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Rogue Epic 1.0 Ragebringer

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The Beginning

The Jagged Diamond Dagger

The quest starts out in the Qeynos Aqueducts. You must find Malka Rale at +380, -210. If she is not there, her placeholder is a courier. This courier does not need to be killed. It will despawn at 8 pm and then Malka will spawn at 10pm, game time. Talk to her and say I will help. She will get you Stanos' Pack.

Now travel to North Kaladim and find Founy Jestands at about +520, +307. He is a Rogue guildmaster at the bank (or close to). If he is not there wait until 10 am for him to respawn. Then pickpocket from him stained parchment top. He does not always have the piece so just wait another full day for him to despawn and then respawn again. If you are caught and he attacks you just run to the zone.

Now you need to get the bottom of the stained parchment. This is pickpocketed from Tani N'Mar in Neriak 3rd Gate at +650, -1300. Like Founy, she does not always have the piece and spawns at 10 am.

Now go to Highpass Hold. Go to the secret smugglers cave. To get there, jump into the water close to the inn with the deck. swim to +10, +325 and walk up the narrow passage. Find Stanos in the camp. If he is not there then you must make him spawn. You can do this two ways.

Give Anson McBale Stanos' Pack. Stand behind Anson so that you will not be standing on Stanos' spawn point. This is the easiest way to do it.

If you have high faction with Anson then you can tell him "I need to see Stanos." If you are able to do this then you do not need to find Malka Rale in the Qeynos Aqueducts.

If Anson isn't in the camp, then you must kill his placeholder which is a smuggler. Get a group of level 50+ and kill all the smugglers. They are fairly high and backstab very hard. This should cause Anson to spawn. Once Stanos has spawned, give him the two pieces of parchment and he will give you the combined parchment. 

Travel to Lake Rathe and locate Eldreth at +2600, -550. He is a random spawn. He may be there, it may take a couple hours, or it may take a couple real life days. Once you have found him. Turn in the Combined Parchment, 100 platinum, and 2 un-stacked bottles of milk. He will reward you with a scribbled note. You must have atleast indifferent faction when turning in the items. If your faction is lower than that then use the sneak technique when turning in the items.

This next part is very tedious and somewhat difficult. You have to go to Plane of Hate and find the Book of Souls. This books spawn time is 10 hours and is located -60, +320. This is on the night stand on the top floor of Maestro of Rancor's house. There are wandering mobs. You will want to do this with a bunch of friends because there are wandering mobs. If the book spawns and no one picks it up, wandering creatures will. To get people to come along and wait with you for 10 hours, try having a Maestro of Rancor raid or a Hate Raid. This way there will be people around you for a long time and you won't get killed by wandering NPCs.

Next, go to Steamfont Mountains and find Yendar Starpyre. He runs across the zone and is easily spotted because he is wearing an SMR. To stop him from running say "book". Give him the Scribbled Parchment and he will despawn. Wait for him to respawn again and then give him the Tattered Parchment and the Book of Souls. 

He will despawn and in his place will be Renux, a level 50 human rogue. She quad hits for 200 and can backstab for 200+. She casts clockwork poison which is a spinning stun spell. She does not attack pets. She can be feared and snared. Do not melee her if she is not feared. The best way to kill her is pet kiting. Have one melee class attack her as soon as she spawns. Make sure he and everyone else have SoW and the cleric/shaman needed buffs such as hitpoints and AC. Run around in circles. Have all pets attack her. Make sure they are equipped with weapons. The best kind are magician summoned. While the pets are attacking and the melee is kiting, have people casting fear on her. If she gets feared send all melee in on her and have all casters nuke. When fear breaks, all meleers except for the kiter must back away. She will die very quickly this way with not very many casualties. If the melee person dies, do not panic. Just have more melee people ready to kite her. To do this, you must have 3 or preferably more, necromancers that are 53+, 3 or preferably more, druids that are 57+, and lots and lots of pet casters. 

Loot from her the Jagged Diamond Dagger and Translated Parchment.

Go back to Highpass Hold and find Stanos. If he is not there use the method above. Give Stanos the Translated Parchment for a sealed box.

Go to Kithicor, which is one zone off of Highpass. Find the Dark Elf House at +800, +2400. Give the box to any of the night spawns, causing General V'Ghera to spawn. Take him to a safe spot in the zone, preferably a zone and kill him. He is a very hard level 60 being. He is equal or better than any god. He quad attacks for 275 quite quickly, has a 1500pt harm touch and casts soul devour. He can also summon mobs from the zone to assist him. He is weak to Wizard Lure Line, Poison Spells, Scent Line, and Fire Based Spells. He is extremely strong against magic based spells so do not use it, it will just waste mana.

Cazic Quill Sub Quest

This quest is a sub-quest of the Ragebringer Quest for Rogues. Note that you might get the Cazic Quill off of General V'Ghera in the final battle but it is a very rare drop. If he did drop it, disregard this quest. If you do not get it follow the quest below.

Find Vilinus the Small. He can be located in Western Karanas in the bandit camp (+340, -6700). Making him spawn will take some work. First, be sure all bandits are in the camp. You must kill and continue to kill the bandit which runs from the camp to the top of the hill until the "brigand" spawns. The "brigand" is an ultra-rare spawn. Leave the "brigand" alone, and at 11 p.m. game time Vilinus the Small will spawn in his place. Don't bother trying to make him spawn until you have the four robes he requires. Once you bring them back to him, he will reward you with Cazic's Quill. 

The first robe is Robe of the Kedge. This is dropped off of the Phinigel Autropos in Kedge Keep. The Robe of the Kedge is a very rare drop. You might have to do more than one raid to get it.

The second robe is Robe of the Ishva. This is dropped from the Ishva Mal in Splitpaw. He is a 36 hour spawn. Note that the Robe of the Ishva is not no drop and can be purchased for approximately 6,000-7,000 platinum.

The third robe is Shiny Metallic Robes. These robes are dropped off of the Ghoul Archmagus. He spawns in the Magi Room. The magus is a 30 minutes spawn and has a placeholder which is usually a Kor Ghoul Wizard or a Dar Ghoul Knight. The rare drop is a Shiny Metallic Robe. Note that the Shiny Metallic Robe is not no drop and can be purchased for approximately 7,000 platinum.

The fourth and final robe is the Robe of the Oracle. This is easily bought for 600 platinum from players but can also be found off of the Oracle who is directily straight forward from the docks on the Sister Isle in Ocean of Tears. He is a level 40 wizard, who has hardly any hitpoints. He also has a level 40 paladin guardian. Have a wizard or druid friend come along with you. Root the guardian out of healing range of the oracle and then kill the Oracle. Loot the Robe of the Oracle and then have the wizard teleport you guys out of there. This way you don't have to mess with the guardian.

Obtaining Ragebringer

Go back to Stanos in Highpass Hold and turn in the Jagged Diamond Dagger, Cazic's Quill, and the General's Pouch for the Ragebringer.

Congratulations on your 'Ragebringer'!

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