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Necromancer Epic 1.5 Soulwhisper

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If you have the Scythe of Shadowed Souls (epic 1.0) or have done the pre-quest:

If you have the Scythe of the Shadowed Soul or have done the pre-quest, Kazen Fecae may be found at +350, -1550 near Lake Rathetear.

You say, 'Hail, Kazen Fecae'

Kazen Fecae says 'It has been a while since we have talked. You have done well in obtaining your Scythe. The time has come however for you to perform another task for me. I do not wish to waste time, so in short, I want you to collect a most powerful staff for me. I only have a piece of it as the rest has mysteriously disappeared. I wish to research this staff piece but first I need some special research tools. Take this note and travel to Steamfont. Find a gnome named Biddliss Sperandu and give him the note. When you obtain the research tools hand them to me.'

You receive a Note to Biddliss (if you did the pre-quest, you already have the note). Travel to +175, -1375 in Steamfont.

You say, 'Hail, Biddliss Sperandu'

Biddliss Sperandu says 'Go away before I sic the clockworks on ya!'

Give him the note.

Biddliss Sperandu says 'Kazen wants some research tools? That is fine. I want something from you first, however. Bring me four gleaming zraxthil ores and combine them in this satchel. Why do I want them? Why do you care? Bring them to me or you don't get your tools. Now scram!'

You receive a Gleaming Ore Satchel, a 4-slot container. Gleaming Zraxthril Ores may be found as drops in Torgiran Mines. Combine four in the satchel to craft a Sealed Ore Satchel. Bring this back to Biddliss.

Biddliss Sperandu says 'So you're not totally useless after all. Maybe there is a reason Kazen hasn't destroyed you yet. Take these tools and give my warmest regards to Master Kazen.'

Biddliss Sperandu despawns (respawn time needed). You receive Biddliss's Research Tools. Take these back to Kazen Fecae.

Kazen Fecae takes the tools from you. He opens the case and pulls out a small magnifying glass. It seems to faintly glow as he passes it over the surface of the staff piece. 'There appears to be a small rune etched in the wood.' Kazen takes out a piece of parchment and draws a picture of the rune. 'I am not familiar with this rune. Take this drawing of the rune to Ruandia in the Plane of Knowledge. She is an expert on runes and should know what it means. From here on out I will want you to handle the research of this staff through my assistant Tebarin in the Plane of Knowledge. I am busy and do not wish to be disturbed further. Tebarin will communicate to me any progress you have made with helping to recover the staff.'

You receive a Drawing of Rune. Take it to Ruandia in the Plane of Knowledge at +440, +155.

Ruandia takes the drawing from you and studies it for a moment. Her face turns pale as a look of fear overcomes her. 'You must stop your quest for whatever this rune deals with. It will only lead to your demise. This rune has many meanings; the main meaning essentially being 'discord'. I am hesitant to tell you more about it, but I am sure Kazen would not be pleased.' Ruandia writes some directions onto the drawing. 'I am not responsible for the outcome of your quest. Keep that in mind.'

You receive Ruandia's Instructions. Take them to Tebarin in the necromancers guild at -805, +1065.

Tebarin says 'Kazen informed me that you would be coming. Ruandia deciphered the rune for you? Good. That witch better be accurate or Kazen will have her head. I need you to find two balls of elemental clay and combine them in this box. Return them to me when you have them.'

You receive an Intricately Carved Box, a 4-slot container. Balls of Elemental Clay have been reported as dropping in the Ruins of Old Paineel (The Hole) and Vegarlson, the Earthen Badlands. Combine two in the box to craft a Sealed Intricately Carved Box. Give this to Tebarin.

Tebarin takes the clay from you and combines them into a large ball. He then flattens it out into a thin sheet and carefully carves a likeness of the rune into the clay sheet with a sharp stick. 'The directions say we will require an ancient tome of lost lore. I believe you can find one somewhere in The Hole. When you find the tome, combine it in the intricately carved box with the oil and then hand it to me. The oil will protect the tome for the ritual ahead.'

You receive the Intricately Carved Box again and some Strange Smelling Oil. The Ancient Tome of Lost Lore drops from An Old Gargoyle in the Ruins of Old Paineel (The Hole). Combine the tome and the oil in the box to craft A Protected Tome. Bring it back to Tebarin.

Tebarin presses the sheet of clay into the tome and closes it. A red glow begins to engulf the tome. Tebarin opens the tome and you can see words slowly start to appear on the pages as if a ghost were writing on the pages. Tebarin studies the words within for several minutes. 'There is an explanation of the history of the staff. I have decided that our best bet of obtaining the staff is for me to attempt to summon it from its home plane of existence. I would advise you to prepare for the worst. This could end up being very dangerous. Hold the tome for a moment and try to attune yourself to its magics. Hand it to me when you are ready for me to begin the summoning.'

You receive a Brightly Glowing Tome. When you are ready, give it back.

Tebarin holds up the book with both hands and begins to chant. After several minutes, a sudden flash blinds you. When you regain your vision a few seconds later, you are amazed to see the staff floating in the air before you. Before you or Tebarin are able to take the staff as your own, a booming voice echoes throughout the room, 'All who seek my staff will be destroyed!' An explosion of bright magic stuns you as a magical portal opens. Five heavily armored paladins step through the portal and grab the staff. 'Not if we destroy the staff first!' one of the paladins shouts. The paladins rush back into the portal with the staff. Tebarin tries to follow them into the portal but it disappears. 'This cannot be!' cries Tebarin. 'We must ensure this tome does not also fall into the hands of the paladins. The tome is our only hope of recovering the staff before the paladins destroy it. We must build a [special box] that will protect the tome. Take this rune-covered insert. You will use it to construct the box.'

You receive a Rune Covered Insert.

You say, 'What special box?'

Tebarin says 'I must have a box made to protect the tome from these thieves! In addition to the rune-covered insert I have given you, you will also need one piece of gnarled wood, and one elaborate hinge. Find those items and combine them in a forge to make the box. If you fail, Kazen and I will not be pleased. Now go!'

The Gnarled Wood drops from a gnarled treant in the Plane of Nightmare. The Elaborate Hinge is an uncommon drop from the uncommon A Scrap Collector in the Plane of Innovation. Combine the Gnarled Wood, Elaborate Hinge, and Rune Covered Insert in a forge to craft a Glowing Box of Protection. The combine is trivial between 180 and 230, but you must have Blacksmithing skill >= 100 to attempt it. If you fail, you get the insert back. Give the Glowing Box of Protection to Tebarin in the Plane of Knowledge.

Tebarin says 'This should do nicely. At least I hope so, for your sake. Now that the box is secure, I want revenge on the paladins who took the staff! Find all four of the paladins and take their heads! Once you have their heads, combine them in this sack and hand it to me. I will make sure they are reanimated and suffer for many, many years for what they have done. Now leave me. I must ponder the turn of events that have taken place here.'

(Note: If Tebarin asks for "five" paladin heads, it is a bug in the text. Only four are needed.)

You receive a Paladin Headhunting Satchel. Go to each of the four Karana zones and bring a tracker. All four of the paladins (Sir Arlindo Goldheart, Sir Gerwin Thunderblade, Sir Telian Mottsworth, and Sir Gregon Sulltor) are level 70, very magic-resistant (tash or malo will help greatly). They are snarable and do not summon. However, kiting is difficult because they have a single-target stun and single-target mana tap. They can triple-hit for 1600 a pop, and will flee at low health. Loot their heads: Sir Arlindo's Head, Sir Gerwin's Head, Sir Telian's Head, and Sir Gregon's Head. Combine the heads in the satchel to craft a Full Paladin Headhunting Satchel. Give this to Tebarin.

Tebarin says, 'Your donation will please my masters greatly. I have a special reanimation spell reserved just for these do-gooders. Now you are to travel to Natimbi and find the paladin who has the staff. You might want to talk to the dead you come across as they often have valuable information. Take this orb to help enhance your natural abilities to communicate with the dead.'

You receive an Orb of Deathspeaking.

Head to Natimbi and find Whiahdi near the undead camp, at +385, -935. She will ignore you unless you have the Orb of Deathspeaking.

You say, 'Hail, Whiahdi'

Whiahdi says 'You speak to the dead? Not many have that talent. What is it you want from me, mortal?'

You say, 'I want the staff.'

Whiahdi says 'Yes. I did see a paladin with a staff. Before I give you any more information however. I wish for you to perform a task for me. I need you to travel to Barindu and find my most precious possessions from when I was once alive. A muramite in Barindu killed me and took all I owned. If you can get my earthly possessions back, I will help you in regards to the location of the paladin. Find my brother, Taiandao in Barindu. He is still among the living, but is a slave of the vile muramites. Ask him if he knows of the muramite that killed me.'

Bring a solid group to Barindu. Taiandao is found at +350, -130, inside a hut in the northwest part of the zone, directly north of the Ferubi zoneline.

You say, 'Hail, Taiandao'

(Intermediate dialogue needed.)

You say, 'What muramite killed Whiahdi?'

Taiandao says 'Yes I know the one who took her life. His name is Viarglug. I hate him with every fiber of my being. If you kill him, I will forever be in debt to you. He should be somewhere nearby making life miserable for a slave.'

Viarglug spawns at -310, -35 in a cornfield near a tower northeast of the Ferubi zoneline. He is KoS but will not attack unless attacked or hailed. He has a mana drain/DoT AE that will overwrite Lich and KEI/VoQ. Once he's dead, loot Whiahdi's Earthly Possessions. A chest (called what?) can spawn with additional loot. Give Whiahdi's Earthly Possessions back to her (what happens if you go back to Taiandao?).

Whiahdi says 'You found my possessions! I am most greatful. The paladin you seek did walk by here some time ago. I believe he was on his way to Qinimi. He had a curious staff with him that seemed to whisper dark tidings. That staf seemed to have a very evil presence about it. I would advise you to let the paladin destroy it. I have in my possession another staff of great [power]. I can tell you about if you give up your quest for the paladin and the dark staff. However if you with to [locate the paladin] I will help you since you did help me.'

You say, 'What power?'

Whiahdi says 'I have come to know many spirits from other realms. they speak of a being known as Tarlang who resides in the Realm of Discord in a area known as the Nobles Causeway. He has wronged many of my kin and I wish to see him pay for what he has done. If you bring me his head. I will reward you with a weapon of great power. He believes himself to be indestructible, but he is not. In fact I think you have what it takes to destroy him.'

Head to Nobles Causeway to find Tarlang, along the left path at the end of the tunnel. He is a blue /con. If you have completed the previous steps, hailing him will cause him to respawn as a red /con (to level 70). The red-con can quad for 3200, can rampage, and has an AE melee/casting slow and DoT. This definitely requires a few groups, but probably not a full raid (depending on your gear, of course). He will AE immediately when you hail him.

He stays up for 25 minutes after being hailed. If you fail to kill him or he despawns, you must go back to Whiahdi and say "What power" again, or else Tarlang will ignore you while in the blue-con form.

Once he's dead, loot Tarlang's Head. A chest can spawn with additional loot. Bring the head back to Whiahdi.

Whiahdi says, 'Take this weapon for helping me. I regret giving away a weapon of such power, but having it near me was most unsettling. Do not ask how I obtained it.'

You receive Soulwhisper, a.k.a. necromancer epic 1.5. You also receive a new title, "Deathspeaker," and 5 AAs.

Congratulations on your 'Soulwhisper'!

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