs'

Lirprin, Head of Affairs says 'I suppose the bad publicity surrounding your organization has subsided to the point where we can speak freely.' He clears his throat, 'Word is that you are looking for someone to forge a blade or two specifically for you for a specific purpose. I'll go on faith that you intend to use this weapon to catch a criminal and not become one yourself. We have the ability. My assistant, Dandi, is the best smith I know. And . . . As luck would have it I [owe your friends a favor]. The only thing we lack is the knowledge of how to imbue the weapon with dark energy. I thought this secret lied in the hands of the Teir`dal, but if they will not acquiesce perhaps there is another way. Did you ever stop to think that the directions may have been written down somewhere?'

You say, 'Owe my friends a favor?'

Lirprin, Head of Affairs says 'Let's get one thing straight, right now, ______. I do NOT work for Stanos, and I do NOT work for you. It's a simple matter of repaying a favor, and I'd suggest you not press the issue lest I change my mind.'

Smith Dandi may be found right next to Lirprin.

You say, 'Hail, Smith Dandi'

Smith Dandi looks to Lirprin for approval and he nods. She turns to you again, smiling broadly, and clasps your fingers in a warm handshake. 'Smith Dandi is my name. I trained under Rondo before we lost him in that horrible incident, bless his poor soul. Lirprin says it's okay to talk, and I understand you have a job for me? Let's see if you have what we need. . .'

Flag Check

You are missing a critical piece of information necessary to craft the blade.
In the rocky lair of Kaladim, you have coerced the Dwarven rogues into sharing their secret of blade construction: Metallurgy.
In the majestic palace of Shar Vahl, you have coerced the Vah Shir rogues into sharing their secret of blade construction: Blade Form.
In the frigid northern lands of Halas, you have coerced the Barbarian rogues into sharing their secret of blade construction: Grip.
In the dank caverns of Paludal, you have coerced the human rogues into sharing their secret of blade construction: Endless Poison.
In the cozy hovel of Rivervale, you have coerced the Halfling rogues into sharing their secret of blade construction: Perfect Balance.

Smith Dandi says 'Hmm, you're still missing a few things. Keep at it, ______.'

You see in your text "Smith Dandi's forge is not hot enough to craft the blade.  This will flag you for the next step.

Kill Culthor the Gatekeeper

Bring a raid force and find "the Firewatcher" in the room behind where Culthor spawns. His location is +827, -450.

You say, 'Hail, the Firewatcher'

The Firewatcher cackles, 'The gate is sealed, you see. But I know the way to reopen it. Wouldn't it be fun to call the Gatekeeper? Do you wish to help me [open the portal]?'

You say, 'I wish to help you open the portal.'

The Firewatcher says 'To beckon the Gatekeeper we must tempt him with bits of Doomfire. I have seen fragments of it leak through the cracks of the portal. It is here, in this place. Look around! Find the four bits and bring them to me. Ha ha! Hurry, hurry Dark Elf. I cannot wait!'

Find a Crystallized Shard of Doomfire, Foul Doomfire Brimstone, Igneous Rock of Doomfire, and Pile of Doomfire Ash as drops around the zone. Hand in all four to the Firewatcher:

The Firewatcher says 'This should do the trick, I think! The gate is...Yes it's opening. Ha ha! The Gatekeeper comes!'

Kill Culthor. It's level 70, hits for 700 normally and 1700 if all its guards are dead. It's partially slowable, and has about 300,000 hps. It also has a proc for approximately 250 direct damage. Guarding Culthor are several of "a fiendish guard," each of which is level 65, hits for 400 to 500 hp's, is not slowable or mezzable. They have a respawn time of 5 minutes and they will camp a corpse.  As the guards die, Culthor is rumored to be become slower but hit harder. He is perma-rooted to his "spot".  Once Culthor's dead, loot Smoldering Embers of Solusek, which identify as "These could be coaxed by flame to produce intense heat." Note: unless Smith Dandi said that her forge is not hot enough, you will not be able to loot the epic drop, i.e., you haven't killed the bards, so Lirprin won't talk to you. After you've looted it, a chest may spawn with additiona loot.

Take the embers back to Smith Dandi.

You have fueled Smith Dandi's furnace with Solusek's Embers.

Smith Dandi gawks in amazement. 'By the Gods, where did you come by these embers? These are positively unnatural, and they bare the mark of Solusek himself!' She sprinkles a handful of the smoldering lumps into the forge and -KABOOM- a blast of incredible heat knocks you off your feet. Immediately, the metal of the forge swells and becomes white hot. 'Yep, this will do the trick,' she gloats cheerfully. The blazing heat doesnt seem to bother her.

Shakey's Quest

Head back to Rivervale and talk to Shakey Scarecrow at -140, -410. Reebo Leafsway nearby (-85, -355) will complete the conversation.

You say, 'Hail, Shakey Scarecrow'

Shakey Scarecrow rustles and looks up at you in acknowledgment.

Reebo Leafsway shakes his head sadly. 'Poor old [Shakey] just isn't what he used to be.'

You say, 'Hail, Reebo Leafsway'

You say, 'Who is Shakey?'

Reebo Leafsway says 'Shakey is our protector and friend. He is just getting old. Losing his [stuffing]. His [head] is getting very cracked and dry as well.'

You say, 'What about his head?'

Reebo Leafsway says 'The head of a scarecrow is difficult to replace. We do not know what is needed and all of our attempts have failed. Perhaps you could [research] this for us and bring back a new head for our old friend Shakey?'

You say, 'What research?'

Reebo Leafsway says 'We have heard of a great forbidden tome penned by an evil necromancer that holds the secrets of instilling life into scarecrows. We have recovered pages from that book. That is how we know about Shakey's hay. But the pages detailing the creation of a scarecrow's head are missing. We believe that the Erudites possess at least some of the pages and might know where the rest of them may be found. Start your search in their city of Erudin.'

Scarecrow Research: Erudin

Sornita Eltern may be found in Erudin at -1100, -230.

You say, 'Hail, Sornita Eltern'

Sornita Eltern says 'Greetings, ______! Please be do not speak too loudly while inside the library. If you need anything special, feel free to ask me. I am a member of the Crimson Hands and my specialty is divination. In my research I have stumbled across many [rare tomes].'

You say, 'What rare tomes?'

Sornita Eltern says 'Why, just yesterday I stumbled upon what I believe to be an excerpt from Miragul's own treatise on the origin of the creatures known as scarecrows. Such a work is heresy and would be destroyed if the High Council knew of its existence so I have been tight-lipped about my discovery. If you would like to see it, I will show it to you, for a nominal donation of 20 gold pieces.'

Give 20 gold to Sornita Eltern (must be gold pieces)

Sornita Eltern says 'Oh, yes. Very good friend. Here is the document I mentioned. It would seem to be part of a larger body of work, but this page describes a Teir'Dal who it seems was instrumental in creating the head of the very first scarecrow. You may keep that as it is merely a magical duplicate of the original document which I have carefully hidden.'
You gain experience!!

You receive a Torn Parchment, which identifies as "Copy of Miragul's Scarecrow Reseach." The parchment reads:

..I have seen on all of Norrath. She was completely under the thrall of Mayong. But, I found her research on confining a soul within a golem of straw intriguing.

Scarecrow Research: Dark Huntress

Kill the Dark Huntress in her tower in Mistmoore Castle at -230, +330. She's level 35, hits for 150, is slowable, and has approximately 4,000 hps. She respawns after approximately 2 hours. Loot a Water-Stained Ancient Tome, which identifies as "The text is mostly faded and smeared." It reads:

Such that ... When combined with ... into ... transmute ... this place will ... foreboding. This is why ... locate ... essence of ... Wisp are typically found ... in all my travels I was never able to find the ... debating ... since the first I laid eyes upon ... spirits are usually not pleased ... trapped ... once I was able ... somewhat of a nuisance ... nevermore ... in time ... Harbingers of ... and far sight ... golem of hay ... following instructions ... claw of ... components may be ... I suspect Miragul ... end this now ...

(most of the pages are smeared and illegible)

Scarecrow Research: Back to Erudin

Give the tome back to Sornita.

Sornita Eltern says 'Unbelievable, you located the larger body of work I had been searching for! The text is scribbled in old Teir`Dal, but many of the words have been smeared and blurred. In fact, there are deep claw marks on the bindings and surface of the tome. It looks like the current owner didn't care well for it. Hmm. . . This translation of it may be spotty, but I think I'll be able to convey the general meaning for you. Ah, here you are. A duplicate copy of the writings. I'll hold on to the original as it won't be of much use to you. Many thanks, ______!'

You receive a Translated Ancient Tome, which identifies as "Recipe to create a Jack-O-Lantern, or hay golem skull." It reads:

The manufacturing of a hay golem is not so complex, save for the creation of the most important part: the head. The process requires a precise set of ingredients, such that any exclusion or imitation of a crucial item can lead to disastrous results. When combined with care, the resulting head can simply be fitted into the frame of the hay golem with no need for spells or further transmutation.

For the husk, you must locate a fitting carved pumpkin. Such can often by found in Estates teeming with the undead. While this place will feel somewhat foreboding, there is no better place to harvest this item.

Next, seek out a supplemental shapely vegetation. The best bet is a dank and moist fungus filled region.

Thirdly on the list are stringy vines. The best vines I have found are located on the moon of Luclin in the mad mage's domain. This is why stealth is of the utmost importance.

Next, there is a need for several fragments of the unliving: The claw of an ancient dragon, long dead. Tattooed skin peeled from a zombie - I imagine there are many bloated sailors that would not miss a scrap of their flesh. Tears of those spirits that are long forgotten.

The final elements are the most important, and oddly enough, the most difficult to find. The basking glow of an orange flame, a living essence of a dancing mote of light. These wisps are typically found in swamplands. Also, the boiling liquid from the Mistress' laboratory.

Lastly, the reanimation formula. Unfortunately, in all my travels I was never able to find the source of this substance and all my attempts to duplicate it have been for naught. I have often debated whether the extra efforts required for this endeavor are worth my time. Since the first time I laid eyes upon a hay golem, I knew the knowledge of their creation would be mine ... someday.

Gather the Hay Golem Ingredients

A Frightful Carved Pumpkin may be found at the east end of the hedge maze in the Estate of Unrest, at +385, -205.

Shapely Vegetation spawns in multiple places in Fungus Grove: +275, -340; +460, -300; +560, +970; +570, -1065; +630, +1120; +865, +1290; +895, +1700; +925, +1670; -195, -15; -295, -410; -960, -1375; -1350, -2245; -1540, -1110; -2000, +2055 to name a few.

Stringy Vines spawn near a stack of hay in Grieg's End, at -55, +2900.

Find an Ancient Dragon Claw in the Dragon Necropolis at +925, +1020, under A Mercenary Excavator.

Tattooed Zombie Skin spawns in Hate's Fury near Ralo the Black, at +1340, +920.

Unnatural Orange Flame drops in the Swamp of No Hope from A Dancing Flame on the top platform near the windmill in the village, at -1340, -1495.

Vial of Boiling Acid spawns on an small stand on floor 6 of the Tower of Frozen Shadow, at +1125, -355.

Miragul's Reanimation Formula drops from various chests in Miragul's Menagerie in normal adventures if level 70 and hard adventures if below 70.

Cage of Transmutation spawns in Chardok, Halls of Betrayal (Chardok B) next to the firepit leading to Korucust, at -365, +185.

Tears of the Forgotten is obtained by traveling to the Plane of Justice. In Elder Teir`Dal:

You say, 'Hail, Zadyr Moralin'

Zadyr Moralin says, in Elder Teir'Dal, 'Hmm' He has an eager look upon his troubled face. 'By the Prince, have you come to [free] me from this place?'

You say, 'Free?'

Zadyr Moralin says, in Elder Teir'Dal, 'I must find a way out of this prison, my trial is approaching, so says the warden. Time is running out for me. There is little chance of reprieve, given my [experiments].'

You say, 'Experiments?'

Zadyr Moralin says, in Elder Teir'Dal, 'My people are fleeing, fleeing underground away from the traitor-elves. We are taking to the tunnels and to the caverns, where we can rebuild our strength, beneath the surface. The Prince will protect our people. My experiments were dire indeed, and yet in times of war one must take every opportunity one can get to defeat one's foe, as I am certain that you would agree. I experimented upon the souls of my [slaves].'

You say, 'What slaves?'

Zadyr Moralin says, in Elder Teir'Dal, 'My House always kept dwarves; they are sturdy, hard-working and durable. It has always been the law of our House never to abuse the slaves, however. The war with the traitors lasted so long, and I saw an opportunity to end it. My research into the binding of mortal souls, and to use that harnessed spiritual power for further incantations, had proceeded to the point at which I required actual living subjects upon which to perform my [rituals].'

You say, 'What rituals?'

Zadyr Moralin says, in Elder Teir'Dal, 'The ritual of binding requires over two whole days of preparation, and the separation and captivation of the subject's soul takes a further two days of rigorous effort. I succeeded, but the price was high. Upon three of my slaves did I perform the rituals, and thrice damned am I for it. I wielded the power of their life�s' energies with decisiveness. My [victories] were the stuff of legends.'

You say, 'What victories?'

Zadyr Moralin says, in Elder Teir'Dal, 'Against the traitor-elves, my new-found energies from the life-force of my three slaves' trapped souls provided me with the ability to lay waste to whole legions of our enemies. Yet in their foolishness, my peers of the Prince's Elves sought to stop me, and bring me to [justice].'

You say, 'Justice?'

Zadyr Moralin says, in Elder Teir'Dal, 'They took me in my sleep, and for my "crimes", I was banished here. Banished here like a criminal, rather than a savior of our species! Without my rituals, without my incantations, our people are doomed - they flee to the underworld and hide, like vermin. Even now, I sit here, accused, and were that not torment enough I am constantly reminded of my deeds by the souls of the three that I damned with me.'

Say "I remember" to A Forgotten Spirit to obtain the tears.

Combine the various ingredients in the Cage of Transmutation to craft a Jack-O-Lantern, which identifies as "a Jack-O-Lantern, or hay golem skull."

Turn in to Shakey

Head back to Rivervale and give the Jack-O-Lantern to Shakey Scarecrow.

You remove the dilapidated pumpkin from Shakey's wooden neck post and replace it with the new one. A haunting voice rings in your ears, 'Who has given me a voice once again? I can sense your presence but cannot see your form. Allow me but a moment to explain. I have been trapped in this golem of hay for many years. Ever since the horrible bloodbath in the forest I have been bound to this horrible fate, and I cannot find rest until the person responsible for my murder has been dealt with! Our fates are intertwined, you and I. We can both find peace if you listen to what I have to say. Find the blue orb. It yet retains its dark power. Go into the woods and seek out the one with a fragment.'

You receive 2 x Shakey's Dilapidated Noggin, which identifies as "The moldy orange vegetable has lost its glow." The noggin is used in the Guise of Horror quest for your scarecrow illusion item.

Speak With Yendar

Find Yendar Starpyre in the Steamfont Mountains at -1400, -275.

You say, 'Hail, Yendar Starpyre'

Yendar Starpyre says, 'Well, if it isn't ______. I trust you don't have any unsavory women tailing you again. There's nothing more unnerving than a humie lass armed with poisoned blades.' He shivers involuntarily. 'Still gives me nightmares to this day. But enough about that. I'm certain you didn't seek me out again for small talk. What can I help you with? Recovered any unusual artifacts lately?'

Yendar Starpyre nods, 'Actually, I've been meaning to speak with you about that. When I had time alone to study the Book of Souls, I discovered that there was a section with details on how to utilize the tainted souls. In particular, how to merge them with inanimate objects. Quite interesting light reading. Unfortunately, some of the most important pages had been torn out. I can't imagine who would do such a thing. If you ever come upon these pages, which wouldn't be unusual considering your talent for acquiring unusual artifacts, please allow me to translate them for you. I'd be most interested to find out how this story ends. Oh, and this time � watch your back and don't let any strangers follow you. My heart can't take another surprise from your admirers.'

You say, 'What of the blue orb?'

Yendar Starpyre says 'Ah yes, a blue orb composed of strange metal. My studies referred to an artifact such as that. I believe it was once in the hands of a gentleman called Laarthik K'Shin. And Laarthik, he was in the employ of someone or other, hmm. Forgive my poor memory.' His eyes widen suddenly, 'Oh! I do recall that the metal orb could be reforged over extreme heat if you were able to recover every missing piece. That by itself wouldn't be enough though, you'd need a binding element with the same aura. Furthermore, if you don't have all the pieces, melding a piece with several diamonds of bluish hue inside a forge may indicate where the remaining fragments are hidden. The orb wants to be whole again.'

When combining any of the parts of the orb with 3 x Blue Diamond in a forge, you get this message:

The piece of the metal orb fuses together with the blue diamonds under the intense heat of the forge. As it does, a flurry of images flash through your mind... A ranger and his bear side by side, stoic and unafraid, in a war-torn forest. A bitter tattooed woman with bluish skin wallowing in misery in a waterfront tavern. An endless barrage of crashing thunder and lightning illuminating a crimson brick ampitheater. Two halflings locked in a battle of wits using a checkered board. The images then fade from your mind.

You get the blue metal piece back.

Go into Kithicor Forest and find Kithicor at -555, +1960.

You say, 'Do you have the blue orb?'

Kithicor fishes a hemisphere of cerulean colored metal from his pocket. 'You must be referring to this? I recovered it from a charred spot of earth shortly after that fateful battle between the armies led by the Child of Hate and Tunare's Chosen. This abhorrent thing radiates evil and is an affront to nature. I must be rid of it, now. Take it! Please find a way to properly dispose of the hemisphere, ______. While you do not necessarily strike me as the trustworthy type, you do appear capable. I can only pray you make the correct choice.'

You receive a Hemisphere of Blue Metal, which identifies as "Radiates hatred and evil."

Dulak Harbor- Siska the Spurned

Pickpocket a Fragment of Blue Metal from Siska the Spurned in Dulak's Harbor at -725, -525. It identifies as "Radiates hatred and evil."

Torden, Bastion of Thunder- Brynju Thunderclap

Find Bits of Blue Metal as a ground spawn in Torden, Bastion of Thunder, as a ground spawn in the corner next to stairs leading up to Brynju Thunderclap (northeast tower), at -1180, +110. It identifies as "Radiates hatred and evil."

Plane of Mischief- Halflings at Chessboard

Head to the Plane of Mischief and find the two halflings at the Chessboard. Say "blue orb" to either of them to receive a Shard of Blue Metal, which identifies as "Radiates hatred and evil."

Kill the Undead Renux

Find Findleznax Grimblewimbus in Steamfont at -1130, -770.

You say, 'Hail, Findleznax Grimblewimbus'

Findleznax Grimblewimbus attempts, most unsuccessfully, to hide the shovel behind his back. 'I wasn't doing anything! You have to understand . . . This isn't what it looks like. It was a wonderful night for a stroll! Oh wait, you're not one of the authorities, are you? Phew. In my [line of work], you never can be too careful. Say. . . You look like you might be morally flexible. Why don't you lend old Findleznax a hand and keep a watch out while I dig. Something's buried here, I know it. I can SENSE it, and I'll be swizzle-swaggled if some other rotbag is going to get ahold of it before me. Whaddya say? Find it in your heart to [help me]?'

You say, 'What line of work?'

Findleznax Grimblewimbus says 'Self-employed treasure seeker. I relieve the dead of their valuables after they no longer need them. My efforts aren't appreciated in many places which requires me to practice discreetly. There are some that would call me 'gravedigger', but I don't particularly care for the connotations associated with that moniker. You know, it's funny. . . A Wayfarer trespasses in the hallowed crypts of Mistmoore, plunders their treasure and walks away a hero. I exhume a single fresh corpse and suddenly become a criminal - does that sound like justice to you?'

You say, 'I will help you.'

Findleznax Grimblewimbus thrusts his shovel into the dank earth and begins digging. For his size, he works fast.

If you're not at the right step in the quest, you see:

Findleznax Grimblewimbus stops digging and sits down to rest. 'Hmph, nay. There's nothing here after all. Sorry to have troubled you.'

If you've completed the prerequisites, instead he digs for a bit, then will spawn "a decomposing body."

The dirt shudders and a decomposing hand breaks the surface. 'By Bertoxxulous' bile, we've got a live one! Defend yourself!'

You say, 'Hail, a decomposing body'

You get some lore (dialogue needed). You find out that it's actually Renux back from the dead looking for Stanos. Simply answer "Yes" and Renux spawns in her place.

Renux Herkanor shudders, causing bits of mud to drip from her rotting face. Her voice wheezes out like a rotting accordian. 'Booooo. I am sure you did not expect to see me here . . . fate demands a rematch . . . you continue to taunt me. What can he possibly offer that makes you Behave like a lapdog? For the last time . . . will you tell me where to find Stanos?'

You say, 'Yes.'

Renux Herkanor rejoices, flames of anger dancing in her remaining eye. 'Hur hur . . . excellent. stanos shall meet his end, and soon. You, however, will not live another day.  Can't have you warning him, now can I?'

She attacks. She's level 70, quads for 1600, is not slowable, has around 500,000 hps, procs Clockwork Doom, which will DT you in 30 seconds (Remove Greater Curse counters it). Should be one-groupable.

Renux Herkanor's corpse groans, 'Urk. Tell Father I continue to wait for him in Hell. . .'

Loot a Festering Heart of Rage, which identifies as "Radiates hatred and evil." Combine the four pieces of blue metal with the heart in a forge to craft a Pulsating Blue Metal Sphere, which also identifies as "Radiates intense hatred and evil." You get the heart back as well (need confirmation).

The many pieces of the metal orb fuse together under the intense heat of the forge. As the orb absorbs the flames, it pulsates, beating like a living heart. The air around you becomes thick with tension and the world seam to bend inward in an unnatural way. A voice whispers in your ear 'Hhehehehheh!' You turn your head to find a small but sinister looking imp perched on your shoulder. 'The master would like the return of his belonging. You know not what you toy with.' The imp leaves his perch and flaps away, laughing maniacally as you lose sight of him.

South Ro (Formerly known as Oasis of Marr)

Go to South Ro and find A Wayward Kiraikuei.

You say, 'Hail, a wayward kiraikuei'

a wayward kiraikuei says 'I will scour this desert until the one with the orb arrives. Leave me to my wandering, weakling!'

Give it the Pulsating Blue Metal Sphere.

The sky crackles with electricity as ominous russet clouds gather overhead, forming a churning funnel above the tower. A feeling of pure hatred washes over you. Innoruuk's Realm is now available to you.

The realm is a 36-character instanced zone, and everyone in the raid must have the Gates of Discord expansion. You have 20 minutes to enter the zone, and it only lasts 60 minutes after zone-in. Enter through the spectre tower in the middle of the lake in the Oasis of Marr.

You have entered Innoruuk's Realm.
Innoruuk shouts, 'What? Once again I have been called away to the mortal realm!'
Innoruuk shouts, 'No. It is . . . someone else.'
Innoruuk shouts, 'Stay out of sight, and ignore any mortal fools that deign to trespass here. Remember, they are beneath us and not worthy of our attention.'

After clearing the 15-20 hate type mobs a level 70 Teir`Dal guardian spawns near a throne at the top of a set of stairs.

a Teir`Dal guardian scowls at you, ready to attack -- looks like quite a gamble.

You say, 'Hail, a Teir`Dal guardian'

The Teir`dal looks away, pretending not to notice you. However, beneath her facade of indifference you sense that she is suppressing unbridled anger. Perhaps you could taunt her into attacking by saying the right things. . .

Do NOT say "Stanos" or she will poof and you will need to get another Pulsating Blue Metal Sphere.

You say, 'Tunare'

an embodiment of hatred glares at you angrily, 'Keep using your tongue like that and I will do you the pleasure of removing it.'
an embodiment of hatred scowls at you, ready to attack -- looks like quite a gamble.

You say, 'Firiona'

a child of hatred says 'WHAT did you say!? You dare bring up the name of that tart in my presence?'
a child of hatred scowls at you, ready to attack -- looks like quite a gamble.

You say, 'Kithicor'

The Child of Hate says 'Never speak those words again.'
The Child of Hate scowls at you, ready to attack -- looks like quite a gamble.

You say, 'Laarthik'

Lanys T`Vyl says 'Innoruuk forgive me! I refuse to suffer these fool's arrogance any longer!'
Lanys T`Vyl says 'The finest Teir`dal male that has ever existed. You sully his name by even thinking it.'

She attacks. It flurries for 1k, is not slowable, has approximately 500k hps, procs an AE for 2k every 30 seconds with knockback/cancel magic and a 100dd every 30 seconds. Alternates between two emotes (insert emotes here), one of which makes her nearly immune to melee, and the other of which makes her nearly immune to spells. Loot a Stack of Pages, which identifies as "Torn from the Book of Souls," and the Soulstone of Lanys, which identifies as "Fragment of the soul of Lanys T`Vyl."

Back to Yendar

Head back to Yendar Starpyre and give him the Stack of Pages.

Yendar Starpyre says 'Splendid! The missing pages I had been looking for! Allow me a moment to sift through them.' He scans the texts line by line, flipping quickly from one sheet of parchment to another. Withdrawing a quill he quickly makes notes in the margins, then snatches your journal and copies the notes there. 'Yes, it is exactly as I had predicted. These texts detail the process by which an object can be imbued with a tortured soul. Unfortunately the focus is mostly on weaponry, which doesn't interest me in the slightest. Ah well. Appreciate the effort, ______. Perhaps it will come in handy for you. Farewell and good luck.'

Turn in Soulstone to Lirprin

Head back to Lirprin, Head of Affairs, and give him the Soulstone of Lanys.

Lirprin, Head of Affairs discusses the process with his assistant. She listens, nodding, then begins work immediately. She takes measurements of your hands and fashions the grip so that it's a perfect fit, then turns to the hot coals of the forge. She selects a brick of fine metal. Her back to you, Dandi hammers away at the metal, sparks flying in all directions. When the job is completed she hands you the blade, still warm. 'Best work I've ever done. I hope it serves you well. Unfortunately the metal I have to work with isn't the recommended 'Velixite'. Based on the description I used the closest thing we have. Also, without an example to work from I had to improvise on a few details that weren't fully described in your documentation.'

You also receive 5 AAs and access to your new epic title, (Needed).

Congratulations on your 'Fatestealer'!

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