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Necromancer Epic 1.0 Scythe of Shadowed Souls

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The Beginning

Go to Lake Rathetear and find Kazen Facae at location 340 -1600.

Say, 'I wish to study the dark arts'

Kazen Fecae looks you up and down, his eyes glowing with a soft red light. After a moment he begins to speak though his lips do not move. 'You wish to study under me? Perhaps, if you prove yourself to follow the twisted path. If you prove to be as coldhearted as I then I will let you become my servant.'

Ask, 'how can I prove myself'

Kazen Fecae says 'The wandering 'knight' Sir Edwin Motte recently slew one of my lesser servants. This foolish knave travels from town to town pretending to be 'good.' Separate his head from his body and return it to me so I may work my magics upon it. This fool will become another plaything for me, even in death.

Symbol of the Apprentice

Sir Edwin Motte is a level 33 paladin. He is found in 4 places throughout Norrath. The first place is at the Docks in East Freeport. He spawns fairly frequently in the inn. He is easiest to catch here. He is part of a rotation with Tumpy, Groflah, and a barbarian in leather. Just kill these guys if they are there and wait for Edwin to spawn. Once he has spawned, kill him too. He is only level 33 and should be easy to dispose of.

Bring the head back to Kazen for the Symbol of the Apprentice.

Kazen Fecae says 'Excellent!' You watch Kazen hold the head by the hair and begin to cast a spell. A flash of darkness centers around the head and the eyes of the dead knight open, a terrible scream emanating from its lips. 'This poor fool here - I think I will keep him in my bag from now on. You have done well, my new apprentice. Take this symbol and know that you can do other tasks to advance within my apprentice ranks.'

Ask, 'How can I advance?'

Kazen Fecae says 'I share great secrets with my more powerful servants who show me they are willing to serve without question. Tell my servant the name of any symbol he gives you and he will instruct you. If I give you a symbol, speak its name to me so I may instruct you.

You say, 'What about a symbol of the apprentice?'

Kazen Fecae says 'You have a long way to go before I teach you the true secrets of life and death. Visit Venenzi Oberendi in the Nektulos forest and show her the symbol. She is collecting reagents for one of my experiments and is taking far too long. I do not wish her dead, yet. I simply need the reagents soon. Retrieve the reagents and give them to my assistant Emkel Kabae. I do not wish to handle them myself.

The Task

Venenzi Oberzendi is in Nektulos Forest at location -1000, -700. Give her the Symbol of the Apprentice.

Venenzi Oberzendi says 'I see you serve my master as well now. I assume you are here to take the reagents from me which I have gathered for him? I don't know if I like the idea of you gaining the credit for my hard work here. I might consider giving you these reagents, if only you do a small [task] for me.

Ask, 'What task?'

Venenzi Oberzendi looks down at her robes and back at you. 'There is a certain dark elf magician who has decided to wear the same fashion as I have on several occasions. I do not wish to attend another social gathering in Neriak and look exactly the same as another woman. Slay her and bring me her robe and I will give you my hard earned reagents.

You need to kill Najena in her dungeon to acquire the FBR. It is a fairly common drop. Alternatively you can try to simple buy one from the auction zone on your server. Take a Flowing Black Robe back to Venenzi for some moss.


Go back to Lake Rathe and find Emkel, Fazen's Apprentice. He is by the stone skeleton tower. Give him the Twisted Symbol of the Apprentice and the moss you got from Venenzi for the Symbol of the Serpent.

Ask, 'what about the twisted symbol of the apprentice'

Emkel Kabae says 'Very good, Seorn , you have done as the master asked yet again, take this as a reward.' Emkel reaches into his robes and pulls out a small symbol. He holds it out and the tiny symbol floats to your hand.

Ask, 'What is the symbol of the serpent'

Emkel Kabae says 'There are more reagents to be gathered. The time draws near for our master's ascension. Travel to the lands of Kunark and seek out Ssessthrass. He is a very wise Iksar herbalist helping me in my endeavor to please Master Kazen. Be careful not to insult his speech, or you may end up dead before you serve your purpose to the master. Be sure to show him the symbol as proof or he may consider you dinner.


You will need to take this Symbol to Ssessthrass, a named iksar in Swamp of No Hope. He is at location 3800, 1600 which is in a house in the pass to go to Field of Bone. 

Give him the Symbol of the Serpent.

Ssessthrass says 'Sssso, Emkel ssssent you to retrieve the manisi herb? I do not have the herb. The ssssarnak guard the herb. Apparently it is ssssacred to them. Only memberssss of their royal family are allowed to partake of it. They live deep in Chardok. They are hoarding what little of the precious herb there is. If you have an army, perhapssss you can bring me the herb and I can prepare it for Emkel. Bring back this ssssymbol as well.

He will give you Scaled Symbol of the Serpent.

Manisi Herb

Next, head to Chardok with 1-2 groups of level 54+. The herb you need drops from Grand Herbalist Mak'ha, located in the Herb House in the mines of Chardok. The Herb House is located North of the Chardok Bank, behind a waterfall and small stream. Alternately, it can be reached from the Bridge Keeper or the 'Ledge path' as you descend into the mines.

'A Dizok Herbalist' is the placeholder for the Grand Herbalist, and always spawns in the Herb House, guarded by many Chokidai and Apprentice Herbalists. The Grand Herbalist does not drop the Mansi Herb every time. It's his uncommon, possibly rare, drop.

Go back to Ssessthrass and give him the Manisi Herb and the Scaled Symbol of the Serpent for your Refined Manisi herb. Now go back to Emkel and give him the Refined Manisi Herb. You will get the Symbol of Testing.

Take the Symbol of Testing and give it to Kazen. Immediately after, three mobs will spawn close by to the east of Emkel on a little inlet. You can kill them with two groups of 50+. You will need a few good clerics and tanks and they shouldn't cause any trouble. The three mobs are Bone Golem, Failed Apprentice, and Tormented Spirit. The Bone Golem and the Tormented Spirit were both level 55 and the Failed Apprentice was blue to a 53. The three mobs spawn one after another right after the previous one dies (in the order listed above). The Tormented Spirit drops the Symbol of Insanity.

Loot the Symbol of Insanity and take it to Drendico Metalbones in Timorous Deep. He is at the docks that take you to the Overthere. If you turn right from the docks and climb onto a stoney hill, you will see this little gnome wandering around 6485, 3829. In return for the Symbol he will give you his journal and asks you to return to him, Eye of Innoruuk, Blood of Cazic-Thule, and Cloak of Spiroc Feathers.


To get the Cloak of Spiroc Feathers you will need to speak with Jzil Gsix in the Plane of Sky Quest Room. He asks for you to bring him a Silver Disc, Spiroc Feathers, and a Black Silk Cape. The Silver Disc is most commonly dropped off of Azeracks on the second isle. The Spiroc Feathers are dropped from the Watchful Guardian on the 3rd Isle. They are level 53-55. The final item, Black Silk Cape, is dropped by the boss of the fourth island, Keeper of Souls. He is a level 60 mob that death touches every 30 seconds. He can quad hit for 400 which is a real nuisance. Bring along many of your friends to kill him. The cape frequently. Finally, take the three items to Jzil and he will give you the Cloak of Spiroc Feathers.

The Eye of Innoruuk drops from Innoruuk in Plane of Hate. It also drops off the mini-bosses. This includes the Maestro of Rancor, a Ashenbone Drake, Magi P' Tasa, and the Master of Spite. 

The Blood of Cazic-Thule is dropped off of one of the iron guardians guarding Cazic's temple in Plane of Fear. They are level 60 and said to be the second hardest creatures in Plane of Fear.

Take all three items plus the journal back to Drendico. He will give you a Prepared Reagents Box.

The End

Go back to Kazen and give him the Prepared Reagents Box for Tome of Instruction. Next you have to get Gkzzallk to spawn on the Gorgalosk Isle. Do this by giving a Thunder Spirit Princess 3 platinum and then go to the 3rd island. Give the Tome of Instruction to Gkzzallk. He will give you Gkzzallk in a Bottle.

Take the Bottle back to Kazen.

Congratulations on your 'Scythe of Shadowed Souls'!

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