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Necromancer Epic 2.0 Deathwhisper

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Note: If you have the Soulwhisper (epic 1.5):

Find Whiahdi in Natimbi near the undead camp (/loc?).

You say, 'I wish to locate the paladin.'

Whiahdi says, 'I fear for you should you seek the staff, but I promised to help you. I can still hear the staff's dark whispers. It appears that the paladin wielding the staff has been killed and the staff returned to its master. The staff's master has broken the staff into three pieces. two of the pieces have been given to his most trusted minions, and the third piece, a globe of discordant energy, resides in a location known as Anguish, in the Realm of Discord. If you wish to somehow rebuild the staff you must find these three pieces. I can still hear the staff begging for its master. The staff tells me the only way the minions will appear is if a certain phrase is uttered at a place where the power of discord seeks to engulf all. The phrase is, 'Sanait Sanaiij Tsulum'. I don't know what it means or where this place of great discord is however. I'm sorry that's all the staff has told me. If you find all three staff pieces, return them to me along with Soulwhisper and I will see if I can reform the staff for you.'

In the Ruined City of Dranik, find a mob called Discord Fluctuation.

You say, 'Sanait Sanaiij Tsulum'

Discord Fluctuation implodes, blinding you with a bright flash of light, Three horrendous creatures now appear before you, and they don't look happy...

Arlagai the Defiler, Gornogg the Awful, and Rargari the Destroyer spawn, all red /cons to 70. They do not see through invisibility.

Arlagai the Defiler spellcasts, has relatively few HPs, hits for 1500, and gates. Kill Arlagai first to loot Staff Piece Number Two. A chest (called what?) with additional loot can spawn after you loot it.

Gornogg the Awful is a warrior, has a lot of HPs, and hits for 2000. Kill Gornogg second to loot Staff Piece Number Three.

The worst of the three, Rargari the Destroyer is either a rogue or a warrior, has a lot of HPs, hits for 3000, and procs Dark Inferno( decreases HP when cast by 2000 and decreases hitpoints by 300 per tick).

You don't have to kill him, as he drops nothing and it's not required for the quest.

You must now go to the Citadel of Anguish and kill Warden Hanvar. Upon his death, an orb of discordant energy may spawn which contains a globe of discordant energy.

Turn in the two staff pieces along with the 'Globe of Discordant Energy':

Whiahdi says 'It is against my better judgment to rebuild this staff, but I agreed to help you, if you helped me.'

Whiahdi takes the staff pieces from you and sets them down on the ground. She waves her ghostly hands over the pieces and they begin to glow. A bright, orange flame engulfs the pieces as they begin to join, forming the staff. A bone-chilling shriek fills your ears. You look down to see the staff fully formed. 'Take the staff and leave. I have done something that I should not have done this day.'

You receive 'Deathwhisper' and 10 AA, plus access to your epic 2.0 title, Grand Occultist.

Congratulations on your 'Deathwhisper'!

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