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Ranger Epic 2.0 Aurora, the Heartwood Blade

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Note: If you have the Heartwood Blade (epic 1.5):

Find a Wayfarer's Brotherhood Officer in Nedaria's Landing at +500, +1450.

You say, 'Hail, a Wayfarers Brotherhood officer'

A Wayfarers Brotherhood officer says, 'Hello. I can tell that you are a great hunter and tracker. I wanted to pass on to you some information, act on it as you will. A group of adventurers stopped in here a while ago. They said that they had information about a particular member of the Muramite army, some general or something, that had enslaved some elemental spirits. They went looking for him but haven't returned. I would appreciate any information you can find out about them. For now I am going to have to assume that they have all been killed.'

Find Siflu in Noble's Causeway.

Siflu spawns as you approach a bridge headed towards Slavedrive Menlo (exact location is..?). He is a fire elemental which you need to fight.

The Heartwood Blade thrums as you battle the flame spirit.

Siflu will become unaggro'd when low on health.

Siflu says 'Well, that was interesting! I guess you've broken their power over me. I suppose I should be grateful or something. I was having fun here, killing people without having to worry that it might be wrong. So what is it that you want from me? You're not going to yell at me for beating up [adventurers], are you? That wasn't my fault, I was forced to do that by the muramites.'

You say, 'What adventurers?'

Siflu says 'There have been plenty of those, that's for sure. If you mean recently, then, I suppose I know the group you're talking about. They were hunting us, just as I suspect you are. I was sent to kill anyone that might be on our trail. They gave me a loadstone that I could use to find them again. Here, you take it; I'm getting out of here while I still can.'

Receive Heated Loadstone [sic].

Head to the Wall of Slaughter and follow the left wall upon entering the zone to find a mangled muramite captain at approximately -1115, +40. It's probably a good idea to clear the area before triggering the spawn. If you have the Heated Loadstone on you, you will see an emote to the effect of "Your Heated Loadstone gets warm for a moment." The captain will spawn with 2 x Aged Ukun. (Fight info?) Kill the captain and loot the journal and spirit manacles. (Any chest? Name of chest if so?)

Journal Text:

We have learned a few things. These Muramites are definitely capturing people and making slaves out of them. So far they haven't caught too many of us since the Wayfarers opened the portal. Mostly they seem to have been taking elementals. Not sure why. Hopefully we'll have some real information to return to the Brotherhood officer when we're done here.

We're on their trail now. Rolf managed to get close enough to them to notice that they had a fire elemental with them. He says there are only four of them, the elemental, two flunkies and some sort of leader. He heard the two flunkies talking about how it would be when they were reinstated into the army, so it sounds like these are independents. Their leader appears to be permanently injured. Rolf says that they talked about his failure at a trial of some sort and how they would get a chance to earn another try if they brought the big cheese enough slaves. We shouldn't have any trouble taking them out; they appear to be failures on all levels.

Head back to Nedaria's Landing and hand the Traveler's Journal to the Wayfarers Brotherhood Officer.

You feel words forming in your mind. They come from the Heartwood Blade. 'I sense it now, the one that put Siflu under the control of that Muramite is the same one that destroyed my body. It is too powerful for me to defeat if we encounter it directly. You will need to create a device that can harness and control the power of the elements. This will be difficult because I do not know exactly what you need. I can describe their function. You will need a container. It must be open to the elements but still hold the items you will put inside. You will be able to use that loadstone to focus the power on the right target, since it was made by the one we seek. Those horrible manacles will also serve to contain the energy and focus it. Then you will need a powerful segment of each element. You can use Earthcaller and Swiftwind to represent the spirit of Earth and Air, but you will need such a thing for Fire and Water as well. Without this item I will not be able to free any spirit directly under his control.'

You must head to the Torgiran Mines and find a Crooked Cage. It seems to be a random drop. Confirmed to drop: A Delirious Miner, A Broken Skull Bruiser. It is a six-slot container.

You will now need to get Living Fragments of Fire and Water (dropped rarely off mephits in the Planes of Fire and Water).

Inside the Crooked Cage, combine the two fragments, your Earthcaller, your Swiftwind, the Heated Loadstone, and the Spirit Manacles (what is the combine without Epic 1.0's?).

Very Good. Now we must attune the cage to the specific element we wish to free. Your will need two items, one must protect from the element and the other must be able to absorb an incredible amount of that element. This is not a simple task. You must first discover the nature of the spirit that you wish to free and the find such items that will allow you to redirect its power. You must know that each spirit represents a specific area within their element and that is what you must focus on, not their element specifically. For example, Grinbik was an earth spirit, but his area of power was fertility. Senvial was a spirit of Water, but his power was in mist and fog.

Receive Spirit Cage, a two-slot container, and your Earthcaller and Swiftwind epics back.

Find Craftmaster Tieranu in Riftseeker's Sanctum (location information?). He hits for 2500 and single rampages. He also spawns several adds, the higher levels of which come with a 1500 AE.

Upon Tieranu's death, loot a Ring of Warmth. A chest (called what?) can spawn with additional loot.

Find Herrian Warfrost in the Wall of Slaughter in the tunnels leading to the Muramite Proving Grounds. He is not an easy encounter -- his AE Winter's Freeze goes off frequently for 1500, quads for 2700, hits fast, and procs a 10 second stun which will make holding aggro a difficult task. He is perma-rooted. He also spawns with 3 x "an excited builder." Kill him, and loot the Hoarfrost Wand. A chest (called what?) can spawn with additional loot.

In your Spirit Cage, combine the wand and the Ring of Warmth. This combine results in an Elemental Ice Spirit Cage, a one-slot container.

The Red Dogwood Treant speaks to you from within your sword. 'Well done. This should allow me to free a spirit with power over cold and ice. Now you need to find the power that binds the spirit and unleash it where that spirit is bound.'

You must obtain access to Citadel of Anguish. In there, kill Warden Hanvar to spawn an Orb of Discordant Energy, or kill Arch Magus Vangl, or kill Overlord Mata Muram, or finish Jelvan's ring event to spawn Jelvan`s Keepsake, inside which you will find the globe.

In the Citadel of Anguish, place the Globe of Discordant Energy inside the Elemental Ice Spirit Cage and hit combine. This produces (what exactly?). Oshimai Spirit of the High Air will spawn near you.

Oshimai Spirit of the High Air says, 'So you are the one that I have been sensing all this time. I had hoped that you would come to rescue me. I am Oshimai of the High Air. I owe you and your guardian spirit my thanks. I think I know how I can repay you. Give me the Heartwood Blade, the Globe of Discordant Energy and that device you used to free me.'

Give him the globe and the Heartwood Blade.

Oshimai Spirit of the High Air shouts 'Everyone present shall know of your deeds. Each of you take notice of this ranger that has freed me! Oshimai of the High Air thanks you, friend and those that have aided you!' Oshimai raises the blade to the level of his eyes. A cold wind stirs in the area. It gathers around him and then flows from him into the sword in his hands. When he hands the weapon back, it has an animate life in it, a power that you can see and sense. 'I have given your ally some of my strength. He, through this blade, will be better able to aid you in your work. Thank you.'

Receive 10 AAs, and more importantly: Aurora, the Heartwood Blade.

Congratulations on your 'Aurora, the Heartwood Blade'!

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