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Enchanter Epic 2.0 Staff of Eternal Eloquence

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Note: If you have the Oculus of Persuasion (epic 1.5):

Find "a sarnak imitator," a.k.a. Jeb Lumsed, in the Burning Woods (/loc needed). When you received your Oculus of Persuasion, he talked about purifying it.

You say, 'Purifying?'

a sarnak imitator says 'The purification is not something that I alone have the power to complete. There was once a crystal that held the power to purify something of this magnitude, however it was shattered long ago. You will need to speak to the masters that remain of dwindling races.'

You say, 'What dwindling races?'

a sarnak imitator says 'The masters are of races that walked Norrath before you or I. I do not know their current whereabouts. Alaurin and Vohnkare were the eldest of the four. There was a noble . . Ah, yes and Feyana. I do hope you find them.'


Alaurin is a named unicorn that may be found in the Wakening Land north of the Plane of Growth near the northern zone wall at -1030, +1715.

You say, 'Hail, Alaurin'

Alaurin says 'Hello, coercer. Why have you disturbed me?'

You say, 'I seek a crystal.'

Alaurin says 'My crystal, you say? Now that is something I hold very dear. It is my most beautiful trinket. I must say, I've never had occasion to use it however . . . Actually, I believe I can make you a deal.'

You say, 'What deal?'

Alaurin says 'I know of a stone that I could use in its stead, but before we go into that I must ask something of you. If you truly desire this piece of crystal, you must bring me the heart of a twisted stoneservant. I have heard stories of invaders that have infested this newly found continent of Taelosia, where they have managed to turn their very servants against them. This sort of utter control is very interesting to me, and I would like to study it. Once I have the heart, I know where you can find a gem to replace my crystal.'

The Heart of a Twisted Stoneservant drops in Riwwi from a twisted stoneservant. Bring it back to Alaurin.

Alaurin says 'How very interesting. There is a geonid of great beauty that I have seen nearby in the caves. I have coveted its shining gem for some time. Destroy it and bring me the stone and I shall let you have your fragment.'
You gain party experience!!

"a luminescent geonid" spawns in the westernmost cave of the geonid caves at -2500, 0. It rampages, flurries, enrages, has a stone grip that stuns, and hits casters for a max of 2564, while tanks got hit for 1400. He has normal magical immunity, but shaman and enchanter slows landed the first time without tashing. Kill it (raid required? need confirmation) and loot a Luminescent Crystal (does a chest spawn?). Give this to Alaurin.

Alaurin says 'It is even more beautiful from up close. Look at the way it sparkles! Take your fragment then, and leave me in peace.'

You gain experience!!

You receive a Purifying Crystal Fragment.


Vohnkare is a dragon found in the Western Wastes at +775, -2470.

You say, 'Hail, Vohnkare'

Vohnkare says 'What do you seek mortal?'

You say, 'I seek a crystal.'

Vohnkare says 'Such great power for such a small being. I see that you are strong despite your size, however I fear for our world as I see such potent tools coming together. I fear a great battle is upon us. Enough of my rambling, I do have such a crystal. Bring me some volatile vampyre blood from the Tenebrous Mountains and I will part with it. It has been too long since I have had servants to fetch me such things.'

The Volatile Vampyre Blood comes from A Coterie Insatiate in the Tenebrous Mountains (fight info needed). Give it to Vohnkare.

Intermediate steps including dialogues needed.

You receive a Purifying Crystal Fragment.

"A noble"

"a brownie noble" may be found just north of the Lesser Faydark brownie camp.

You say, 'Hail, a brownie noble'

a brownie noble says, 'Long time have your kind needed us, but never have we been close. Wouldn't you agree? I'm afraid I cannot help you without some token of faith.'

You say, 'What token of faith?'

a brownie noble says, 'So long have we retained our distance, we have nearly been forgotten. Despite the fact that this allows us our peace, there are times I wish I could provide my people with the niceties of society. If you could obtain a few items for me I could help you with the knowledge you seek.'

You say, 'What items?'

a brownie noble says 'I would very much like some Gnomish Candy, Koada'Dal Silk, Feir'Dal Champagne, and Dwarven Steel.'

"Clockwork Merchant" at +1120, -1035 in Ak`Anon sells the Gnomish Candy. Merchant Tyslin at -250, -425 in Felwithe sells the Koada`Dal Silk. Innkeep Anisyla at +105, -435 in Kelethin (in the Greater Faydark) sells the Feir`Dal Champagne. Gretta Mottle at +185, +300 in South Kaladim sells the Dwarven Steel. Each NPC can be found via the Find (Ctrl-F) key, and each item sells for 131 p 2 g 4 s 9 c at maximum charisma. Bring the items back to the noble.

a brownie noble says 'Perhaps your intentions are true, after all. I have one shard of a purifying crystal that you will need for the task ahead of you. It is quite powerful, and I hate to part with it. I will give it to you, but only in trade. There is a harnessing stone possessed by a seeker in Kael. It is less powerful than the crystal, but should prove sufficient for my needs. Bring me this crystal and it shall be yours.'

Kill Miriku the Chaotic in Kael (behind Derakor the Vindicator). He hits for around 440 and is immune to magic spells, including slow. Loot the Harnessing Stone and bring it back to the noble.

a brownie noble says 'Very well, here is the fragment. I can only imagine at the power of the unified crystal.'

You receive a Purifying Crystal Fragment.


Feyana Lightwing is an untrackable faerie in the Greater Faydark, who may be found roaming the path between Crushbone and the Butcherblock Mountains.

You say, 'Hail, Feyana Lightwing'

Feyana Lightwing says 'Greetings. It is not often that your kind has reason to speak to us. You must be seeking something.'

You say, 'I seek a crystal.'

Feyana Lightwing says 'To even be aware of the crystal's existence you must be of some power. I can only assume that if you are repairing it that you have good reason. It is yours if you can do me one small favor.'

You say, 'What small favor?'

Feyana Lightwing says 'There is a Dryad that has something that belongs to me. There is no rift between our kind, however you could say this is more of a personal conflict. You see, I was once given a necklace from their people in return for a service provided long ago. It was the most beautiful Dryad necklace I have ever seen, and it was stolen. I believe the culprit's name is Firwyn. Travel to the Jaggedpine Forest and seek out Chef Brargus, he should know where to find her. If you can bring me back the necklace the fragment is yours.'

Go talk to Chef Brargus (location in Jaggedpine Forest needed).

You say, 'Hail, Chef Brargus'

Chef Brargus says 'Whatchoo want?'

You say, 'Where is Firwyn?'

Chef Brargus says 'Ah, talked to Feyana did you? I'm surprised she trusted the likes of you with something like this. I suppose it's no loss to her if you just wind up dead now is it? If you want to know where to find Firwyn you're going to have to bring me some mountain pooka meat. I'm working on a new recipe and I simply must have it. Off with you.'

Mountain Pooka Meat drops from pookas in Vxed and is LORE and NO TRADE. Give him one.

Chef Brargus says 'That should do nicely. Now, about Firwyn. You should be able to find her in the forest nearby but I would be careful if I were you. She can be a bit feisty, and you don't exactly look like a warrior if you know what I mean.'

Firwyn may be found around +130, -360 (or any random tree?), hits for around 1700, and procs Shackleroot and Decaying Foliage. Loot a Dryad Necklace and bring it back to Feyana Lightwing.

Feyana Lightwing says, 'Even lovelier than I remembered. Thank you ever so much.'

You receive a Purifying Crystal Fragment.

Purifying the Oculus

In a Jeweler's Kit, combine the four Purifying Crystal Fragments to craft a Purifying Crystal (the fragments have no identifying features, but, since they're LORE, you can only have one of each). Next, combine your Oculus of Persuasion with the Purifying Crystal in a Jeweler's Kit (no-fail).

Your Oculus of Persuasion gleams with a blinding light for a moment, dimming quickly to its previous understated beauty. The light has left an image burned into your mind, a strangely tattooed woman chanting by a waterfall.

You get the Oculus of Persuasion back and an invisible flag. The "strangely tattooed woman chanting by a waterfall" is Priestess Rahku, found in Nedaria's Landing.

You say, 'Hail, Priestess Rahku'

Priestess Rakhu says 'I have been expecting you. There are still a few things more for you to do before the staff is properly prepared. For the next step you will need to travel into Discord and gather two items that I need to perform the next step in the purification process. A great beast by the name of Cipheron has hoarded an incantation for many years. I believe he killed one of our students who was unfortunate enough to get in his way... Reguardless, I will need it. You will also need to gather a noxious secretion from a withering murkglider. It is a strange fluid they begin to secrete as they are dying, and it is very powerful. Bring me this incantation and the secretion and we shall get started.'

Cipheron is a raid encounter found near the Wall of Slaughter. This named bazu on the Noble's Causeway side of the big wall drops a Tattered Incantation. After you loot it, a chest (called what?) can spawn with additional loot.

Head to Noble's Causeway (raid in hand) and kill Withering Murkglider for the noxious secretion, after which a chest (called what?) can spawn with additional loot. Location of Withering Murkglider is -1370, +1016, +255. The murkglider appears to be dead, but is not. It is KOS, sees invis, and hits for 2k+. It spawns mezzable parasitic murkglider adds. Be warned: When these adds die they cast Energy Burst (remember Manaetic Behemoth? An unresistable AE for 4k).

Bring the secretion and incantation to Priestess Rakhu:

Priestess Rakhu murmurs in a strange tongue as she scans the incantation. She draws an intricate design along different portions of the staff, using the strange secretion, from which rises a pale green smoke. At last she stops and opens her eyes. 'Perfect. This tool has been consecrated and protected in the best way I know. There is but one thing left to do, for the staff is ready but not yet tested. Take this channeling crystal and venture into the land riddled with discord. When you encounter great evil there, you will recognize the energy of discord. Channel this energy into your staff, and it will become something more powerful than this world has seen. I wish you luck.'

You must have access to Citadel of Anguish for the next step. Access is obtained via this quest.

For the globe of discordant energy, you will need to pass the six raid trials of the Muramite Proving Grounds and proceed into the Citadel of Anguish. In there, kill Warden Hanvar to spawn an Orb of Discordant Energy, or kill Arch Magus Vangl, or kill Overlord Mata Muram, or finish Jelvan's ring event to spawn Jelvan`s Keepsake, inside which you will find the globe.

Inside the Channeling Crystal, combine this globe with your Epic 1.5 (remove augmentations first!). This results in 10 AA points, and produces your Epic 2.0.

The discordant energy shoots through the staff, sending a shower of sparks through the air. The crystal shatters before you, and as the sparks fade away you notice the changes in your staff.

Congratulations on your ‘Staff of Eternal Eloquence’!

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