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Monk Epic 1.5 Fistwraps of Celestial Discipline

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If you have the Celestial Fists (epic 1.0) or have done the pre-quest:

"a fallen student" may be found in Lake Rathetear at +1350, +2075.

You say, 'Hail, a fallen student'

As you look at this individual, you can tell he has something bothering him greatly. The fallen student says, 'Eh? There is nothing I can help you with. I have nothing for myself anymore. . .except these [cursed dreams].'

You say, 'What cursed dreams?'

a fallen student says 'I pray that they stay locked within my mind for the world as we know it would be changed forever. In my dreams I see sand as red as blood and skies scorched from war. It is a terrible [vision].'

You say, 'What vision?'

a fallen student says 'I have seen visions of a dark foe gaining new strength in a plane unknown to me. It grows stronger with every passing minute. It gathers those that stand for chaos and disorder and is sending them out to search for the ultimate power of the Immortals, but it cannot be real. History reveals that he has been defeated. I see this same dream every night. It haunts me greatly. This dream seems too real, however, to not have some truth to it. If only I knew if this was the gift of foresight, or if I have finally lost my mind. If I only knew, I would be able to rest again.'

He doesn't respond to any keywords here, so:

You say, 'Hail, a fallen student'

a fallen student says 'In my dreams I see sand as red as blood and skies scorched from war. It is a terrible vision that has haunted me greatly. Please find a way to let me know if this is fact or fiction, ______.'

Proof of Nightmares: Harbingers' Spire

Muramite Sand drops from trash mobs in Harbingers' Spire. It identifies as "Sand that is as red as blood from scorched skies and war."

Lake Rathetear

Give the sand to the fallen student.

a fallen student says 'Where did you find this? Could it really be happening now, after all of this time? It couldn't be. He had been defeated. . .there is little [time] left for us now I am afraid.'

You say, 'Time?'

a fallen student says 'Time for what? Time for us to find a way to defeat this menace that threatens our ways of life. Go out and find one that may know more about the [power of the Immortals]. Please do not return until you have found someone to help.'

Finding an Expert: Erudin

Tomekeeper Danl may be found on the second floor of the Erudin library (need /loc).

You say, 'Hail, Tomekeeper Danl'

Tomekeeper Danl says 'Good day, citizen. Please remember to keep your voice down in our library. Feel free to browse the extensive collection of books we have on display. Learning is all about you. Our library is the greatest collection of educational literature in the world, as you can no doubt see. If you've come across any [rare finds] we may be interested in purchasing them.'

You say, 'What about the power of the Immortals?'

Tomekeeper Danl says 'Power of the Immortals? Hmmm. . .well of course I know about that, but at the moment I have more pressing issues at hand. I'm sorry I could not be of more help, but maybe after my assistant has returned I can help you.'

Tomekeeper Danl's Assistant: Shadow Haven

Researcher Relreom may be found at +370, +1200.

You say, 'Hail, Researcher Relreom'

Researcher Relreom says 'Hello there. I'm afraid I really don't have time to have a conversation though. I have been sent on a very important task to retrieve some lost pages to a very [important book].'

You say, 'What important book?'

Researcher Relreom says 'Oh dear, I shouldn't have said anything at all. I guess another set of eyes on the look out couldn't hurt though. I have been searching for some pages that were torn from a book in Erudin. These pages are illegible to the untrained eye due to the enchantment we place on them in case of such an occurrence, but I am afraid if the [pages] aren't recovered soon, the enchantment will fade exposing our secrets.'

You say, 'What pages?'

Researcher Relreom says 'The pages are from a very special book. I was not actually told more than that about the book, except that a gang of mercenaries took them. Since they will not be able to read them they probably will just end up tossing them away making it that much harder to locate them. I trust you will be able to locate the four of them though and aid me. Be safe and please return when you have found all four sections of parchment.'

The four pages are called Section of Parchment. Each identifies as "A section of a larger, ancient book" and each is found as a ground spawn, with a respawn time of approximately 30 minutes. One is on the beach next to a beached ship in the Gulf of Gunthak, at -730, -340. One is in the Ruins of Old Paineel, a.k.a. The Hole, at +65, +90, inside the old city to the right. One is in Charasis, a.k.a. Howling Stones, at +100, -20, directly down from zone-in. One is in the passage south of Shei Vinitras' room in Akheva Ruins, at +710, -1425. Give all four to Researcher Relreom.

You must turn in all quest items at once in order to complete this quest.
Researcher Relreom says 'I'm sorry you seem to still be missing at least one of the parchments I am looking for ______.'
Researcher Relreom says 'I'm sorry you seem to still be missing at least one of the parchments I am looking for ______.'
Researcher Relreom says 'I'm sorry you seem to still be missing at least one of the parchments I am looking for ______.'
Researcher Relreom says 'You have returned with the pages but I am afraid I have nothing to reward you with but my thanks. I am sure Tomekeeper Danl will be able to give you something though if you want to bring them to him. Yes! That is what we will do. Take the pages back and give them to Tomekeeper Danl he will be overjoyed to have them back!'
You gain experience!!

You receive Danl's Missing Book.

Back to Danl: Erudin

Give the book to Tomekeeper Danl.

Tomekeeper Danl says 'What's this? How did you know I was missing these pages? I still do not know how you always find a way to help but you have again. Now what is it you came to ask me before? Ah yes, it was regarding the Immortals. It is no coincidence that the pages you just brought me came from the very book you are referring to. Tomekeeper Danl mumbles a few words you do not understand and the pages magically are inserted back into the book and become legible again.'

Tomekeeper Danl says 'Well I suppose I do owe you the information you had come here seeking. Unfortunately, I do not know much more than what is in this book already. The other references I have found do speak of another [disciple of Kaiaren].'
You gain experience!!

You say, 'What disciple of Kaiaren?'

Tomekeeper Danl says 'It is unknown to many that Kaiaren had another student before Vorash. He was a disciple that wanted to learn the true power of mind and body. Sage Kaiaren had so much respect for him that he decided that he was going to take Kaiaren's place among the Order of the Celestial Fists when it was his turn to choose a new member. This disciple's name was [Vortix].'

You say, 'Who is Vortix?'

Tomekeeper Danl says 'When Vortix was training with Kaiaren, he learned many techniques that Vorash never had time to learn because of Kaiaren's suspicions of him. The only soul that may know of these lost disciplines is Vortix. Unfortunately, he went into hiding shortly after Kaiaren's battle with Vorash. He became a coward hiding from the public and began to write himself out of history to live the life of an outcast. If he cannot be found you can also find his [book].'

You say, 'What book?'

Tomekeeper Danl says 'Well I shouldn't say book. It was really a diary of sorts. Kaiaren wrote a diary and it contained all of his disciplines. There may also be a way to reverse the effects of Vorash's attacks located within it. Unfortunately, Vortix would also be the only one that would know the diary's location. Go now and try to locate Vortix and ask him [where Kaiaren's diary] may be. Who referred you to me in the first place? Maybe he knows more than he appears to. I remember that Vortix will only address those that call to him by name.'

Vortix: Lake Rathetear

Head back to the fallen student.

You say, 'Are you Vortix?'

a fallen student says 'I see you know who I truly am now. It does not matter though. There is nothing I can help you with. Danl should have been able to help you more than I could.'

He despawns and respawns as Vortix.

Vortix regards you indifferently -- what would you like your tombstone to say?

You say, 'Where is Kaiaren's diary?'

Vortix says 'Kaiaren's Diary? I haven't seen it in some time now. If I were not such a coward, I would have kept it. I have heard rumors of it being torn in half. Some students that wanted to learn the ways of the Celestial Fists were looking for it a while back. One was a pirate that wanted to only learn the Path of the Silent to gain more treasures than he had. The other, wanted to become the most powerful fighter alive. You may want to seek them out and see if they have located pieces of it. I am sorry I could not be of more help. If you do happen to locate the two pieces, bring them back to me and maybe I will be able to aid you further. Now that you know my secret, there is no reason to remain hidden from the world. You will be able to find me resting in the Plane of Tranquility. Be safe, ______.'

Kaiaren's Diary

Kaiaren's Diary is in two parts. The first part drops from Wygrish in Sirens Grotto, at -140, -215.

You say, 'Hail, Wygrish'

As you approach Wygrish you can see him meditating with a small ripped book in his grasp. As you pass him by he raises his eyes and stares at you before going back into meditation.

Wygrish says 'I see you wear the Celestial Mark! I know why you are here and you can't have it back! I will fight you with all that I am to prevent losing the diary!'

Wygrish attacks. He quads for 1500, AE rampages, is snareable and slowable, does not summon, flees at 4%, and has about 150k hp. He should be a single group encounter. He drops 1/2 of Kaiaren's Diary, which identifies as "Right half."

The other part of Kaiaren's Diary drops from Quigli in Dulak's Harbor. He may be found on the Windscorn.

You say, 'Hail, Quigli'

Quigli says 'I have nothing for you unless say you have the [right price]. . .'

You say, 'What right price?'

Quigli says 'I have just placed my 'ands on this 'ere book and I'd be willin to part with it for a mighty price else you could try and [defeat me crew].'

You say, 'I will defeat your crew.'

Quigli says 'Good. . .good. I 'aven't 'ad much change to stretch me arms in a while.'

Quigli says 'You sorry sacks of vermin come aid me now!'

a scallywag of Quigli says 'Your attack on me is an attack on Windscorn! You will not make it far.'
a scallywag of Quigli says 'Your attack on me is an attack on Windscorn! You will not make it far.'
a scallywag of Quigli says 'Your attack on me is an attack on Windscorn! You will not make it far.'
a lackey of Quigli says 'Your attack on me is an attack on Windscorn! You will not make it far.'

Quigli attacks. He hits for around 600 and spawns 4 adds, 3 x "a scallywag of Quigli" and 1 x "a lackey of Quigli" (fight info needed). Once Quigli is dead, loot 1/2 of Kaiaren's Diary, which identifies as "Left half."

Vortix Revealed: Plane of Tranquility

Vortix may now be found in the Plane of Tranquility (/loc needed).

You say, 'Hail, Vortix'

Vortix says 'It is good to see you ______, but I have no new information to share with you. If you have anything to show me, please do.'

Turn in both halves of Kaiaren's Diary.

Vortix says 'You still seem to be missing part of the Diary, ______.'
Vortix says 'You have found it. Let me look at it for a minute. Ah yes, it has been a while but it is all coming back to me. What's this though? It seems like [what I was searching for] is located elsewhere.'

You say, 'What you were searching for?'

Vortix says 'Long ago, Kaiaren wrote down all of his teachings in this book. It was in case anything ever happened to him the teachings would not be lost forever. These are those teachings. There are several [techniques] missing though that I had hoped to find in this book. Kaiaren had once told me that there was a way to retrieve someone's memories using a similar technique that originally caused his memory loss.'

You say, 'What techniques?'

Vortix says 'The only other place the techniques that we seek could be retained would be within the Celestial Order itself. Yes. . .the [Celestial Guardians] should be safekeeping the sacred techniques.'

You say, 'Who are the Celestial Guardians?'

Vortix says 'They are the keepers of the disciplines. They are the ones that guard all that is right and balanced in this world. They are the enlightened and their faith is unwavering.'

You say, 'How can I find the Celestial Guardians?'

Vortix says 'You can find them within their essences. The names you will most likely find them by are the [Disciples] of [Sun], [Moon], and [Order]. Hopefully you will be able to locate them and help retrieve the techniques we need.'

You say, 'What Disciple of Sun?'

Vortix says 'The Disciple of Sun represents all that is pure. There is nothing stronger than the leadership of the sun. The energy that we draw from it powers everything in this world. The plants we use as herbs draw strength for it. The animals we eat grow by it and we use it to guide us. You will find him where his reign is the most apparent. He is strong and proud, so you may need to use ingenuity to draw him out.'

You say, 'What Disciple of Moon?'

Vortix says 'The Disciple of Moon represents all that is pure. How can two disciples represent the same essence? It is simple. How can you have day without night. You cannot understand right without knowing wrong as well. How can you say you understand true happiness without ever feelings the depths of despair. You can find this Disciple where the soul is the closest to the elements.'

You say, 'What Disciple of Order?'

Vortix says 'The Disciple of Order represents what we all try to follow as close as possible as children of the Celestial Order. Order is what we live by. It helps to keep our senses pure and strong. It makes us understand what steps we must take to become enlightened. This Disciple will be found where Order is upheld at all times. Be careful however, if you hesitate in any way you will be found flawed in his eyes. You should prepare to be tested to the limits of your capabilities. This disciple resides upon the highest of councils. He is the only member that resides upon another plane and does the bidding of a group that is the Tribunal.'

Disciple of Sun: The Scarlet Desert

The Disciple of Sun may be found on the plateau (/loc needed).

You say, 'Hail, Disciple of Sun'

Disciple of Sun says 'I see you come in search of our ways. How can one such as yourself think that you have the power and pureness to challenge a Disciple of the Celestial Order? Very well though, if you wish to [challenge] me I shall enlighten you.'

You say, 'I wish to challenge you.'

Disciple of Sun says 'I didn't know Slime could speak common..go back to the sewer before I lose my temper.'

It attacks. It hits for about 850, and has two procs, DrakeBreathBig and Deathly Fire. Once it's dead:

Disciple of Sun's corpse says 'You have done well. May you continue to prosper through your trials.'

Loot a Symbol of Sun.

Disciple of Moon: Western Wastes

Head to +3300, +2800 (northwest corner of the landmass) and you will see this emote:

You hear a faint voice in your mind, 'The Moon guides us as we are in darkness. If the Sun is bright and bold, the Moon will be the reasoning. If you seek to [prove yourself] to the Order speak it now.'

You say, 'I seek to prove myself to the Order.'

A dragon called Disciple of Moon spawns.

Disciple of Moon says 'Very well then. Prepare your soul to be cleansed.'

It attacks. It hits for about 850 and procs Deathly Ice. Once it's dead:

Disciple of Moon's corpse says 'You have done well. May you continue to prosper through your trials.'

You loot (receive?) a Symbol of Moon.

Disciple of Order: The Seventh Hammer, Plane of Justice

Bring a raid force with you. After getting yourself flagged to reach the Seventh Hammer's room, you will see the following emote:

As you enter the area you can see the great figure known as The Seventh Hammer standing before you. The Seventh Hammer says, 'I can see you have come from the Celestial Ones. If you wish to seek [judgement] from the Order, speak the phrase now.'

You say, 'I wish to seek judgement from the Order.'

The epic version of The Seventh Hammer spawns.

It attacks. Upon killing the epic version, loot a Symbol of Order. Note: You must have completed all six Plane of Justice trials and obtained The Mark of Justice in order to loot the symbol. Reportedly, the regular version of The Seventh Hammer also drops the symbol.

Vortix's Letter: Plane of Tranquility

After you have killed any of the Disciples, you may return to Vortix in the Plane of Tranquility.

You say, 'Hail, Vortix'

Vortix says 'Ah, I see you have seen a Disciple. The tokens you now possess are used to represent status among the Order. There used to be a tradesman that would fashion them into sashes for us but I'm afraid he has since passed on. I believe there may be another that has learned his trade. His name is Eryke Stremstin, and you should be able to find him peddling his wares across the land. Take this and give it to him. He should be able to tell you of what you will need to fashion your new sash. Once you have fashioned it please bring it to me.'

You receive a Letter to Stremstin.

Eryke Stremstin: The Bazaar

Eryke Stremstin may be found in The Bazaar (/loc needed).

You say, 'Hail, Eryke Stremstin'

Eryke Stremstin says 'Hello there ______. I am sorry I have nothing to offer or trade since moving to these charming 'accommodations'.'

Give him the letter.

Eryke Stremstin says 'What's this? A note from Vortix. . .I have not made anything in a long while. I am afraid I cannot be of much use to you except to sell you the required materials. I suppose I could also 'guide' you by telling you what you need to make the garment yourself. . .but that's if the [price] is right.'

You say, 'What price?'

Eryke Stremstin says 'I would be willing to part with the information and items for a meager amount of 1000 platinum pieces.'

Give him 1000 pp.

Eryke Stemstin says 'Ah, very good then. What you will need to make your sash is the Celestial Thread I have handed you, as well as a Belt Pattern, and your three [polished] symbols in a sewing kit.'

You receive Celestial Thread.

You say, 'Polished?'

Eryke Stremstin says 'You mean you haven't polished them yet. Must I teach you everything? You will need to polish each one by using some Divine Crystalline Glaze with your symbol in a kiln. Good luck and I wish you much success.'

Place one Symbol of XXX in a kiln with some Divine Crystalline Glaze to craft a Polished Symbol of XXX (need trivials and minimum skill required for each combine). Combine the three Polished Symbols with the Celestial Thread and a Belt Pattern in a sewing kit or loom to craft an Initiate's Sash of the Celestial Order, which identifies as "A sash that displays status in the Order" (need trivial and minimum skill required). If you fail, you will lose the Celestial Thread, but you can get more by handing another 1000 pp to Eryke Stremstin. You will not lose the Polished Symbols if you fail.

Back to Vortix: Plane of Tranquility

Give Vortix the sash.

Vortix says 'I see you have gained great strength during your journey as you now wear the Sash of the Celestial Order. I am glad you have made it this far. You will need that for the next steps of your [journey].'

You say, 'What journey?'

Vortix says 'The steps that you have taken thus far have been to prepare you for the next step. I must apologize for not telling you sooner but I had to make sure I knew you were worthy. Kaiaren's diary did contain the way to unlock his mind again. To do so, you must travel back to the land that you brought the sand from. There you will have to battle the two halves of [Kaiaren's being]; his mind and body.'

You say, 'Kaiaren's being?'

Vortix says 'He has entered a [place] where chaos rules and his mind has separated from his body. His consciousness has taken the form of beings of another plane. Only after you have retrieved both essences of his mind and body, will we be able to free him again.'

You say, 'What place?'

Vortix says 'This place is not something I know much about. It seems as though discord runs free there. You must be careful while you are there. There are many things we still do not yet fully understand unfolding before our eyes.'

He does not respond to anything else.

You say, 'Hail, Vortix'

Vortix says 'It is good to see you ______, but I have no new information to share with you. If you have anything to show me, please do.'

Kaiaren's Mind: The Bloodfields

Bring a raid. Kragsmash may be found at -500, -1200.

You say, 'Hail, Kragsmash'

Kragsmash says 'I know what you seek and you will have to go through me to get to it. This feat will be your undoing but if you [insist] I will provide you a quick demise.'

You say, 'I insist.'

Kragsmash says 'Prepare to meet your god, fool!'
Kragsmash says 'Oh look..a talking lump of refuse..how novel!'

Kragsmash attacks. It hits for 1200, rampages, is permarooted, summons, rampages, does not enrage or regenerate, procs Bazu Grip. At each of 75%, 50%, and 25% health, it will spawn 2 additional mobs called "Strength of Body" (need fight info). At some point in there (when?), it will also spawn a seventh mob called "Speed of Body" (need fight info). When the adds spawn, you will see these:

Kragsmash says 'You shall never retrieve that which you search for!'
Kragsmash says 'There is much more to fear other than me!'
Kragsmash says 'Fools! You have tried my patience!'

Once Kragsmash is dead, loot Kaiaren's Mind. A chest can spawn with additional loot.

Kaiaren's Body: Harbingers' Spire

Windrush may be found deep into Harbingers' Spire, up the spiral ramp at the back of the first hall (/loc needed). Bring a group.

You say, 'Hail, Windrush'

As you look at Windrush's face you can feel that you share a common bond with it. You can hear a faint voice in your mind that says, 'Speak the words of the Master. [I am of the body]. Windrush says, 'Leave before I send you to your god.'

You say, 'I am of the body.'

As you speak you can see that you have stirred something from within this creature.
Windrush says 'I will teach you to disturb what you cannot change!'

It attacks. (Need fight info.) Once it's dead, loot Kaiaren's Body. A chest can spawn with additional loot.

Vortix Takes Kaiaren's Mind and Body: Plane of Tranquility

Give Kaiaren's Mind and Kaiaren's Body to Vortix.

Vortix says 'You have proven yourself time and time again to be very courageous, ______. Let us hope that lasts for the final issue we must resolve. The Order has seen that Kaiaren will not be ready in time to battle the evil which is growing stronger with every passing day. You must return to the land of Discord and find Vorash. He must be stopped now before he reaches full strength again.'

The Keeper: The Bloodfields

The Keeper may found in the Bloodfields on the wall above the druid/wizard port-in (need /loc). Bring a raid.

You say, 'Hail, The Keeper'

The Keeper says 'I see you have found me once again. I have grown in strength since the last time the Order tried to defeat me. When the final blow was struck I was reborn in this world. The hatred within my heart gave me newfound strength. There was another far more powerful than the great Rallos Zek. He provided me this new shell and capabilites far superior than that which I could imagine. I am everlasting. If you wish to meet your god prepare to [die].'

You say, 'You are the one who shall die.'

The Keeper says 'It is useless to try and challenge me. Kaiaren will forever be lost within this land of discord!'
The Keeper says 'Is that your BREATH..or did something die in here..now go away!'

The Keeper attacks. He procs Stunning Strike, Breath of the Black, and Relinquish Spirit. (How hard does he hit? Does he rampage, enrage, regenerate, summon? Is he permarooted? We need the other fight info.) Once he's dead:

You have slain The Keeper!
You gained raid experience!!
The Keeper's corpse says 'I am sorry I have failed you Dark One! The name Vorash shall always strike fear into your hearts.'

Loot a Scribed Note, which identifies as "A note in a language you cannot read."

Final Hand-in: Plane of Tranquility

Give the note to Vortix.

Vortix says 'I can see that you are truly a great member of the Celestial Order now. You have helped the Order when it was needed and have helped me regain the honor which I had lost. The Order has given me the privilege now to bestow upon you the Fistwraps of the Celestial Disciple. May you enjoy your new ranking within the Order. Kaiaren will be pleased to speak to the person responsible for his saving. You may find him wandering the lands with his newfound well-being. I believe the last place he was seen was travelling in the Ocean of Tears. Be safe ______ and thank you again.'

You receive the Fistwraps of Celestial Discipline, a.k.a. monk epic 1.5. You also receive 5 AA and access to your new title, Enlightened.

Congratulations on your 'Fistwraps of Celestial Discipline'!

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