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Rogue Creation

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Rogues are the more shady class in the world of Norrath.  They have the skills necessary for survival in dangerous territory and the ability to pack a mean punch into whatever crosses their path.  But make no mistake; Rogues are an offensive class, not defensive.  If you force a rogue to tank for too long they will die, and die fast.

Rogues generally use piercing weapons for fast and deadly combat.  Another factor to this is because Rogues generally swing a lot, using heavier weapons such as swords will quickly drain their stamina.  In combat they also have the abilities to dual wield, double attack, parry, riposte and disarm.

They get the unique ability to backstab.  This skill can be used about every eight seconds, and can do massive amounts of damage.  The only trick is that the enemy must have their back turned to you, and because of the damage you dish out it can sometimes be hard to get it to attack someone else and give you an opening.  Thankfully Rogues do get some skills to help you do this.

In order to lower the taunt caused by their damage output, Rogues have the unique ability to reduce the monsters hate for them so that it attacks other targets.  This allows them to reposition themselves for further attacks, and also reduces the damage inflicted on them.  They are also able to instill fear against most enemies causing them to run away.  As the monster flees they can attack the enemy continuously from behind without the monster fighting back.  This helps a great deal in soloing or grouping, particularly if the mob has been snared and cannot move quickly.

Rogues can both hide and sneak simultaneously.  With these abilities they can slip past most creatures in the world undetected, which is another key benefit of the class. They are the only ones able to move past the prying eyes of living and undead beasts at the same time.  Not even caster classes can do this.  This makes them the ultimate class for scouting and corpse recovery.

Rogues also have the ability to poison their enemies.  The effects of these vary depending upon the type of poison which has been used.  This helps to add a little variety to the class, although the process of making poison is very difficult, and can get very expensive.  They also have the ability to pick locks and disable traps.  This skill is becoming more and more important in the newer areas of Norrath.

Rogues can also make a lot of money very quickly through the use of the pick pocket skill.  It is generally not considered good etiquette to use it when grouped since it takes money away from the other members of the party, but when playing alone can you make serious cash from this ability.

Rogues also get critical damage on thrown weapons, although this skill is not used enough to be a significant damage dealer.  They also receive some impressive disciplines after level 50.

There are some drawbacks to being a Rogue.  They have much lower hit points than the warrior, and since they cannot wear platemail, also have a much lower armor class.  This greatly reduces their ability to tank, and without a healer around or someone to take the blows, a Rogue can die very swiftly.  Because of this they are generally poor soloer, and forced to group.  Unlike Monks, Rogues get no skills to help them recover health faster, and their downtime is almost as long as a warriors if traveling alone.

Overall, Rogues are a fun class to play, but they are one which is certainly a challenge.  Able to dish out a lot of damage and perform skills no-one else can does however make them a welcome addition to any party, particularly at higher levels.  If you have the patience for this class, then you will certainly reap the rewards as you grow in power.


Strength: Strength determines how much you can carry.  It influences maximum and average damage and how quickly you learn many offensive skills.  For a Rogue, strength is the most fundamental statistic.  It increases the consistency of damage output, as well as helping the Rogue to improve their skills.  It also impacts on the damage done by backstabbing.  You should assign the majority of your bonus statistics here.

Stamina: Stamina affects how many hit points you have, and how long you can hold your breath.  It also affects how long you can swing weapons before tiring, and how often you can jump before becoming exhausted.  Whilst stamina is an important statistic, Rogues generally are forced to group after around level 20 in order to maintain exp efficiency.  As a result, one of the support classes can normally ensure they do not become fatigued during combat.  With the changes to the way hit points are calculated from 50 to 60, it is very worthwhile to invest some points in this area if you can at startup.

Agility: Agility affects how quickly you can learn some defensive skills, how difficult it is to hit you as well as how much damage you take when you are hit.  The true effect of Agility is often debated.  Whilst adding points to your Agility will increase your overall AC, it will not be a great deal unless you assigned the majority of your bonus points to this statistic.  This would mean a lower overall damage output since you have reduced your base strength, but would mean you had a chance of lasting slightly longer in combat.  It is certainly true that a high AC is something to be aimed for, but we recommend that the extra Agility is not worth the loss in Strength.  Agility is still a statistic very worthy of considering as for allocating your remaining bonus points.

Dexterity: Dexterity affects how quickly you learn weapon skills, and how often weapons will do their special attack.  This is another very important stat for Rogues.  Most Rogue classes already have an innately high dexterity.  Most high level weapons have special abilities which help to deal more damage during combat.  As a result of this a high dexterity is something which is always handy.  There are also a number of items and buffs in the game which help to increase your overall dexterity.  Putting bonus points into dexterity is a very viable choice.

Wisdom: Wisdom affects the amount of mana the priest classes have, also rangers and paladins.   Since most Rogue races have higher Wisdom than Intelligence they should look to buff this statistic when doing trade skills.  But it is not a statistic to invest your bonus points in.

Intelligence: Intelligence directly affects how quickly you can learn most skills.  It affects the amount of mana for bards and all pure casters, as well as shadow knights.  Like wisdom, intelligence is only useful for skill raising for Rogues.  Dark Elves, Gnomes and Half Elves should consider buffing this stat if they are doing trade skills.  It is not a statistic to increase with your bonus points however.

This affects amount you will be paid for goods by NPC merchants, and how much they will pay you.  This will impact upon the costs incurred when purchasing food, water, and bandages.  It is not a statistic to be concerned with during creation.

Choosing A Race

The first thing you have to pick then is your race. Which race you pick will determine the foundation of you character for the rest of your life in Norrath so it is kind of important you pick one you like. Most of the rogue races are quite well suited to the class, but there are some differences to note.

Wood Elves, Dark Elves and Gnomes all have low strength however which is a large hindrance to to the overall damage output of the class. Barbarians and Dwarves on the other hand have quite high strength which is a definite bonus.

Halflings level slightly faster than the other rogue races, whilst Barbarians level slightly slower. Barbarians do however get the ability to slam their enemies both interrupting casting and giving a short stun. They can also wear both large and medium armor, and use the large racing throwing weapons.

Barbarians and Humans are the only races with no night vision, however you can find items in the game which will remove this deficiency. You should also note that Dark Elves are generally hated through most cities of Norrath.

Vah Shir have high innate safe fall which is very useful for Rogues required to do corpse recoveries or walk in difficult terrain.

Base Statistics

Barbarian 103 95 92 80 70 60 55 30
Dark Elf 60 65 100 85 83 99 60 30
Dwarf 90 90 80 100 83 60 45 30
Gnome 60 70 95 95 67 98 60 30
Half Elf 70 70 100 95 60 75 75 30
Halfling 70 75 105 100 80 67 50 30
Human 75 75 85 85 75 75 75 30
Wood Elf 65 65 105 90 80 75 75 30
Vah Shir 90 75 100 80 70 65 65 30


Spending Your Bonus Points

In today’s EverQuest starting stats are not as crucial as they were in the beginning. We suggest maxing out your stamina stats first, and training the rest of your starting points in strength.


Generally speaking being agnostic is a fairly safe bet in EverQuest. Religion serves only to get you into trouble in many situations. The disadvantage to doing this is that some items and some quests can only be done by followers of certain religions. Following a religion will at worst get you killed in some areas, but generally you can avoid these. Following Innoruuk is probably the most dangerous religion as they have the most places in the game where they are Kill on Sight. In the end it will not make an enormous difference to your character which Deity you choose.

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