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Necromancer Creation

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The Necromancer is one of the most powerful classes in EverQuest. They are rivaled only by druids in ability to solo, and in a group have a number of features which make them a very friendly addition.

The primary damage dealer of the Necromancer class is their pet. Necromancer pets have the ability to dual wield, and at high levels can do serious damage. They have fairly decent hit points, and Necromancers possess a number of different ways to both heal their pet, and increase its damage output. They also have the ability to charm undead NPC's to be their pets should they not wish to conjure one of their own.

Necromancers have a formidable array of damage over time spells (DOT's), a number of which can be stacked for cumulative damage. They also possess almost irresistible lifetap spells which not only damage their enemy, but heal them as well. 

They are the masters of reverse kiting, able to slow and fear mobs, whilst their pet attacks it, and their DOT's eat away at its life. It is this ability which gives them such incredible solo power.

Necromancers have an innate ability to increase their mana regeneration through their use of skeleton forms, however they must heal themselves periodically to do this as the process converts their hit points into mental energy.

In groups Necromancers can heal others, give mana to characters, and at higher levels summon corpses and resurrect people. They have the longest duration levitate spell in the game, and the best buff for resistance to poison. They also have the ability to be invulnerable for short durations and to feign death, and this can save a lot of lost experience.

The downside to Necromancers is that they are almost universally hated within Norrath. They are generally forced to purchase things from their home town, and even then some vendors will not deal with them. Also they have a fairly difficult research list. Some of their components are quite hard to find and doing the Concordance Quests to raise skill is a viable alternative if you can spare the time. They have only a very small number of true direct damage spells, having to rely more so on the higher mana costs of lifetaps during many levels of their characters life. Although they do have a number powerful spells for combating undead creatures.

The Necromancer is a very powerful class, and one which can be leveled quickly due to their superior soloing abilities. They are best suited to outdoor zones for this, but they can also function very well with a group in dungeons. They can be a frustrating class to play at times due to NPC factions within the game, but a lot of these can be overcome very quickly. They are by far one of the more popular class choices, and with good reason.


Strength: Strength determines how much you can carry. It influences maximum and average damage and how quickly you learn many offensive skills. Necromancers do not to be worried too much about strength except at lower levels where they can do with the melee boost. Carrying capacity is an issue since they often have to travel lengthy distances to bank or trade. It is a stat worth considering for your secondary bonus points.

Stamina: Stamina affects how many hit points you have, and how long you can hold your breath. It also affects how long you can jump before becoming exhausted. The main boon to stamina for a Necromancer is the extra hit points. However, the amount of extra hit points received is minimal, and generally it isn't worth putting your bonus points into this stat at creation.

Agility: Agility affects how quickly you can learn some defensive skills, how difficult it is to hit you as well as how much damage you take when you are hit. The true effect of Agility is often debated. Many feel that it doesn't make enough difference to worry about. Even though Necromancers generally force their pets to tank when soloing, a good AC is always something to work towards and putting some bonus points into this statistic is certainly not going to hurt.

Dexterity: Dexterity affects how quickly you learn weapon skills, and how often weapons will do their special. This really only has any relevance to Necromancers at lower levels when they are forced to melee. You should not put points into this skill at creation.

Wisdom: Wisdom affects the amount of mana the priest classes have, also rangers and paladins. It also affects how quickly you can learn many skills if your wisdom is higher than your Intelligence. This skill has absolutely no relevance for the Necromancer class and bonus points should not be put into it.

Intelligence: Intelligence directly affects how quickly you can learn most skills. It affects the amount of mana for bards and all pure casters, as well as shadow knights. It is the core statistic for Necromancers and a good amount of your bonus points should be allocated here. Whilst some people may say it is easy to reach the soft cap of 200 intelligence through the many bonus items in the game, this is one stat which you can never have enough of. Once you reach 200 intelligence you can then free up slots for other stat enhancers such as for hit points, direct mana, AC, or charisma.

Charisma: This affects amount you will be paid for goods by NPC merchants, and how much they will pay you. It also affects the saving throw on certain Necromancer spells (charms specifically). There is much debate over the true importance of Charisma. It seems that the truly defining element which impacts on charm durations is actually the targets Magic Resistance. Some people claim that it makes a large difference. Studies run at Casters Realm have been inconclusive, so you may choose to say "better safe than sorry" and add some points at creation. Keep in mind though that all Necromancers start with low charisma, and even adding a few bonus points will not be making much difference.

Choosing A Race

The first thing you have to pick then is your race. Which race you pick will determine the foundation of you character for the rest of your life in Norrath so it is kind of important you pick one you like. Now in terms of faction, Necromancers are generally hated everywhere, so there is no huge difference in the races in that aspect. 

The Iksar necromancers level slower than the other races, but they have a health recovery bonus which assists when in skeleton form regaining mana, and the ability to forage for food. They also have a built in AC bonus. 

You should also keep in mind that Erudite Necromancers have a number of quests available to them that no other race can do.

Base Statistics

Dark Elf 60 65 85 90 83 109 60 30
Erudite 60 70 80 70 83 117 70 30
Gnome 60 70 95 85 67 108 60 30
Human 75 75 85 75 75 85 75 30
Iksar 70 70 95 90 80 85 55 30


Spending Your Bonus Points

In today’s EverQuest starting stats are not as crucial as they were in the beginning. We suggest maxing out your stamina stats first, and training the rest of your starting points in intellegence.


Religion is not of a huge concern to Necromancers as they are already hated.  Most choose to worship Innoruuk the Prince of Hate, as it ties in well their role.  The other choice is Bertoxxulous.  Necromancers cannot be agnostic, as their dark powers are directly linked to their worship of the dead.

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