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Magician Epic 2.0 Focus of Primal Elements

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Note: If you have the Staff of Elemental Essence (epic 1.5):

It starts with Iilivina, in Dranik's Scar at -571, -257, -31.

You say, 'Hail, Iilivina'

Iilivina says 'The magic here is quite unique. I am thrilled I've had the opportunity to study it.'

Hand Iilivina your Staff of Elemental Essence. She'll hand it back, and continue:

Iilivina says 'My goodness, I did not realize you were the one [Bantil] sent to me! This is truly amazing! I was shocked when Magi'Kot's dream had been realized. I never thought it would be surpassed. My, so much focused elemental energy. This is truly amazing. You have accomplished quite a feat.'

You say, 'Bantil?'

Iilivina says 'Yes, Bantil told me you would be coming. Perhaps we can help each other. There are two tribes of elemental beings here. They have an unprecedented ability to channel elemental energy. I have yet to see one with my own eyes, but they may just contain [power] that will help you unleash the staff's true power.'

You say, 'What power?'

Iilivina says 'They use the elements in a way we have yet to understand. I suspect something in their essence that allows them to tap into the elements in a different manner than we understand. If my suspicions are true, these creatures should leave behind a small portion of their essence, when their spirits leave their bodies. If you find anything like that, bring it to me. They may be rather small, so bring me two from each type for good measure.'

Next, go to Riftseekers’ Sanctum with one group and kill any mobs of the following: Pyrilen Researcher, Pyrilen Riftseeker, Pyrilen Summoner, Gelidran Conjurer, Gelidran Frostformer, and Gelidran Icekeeper. Collect two each of ‘Pyrilen Essence’ and ‘Gelidran Essence’. The ‘Pyrilen Essence’  item drops from the northern part of the zone, while the ‘Gelidran Essence drop in the southern part of the zone.
Now, return to Dranik’s Scar and give to Iilivina, ‘Gelidran Essence’ x2 and ‘Pyrilen Essence’ x 2.

Iilivina grinds the small crystals into a fine powder, 'This is like nothing I have ever seen. It will take some time for me to analyze this, but thank you. I have more here than I will need. Take this pouch to Bantil, along with this note. If he doesn't know how this will help you, he may know someone who does.'
You receive ‘Pouch of Powdered Riftseeker Essence’ and ‘Note from Iilivina’.

Bantil and Vornol

Give ‘Pouch of Powdered Riftseeker Essence’ and ‘Note from Iilivina’ to Bantil in PoK. (/loc?)
Bantil Io`Tuv unrolls the note and reads it to himself, 'Interesting. Well, I'm not sure I can do anything with this, but if you take this to Transon in Twilight sea, he may be able to understand it a little better.'
You receive ‘Small pouch of Riftseeker Essense’.

Now head to Twilight Sea. Find and speak to Vornol Transon. (/loc?) Hand the pouch to him.

Vornol Transon furrows his brow for a little bit as he mixes the powder in a small flask. 'This is most intriguing. There is nothing here that represents elemental magic as we understand it. These beings seem to use different means to channel their power. Let's see. . . Chaos represents fire, Order corresponds to Water, Air is channeled by Spirit, and. . . hmmm. . . Yes! There it is! Earth ties with Body. There you are, Chaos, Order, Spirit, and Body, those are the primal elements, and I suspect they are the key to unlocking the full potential of your new staff there. Which is quite nice if I do say so myself. If you find essences of the Primal elements you may want to speak with Bantil again. He should have some insight on how to complete your journey. Iilivina has been in Discord long enough, she may have some insight as to where these essences can be located.

The Primal Elemental Essences

Now return to Iilivina in Dranik’s Scar again.

You say, 'Hail, Iilivina'

Iilivina says 'Hello again. So, you are looking for the Primal Elemental essences? That has a nice ring to it Transon has always had a penchant for the dramatic. I do not believe that you will find these beings in Discord however, if they exist at all. I do believe that your staff will resonate when you approach the creatures, so travel the world you know. Elementals tend to gravitate to areas that reflect their element best, I don't see why the [Primals] would behave any differently.'

You say, 'What primals?'

Iilivina says 'Were I to venture a guess, I'd say look for Chaos near the ruins of a fallen empire, as order would tend to oppose chaos, I would look for the Order elemental near the ranks of a well regimented army, probably an ancient army, it is a creature of prestige. The Spirit elemental would find someplace where death and decay have a strong foothold. The Body Elemental may be the most elusive, as there is life everywhere. I would assume that its strong ties with this realm would pull it to a place where there are Muramites. When you find them, bring their remains to me and I'll see what else needs to be done.'

Earth Elemental

Now, head to Ferubi, Forgotten Temple of Taelosia.  You will need 2-3 groups for this fight. Locate Body Elemental (/loc?) This mob hits for approximately 1000, flurries and has two AEs, although has low hitpoints.
1) Visions of Pain- decrease spell haste 100%, 1000 hp per tick dot, 45 curse counters. He will AE once every minute, a single RGC will cure it, however, this is simply a fast paced fight.
2) Searing Pain which is a 6000 hp DD that goes off every 30 seconds.
Loot ‘Element of Body’. No chest drops from this mob.

Fire Elemental

Now head to Dreadlands and find Chaos Elemental (/loc?) You will need a raid for this mob. He hits for approximately 2800.
1) Chaos Epidermic-. decrease spell haste by 50%,  min casting time(10.00 sec), decrease ATK by 200, decrease hitpoints by 200 per tick,  increase curse counter by 16,  combat skills not allowed.
Chaos Affliction- this is a charm spell, and will increase curse counter by 18.
Loot ‘Element of Chaos’. A chest will spawn.

Spirit Element
Now head to Ruins of Lxanvom (Crypt of Decay).  You will need 1-2 groups for this fight.  The Spirit Elemental spawns at (/loc?) Either invis in this room, or be ready for it when it pops.
He hits for just over 1000 usually. He does have a proc that is a charm. This is a real quick fight. Magic based spells work best for this mob, instead of fire based.
Loot ‘Element of Spirit’. No chest with this mob.

Water (Order) Element

Next go to Halls of Honor.  Find and kill Order Elemental (/loc?) This is a raid event. The Order Elemental will spawn as the mage approaches the southwest corner of the temple.
This elemental quads for 3k, flurries, rampages and casts
Cursed Keeper's Drain  Reverse Damage Shield (-10), decrease HP when cast by 800
Loot ‘Element of Order’. A chest will spawn in this event.

Head back to Drank’s Scar and find Iilivina again. Give to her: ‘Element of Body’, Element of Chaos’, Element of Spirit’, and Element of Order’.
Iilivina says 'You work so fast! Amazing work you have done.' She looks at the 4 essences for a moment, 'Yes, these can probably be used to bind to your staff, but we'll need some sort of binding. Something that can be used to keep large amounts of energy bound together. I have no idea where you'd find such a thing, but if you do bring it to Bantil with your staff, and he'll be able to finish your journey.'


Now head to Citadel of Anguish (access granted as a result of a separate quest). Warden Hanvar will spawn an Orb of Discordant Energy, the Keldovan the Harrier ring event to spawn Jelvan`s Keepsake, Arch Magus Vangl, or Overlord Mata Muram. Loot a ‘Globe of Discordant Energy’.

Focus of Primal Elements

Now go back to Plane of Knowledge and find Bantil. (/loc?)  Give him ‘Globe of Discordant Energy’ and ‘Staff of Elemental Essence’. You receive 10 AA’s, a new title, and…

Congratulations on your 'Focus of Primal Elements'!

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