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Paladin Epic 1.0 Fiery Defender

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The Beginning

The Paladin Epic is a little more complicated than other classes because it was the first Epic to be put in game. In some ways it is easier than other classes, but it is fairly lengthy. You must first acquire a Soulfire, convert it into a Fiery Avenger, and then hand that in to receive the Fiery Defender.

SoulFire Quest

The quests starts in North Freeport in the Hall of Truth. Find Kalatrina Plossen, one of the Greatest Paladins in the Land. She is directly above the entrance on the second floor. Hail her and she will say:

"Hail! Welcome to the Hall of Truth. We, the Knights of Tunare, are the hope this city has of loosening the grip of Lucan D'lere and his militia. I seek a young knight to [serve the will of the Truthbringer.]

Respond: "I serve the will of the Truthbringer"

"Stand tall then, Knight! We have need of your service. We have sent a man to infiltrate the militia. We fear he may soon be found out. Take him this note of warning. Say the words, 'Truth is good,' and you shall find him. Be careful, young knight. The militia does not take prisoners."

Continue talking to her using the keywords to get her to continue speaking and you will learn of a spy in the Militia. He is in danger Kalatrina tells you and you have to take a note to him. He is located at the Freeport Militia House.

The Spy

Hurry over to the House. The spy is in the middle of the Militia House in the Courtyard on the first floor. Hail him and he will warn you of danger. Then give him the note from Kalatrina. The Militia will then jump him and kill him. Before he dies he gives you an old piece of burned parchment and yells for you to take it to Kalatrina. Run back to Kalatrina and give her the note.

The Note

Kalatrina is excited by the note you have been given. Do not give Kalatrina Plossen the Note. If you do, restart the Quest and get it again. This is where the Quest is counter-intuitive. If you give her the Note, she tells you Zimel was a great Blacksmith who knew the secret of enchanting blades and making superior weapons. This is a bug in the Quest. Do not give her the note and carry it with you. She sends you to talk to Rashinda Elore who is located at the Office of the People. Ask her , "Have you heard of Zimel's Blades?" and she will start giving tons of information. After lots of talk she suggests that you go ask Groflah Steadirt about him because Groflah was a friend of Zimel.

Groflah Steadirt

Go to Groflah's Forge and find Groflah. He is on the second floor. Ask him about Zimel. He doesn't really comfortable about talking about him. Then, give him the note that the spy gave to you. He will start mumbling how this could have survived the fire. Then he says to meet him at Seafarers and gives you the note back.

Finding More on Zimel

Go to the Seafarers and wait until about 1-3 am. He should then show up. Ask him about Zimel's Blades again and give him the note. He will go into a long story about how Zimel has disappeared and the Blade, Soulfire has been lost. Hand Groflah the Note and he attempts to decipher it. Groflah tells you that he thinks Sir Lucan D'Lere, Head of the Freeport Militia, and Pietro Zarn, Head of the ShadowKnight Guild in Freeport are in cahoots and searching for Soulfire as well.

Tykar Renlin

Now, look around Seafarers Roost for a beggar named Tykar. He says that he is thirsty so buy him a Drom's Champagne. Repeat this three times and then ask him again about Zimel. He will tell you that he saw Zimel thrown into a dungeon and locked up. He then gives you a blanket to give to Zimel because he feels sorry for him.


Go to the dungeon below the arena and search for "Zimel" who's NPC name shows up as "a prisoner". (Thought to be in Cell Number 4) After talking to him you can tell that he wants a blanket (which you have), bog juice (made from brewing), and edible goo (made from cooking and purchasable in bakeries.) Hand him the three items and you will get a key labeled "H.K. 102"

High Keep

Run to HighKeep and give the Bank Clerk the key. She thanks you and gives you a note to give to Brother Hayle who is being held prisoner in Splitpaw. Go to Splitpaw (zone in South Karanas) and find Brother Hayle. Give him the note from the Bank Clerk. He says he will give you the Soulfire if you get him the Hilt of Soulfire, the Brilliant Sword of Faith, your Testimony, and hand in this note which he just gave back to you.

The Hilt

The Hilt of SoulFire is being held by Xicotl, an evil Shadow Knight in Mistmoore. He is level 40 and drops the hilt every time. He spawns around the spa and throne room. His spawn is very random so just kill everything you see in hopes of finding him. His placeholder is a mistmoore guard.

The Sword

The Sword is found through a sub-quest. You have to first get a big group of people together. They should be level 40-60. Then go to the Freeport Militia and kill Sir Lucan (level 48). He and his friends put up a very good fight. You have to kill him twice, once the actual him and the other time his reincarnation. Loot the testimony from him and give it to Valeron in the Hall of Truth at Freeport. She will give you the Brilliant Sword of Faith. Note: People who help kill Sir Lucan will be KOS in Freeport forever more, make sure you let your friends know this so they can zone out near his death if necessary.

Your Testimony

To get your Testimony, first speak to Merko in the Hall of Truth. He'll give you a note to give to Altunic Jartin in East Commons. Wait in Altunic's house for him to appear, and give him the note. His house is near the last inn before West Commons. Walk outside, and fight Squire Narl. He should be extremely easy. After killing him and getting his head, go buy a cloth shirt from one of the merchants in the commons. Give the head to Altunic, then give him the shirt, to get a Token of Generosity.

Buy (Or fight for) a Spider Venom Sack, and return to Merko. Tell him you've earned the Token of Generosity, and he'll ask you for the sack. Give it to him, and get the Token of Bravery. Then hand in both tokens, one at a time, to get your final task. This is very important, you must move very quickly to the sewer, where the canoe is, and to the left is Guard Willia. If you hesitate at all, Willia will run away, and you will lose your chance.

After Hailing, Guard Willia will plead with you to not kill him/her, and will try to run away. The words [Freeport Militia] will appear in the paragraph, and if you try to say something, they will be long gone. The Guard is about 12th level or so, a little harder than a desert tarantula. After killing the Guard, you loot the body for a "Token of Truth". If Guard Willia runs away, he/she will say, "Thank you for letting me go. I promise to change my ways...Maybe!" The reward for turning in the Token of Truth is 3 gold and your testimony.

Getting the Soulfire

Hand in the Hilt, the Sword, your Testimony, and the Note to Brother Hayle in Splitpaw. Before doing this, you must have good enough faction with Brother Hayle (Ally faction required). In return you will receive the legendary SoulFire. If you forget to turn in the note the first time by itself alone in the Highkeep section, then when you turn in four item, you will get the note back. Hand in the note in Highkeep for Soulfire.

Ghoulbane Quest

First, head to West Karanas where you will find Ryshon Huntsi at -4200, -15000. Speak with him, and you will receive a note for Kanthuk Ogrebane. Kanthuk is in Butcherblock Mountains at 2200, 3000, north of the docks. Talk with Kanthuk and you will get a Pendant. Now, head over to the next zone, Dagnor's Cauldron and head to -1750, -950 (around the Unrest zone.) Here you will find Lara. Give her Kanthuk's Pendant and keep talking with her for a Note to Ruathey. Now, take the Note to Ruathey in Lavastorm. She is a barbarian woman at the zone to Nektulos. You will get a Nobleman's Bag.

The Killing

Now you will have to start killing some creatures. All these creatures at level 25-35, so if you are a level 50+ paladin just doing this quest for your final epic, it should be easy. The first mob is "a skeleton" in Najena. They spawn all over Najena, mainly near the pool area. From these you will need a Hilt of the Nobleman. 

Now go to Highkeep, where you will need to kill a goblin thief or crazed goblins. They spawn in the bottom goblin area. If there is already groups down there, you can just tell the zone you are looking to loot an "Amstaff Scroll" from one of them.

Now head to the Goblin Camp in Butcherblock at 1330, -1500 and kill a crazed goblins and a goblins for a Blade of Nobility. 

Your almost done! Your final target is killing crazed ghouls on the second floor to Unrest. You will need a "Ghoul's Heart" from these.

Now, combine the four items into your Nobleman's Bag and you will receive the Ghoulbane.

Fiery Avenger Quest

This quest starts in Plane of Air but it is advised that you get all the items needed before you go to the quest giver.

The first two items you will need are the Ghoulbane and the Soulfire.

The Ghoulbane is dropped from the Froglok Shin Lord. This froglok is located in Upper Guk. He is level 30 and can be killed with a well-balanced full group of high 20s. The Ghoulbane is a rare drop so you might have to kill him a few times before you get it. The Ghoulbane is also available VIA a quest listed above.

The Soulfire is gotten through the separate Zimel's Blade quest.

Now comes the hard part. You have to recreate the Book of Scale. There are two parts of the book, the torn, burnt book and the book of frost.

The "torn, burnt book" is dropped by Nagafen (Level 53 in Nagafen's Lair), Faydedar (Level 60 in Timorous Deep), Talendor (Level 60 in Skyfire Mountains), and Severilous (Level 60 in Emerald Jungle.)

The Book of Frost is dropped from Lady Vox (Level 53 in Permafrost), Faydedar (Level 60 in Timorous Deep), and Gorenaire (Level 60 in Dreadlands.)

Take the two parts of the Book of Scale to the bartender at Blind Fish Tavern in Neriak. You must have high enough faction to do this part of the quest. You can figure out that you have high enough faction when the bartender responds to your hails. Give the the two parts of the Book of Scale and 1000pp to the bartender and she will give you the Book of Scale.

There is also a second way to get the book! You still must retrieve the burn book and the book of frost from the dragons, but instead of having to get that Neriak Faction up, you can give the books plus 1000pp to the human NPC, Rineval Talyas in North Qeynos.

Now take the Book of Scale to the Oracle in Ocean of Tears. The oracle is located directly straight out from the docks at the Sister Isle. He and his guardian should be indifferent to you unless you have killed him many times. Give the Book of Scale to the Oracle and you will receive Miragul's Phylactery.

Take the Phylactery to the Everfrost Ice Caves. Here you will find the Lich of Miragul roaming around. He is level 45 and aggressive to everyone so have an enchanter come along to charm him. Once charmed (NOT mezzed, charmed), give the Lich the Phylactery. This will cause Miragul himself to spawn. Miragul is a very hard necromancer. It would be best to take as many people as you can. Around 3 groups of level 45-60 would be ideal. Get him to spawn and then attack him. It takes a while to kill him because of his 300-400 lifetap spell. It's better to be safe than sorry because he does despawn and if he does do that, you must do the entire Book of Scale part of the quest over again.

Miragul will drop Miragul's Head and Miragul's Robe. These items drop every time.

Now you have all four items needed. Take yourself and the items to Plane of Air and wait on the fourth island (the Pegasus Isle). Have a friend give Dirkog Steelhand, who is in the quest room, 500 platinum. This will cause Inte Akera to spawn.

Give Inte the Soulfire and he will give you your first Blessing of Nobility. Then give him the Ghoulbane for your second Blessing of Sacrifice, and then give him both blessings and Miragul's Head and Miragul's Robe for the Fiery Avenger. You must have good faction with Inte Akera who is a Deepwater Knight.

The Fiery Defender

The Paladin Epic Quest starts out in Erudin where you talk to Reklon Gnallen for the basic quest information. The quest giver is Fetid Fiend Irak Altil, found in Plane of Fear.

You say, "what are you mumbling about?"

Irak will explain that he was betrayed by a Corruptor of Thought and that he was stripped of his armor. You must return his breastplate, sword, and shield to him after cleansing them.

The Breastplate

The breastplate can be found off of the Thought Destroyer in Plane of Hate. This is a level 55 hag who spawn is triggered by randomly killing other creatures in Plane of Hate. The item is called the Tainted Dark Steel Breastplate. To cleanse this item you must complete a small sub-quest in Kaladim.

Locate Jark in the mines of Kaladim. Hail him and say "some."

''Huh? Oh, I struck me some silver. Aint gonna make me rich but it'll sure pay for me minin costs. Speakin of, that wife o` mine was supposed ta bring me food already. Hey, you, wanna go get me my dinner? I aint got nothing ta pay ya with but I sure would appreciate it.''

You say, "I will get you your dinner."

Jark says 'Har, I know you were a good sort. Nella has it. Shes out there somewhere in the lower areas. She likes to visit the temple so maybe shes there. Just tell er Jark sent ya and she'll prolly have everythin ready fer me.

Go to Nella Stonebraids in front of the temple next to the Pond of Crystal Water. Hail her and say "dinner."

Nella Stonebraids says 'Ach! I forgot me husbands dinner. Im so sorry. I was sendin my wishes ta Brell for health and long life. I was just floatin coins into the wishin pool. Usually its for children but things havent been so good lately. Here, please take this to him and tell him where I was.

Take the dinner that Nella gave you back to Jark. He will thank you and hand you the gem that he just dug up.

The Sword

The Sword is found off of Keeper of the Tombs, a level 51 creature in The Hole. The spawn time can be 7-10 days long so you will have to do a lot of waiting for this part unless you are lucky. The actual name of the sword is unknown but it should be something like Tainted Sword. The cleansing item for the sword is found from another tiny sub-quest. Find a "Peasant Woman" in West Freeport. Hail her and say "I will carry your buckets." She gives you a bucket to take to her brother, Joshua, who is in the bakery. Give the bucket to Joshua and he will give you a bucket of pure water.

The Shield

The Shield is loot from Kirak Vil, a level 55 guard in Nektulos. His spawn time is 7-10 days and takes many people to kill because he is absolutely resistant to all spells. You just need a lot of tanks and a lot of clerics. To cleanse this item, hand it to Elia the Pure in Felwithe and she will give you the Gleaming Crested Shield.

The End

Now take the Sword and the Pure Water and give them to Reklon Gnallen, a Paladin on the patio of the paladin guild in Erudin. He will give you the Gleaming Crested Sword. Give him the breastplate and the gem and he will give you the Gleaming Breastplate. Now give Reklon the Gleaming Crested Shield, the Gleaming Crested Sword, and the Gleaming Breastplate and he will give you "Mark of Atonement."

He will then say:

Reklon Gnallen says 'I never thought our order would see these artifacts again. With the return of these relics we can now put at ease a scar upon the history of our order. This cleansing will atone for his failure. Your soul must be pure to have given so freely of yourself. Go now, take this crested token of our order. If you wish to free his soul you must undertake another sacrifice.

You say, 'What sacrifice'

Reklon Gnallen says 'Only this crest and the sacrifice of something that symbolizes your strength and purity will release his spirit into the cleansing flames of our lady Quellious. Go now.'

The crest he speaks of is the Mark of Atonement he just gave you. The symbol of strength and purity is your Fiery Avenger. This is a whole separate quest that is recommended to be completed before you start this one.

Take the Mark of Atonement and Fiery Avenger to Irak in Plane of Fear. You will then receive the Fiery Defender.

Congratulations on your 'Fiery Defender'!

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