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Enchanter Epic 1.5 Oculus of Persuasion

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If you have the Staff of the Serpent (epic 1.0) or have done the pre-quest:

You say, 'Hail, a sarnak imitator'

a sarnak imitator says 'Much time has passed since the creation of the Staff of the Serpent. The power of discord is seeping into our fair world, and only the most powerful of us shall stand to force it back. The time has come for a new tool, and a new breed of enchanter. [Are you prepared] to meet this challenge?'

You say, 'I am prepared.'

a sarnak imitator says 'I have recently received this ancient tome; it contains knowledge that may prove invaluable to the construction of a new staff. Unfortunately, time has had its way with it. I need you to find the missing pages so we can get to work. There should be ten, unless they have been destroyed by time and decay.'

You receive a Tattered Illegible Tome, a 10-slot container. Now you must collect the ten Cryptic Pages (no unique item lore), which are all ground spawns that may be found as follows:

1. In Charasis (Howling Stones) at -135, +245, -165.

2. In Old Sebilis in the Ilis jail at -260, +355, -176 (go down the water tube, turn right, and go into the jail cell near the Echo of Sebilis).

3. In Cazic Thule at +430, -390 (just north of the wizard spire, in a room with lizards and pillars).

4. In Crystal Caverns at +590, -940, -536 (in the queen's room, practically under her).

5. In Skyshrine at +150, +385, +3 (the southwest tower).

6. In Velketor's Labyrinth at +260, -425, +21 (at the first dog tent on the left).

7. In the Crypt of Nadox at +785, +1745, -82 (near the broodmother).

8. In Najena at -160, -120, -19 (near Rathyl in the basement).

9. In Fungus Grove at +1135, +1275 (in the Lucid Shard camp in the Shik`Nar tunnels).

10. In the Ocean of Tears at +555, +9270 (northwest corner of the zone on Sirens Isle, between two sirens).

If you miss a spawn, the Cryptic Pages respawn every 45 minutes. Combine the ten pages in the book to craft a Complete Illegible Tome. Bring this back to Jeb.

a sarnak imitator says 'As I suspected, this is something extraordinary. You must go speak to Maelin at once. It has been many moons since I have entered the Plane of Knowledge. He may well have some new information for me. Go at once and tell him I sent you.'

You receive an invisible flag for completing the previous step. Now go to the Plane of Knowledge and speak with Grand Librarian Maelin.

You say, 'Jeb Lumsed sent me.'

Grand Librarian Maelin says 'This is from Jeb, you say? I will set my best researchers on it at once. We have recently made some discoveries that he should be aware of. Here, take this note down to Lobaen, she will retrieve them for you.'

You receive a Note to Lobaen. She's a dryad selling spells elsewhere in the Library at -85, +1060, -60. Give her the note.

Illusionist Lobaen says 'It is not often that I receive a request from Maelin himself. Please, take these and be most careful.'

You receive Sealed Documents. Take these back to Jeb.

a sarnak imitator says 'Interesting indeed. I see that I was not wrong in my instinct to begin this as quickly as possible. I have created a list of the items that you will need to begin the construction of this tool. Mind you, it will not be a simple thing. When you have gathered them all return to me. Would you like a chest to carry them in?'

He gives you a book called Assembling the Staff, which lists the components required. If you say, "I would like a chest," he will give you an Ornate Staff Chest. The text of the book is as follows:

Gold Filigree: This is needed to bind the staff. Last I heard a strange sort of mermaid made off with it. The hand of Marr may cleanse it.

Staff Section: This was shattered by Mayong's rage. I do believe something from his castle may in fact entice the one who holds it into speaking.

Staff Section: A strange scarab scampered off with this piece, seek him in the caves.

Staff Section: This was broken in a mountain pass.

Staff Section: The warcaller claimed this one long ago.

Staff Crown: A misguided siren mistakes it for a crown.

Incandescent Oil: This is needed to anoint the staff. First create a glowing concoction of moonwater, magic, light, and that which glows. Take this glowing concoction and brew it with a greasy sort of oil, oil of a dragon, and some dye.

All-Seeing Eye: You could also call him the eye of Bristlebane.

Gold Filigree

Kill an enticing potameid at -845, +1560 in Natimbi and loot the Sullied Gold Filigree. Take this filigree to Anthone Chapin in the right basement of the Halls of Honor (top of the map), a.k.a. Rydda Dar's basement. Pacify or kill the two guards nearby.

You say, 'Hail, Anthone Chapin'

Anthone Chapin says 'Mithaniel Marr himself has entrusted me with the power to purge taint from the most desecrated of objects.'

Give him the filigree.

Anthone Chapin says 'This filigree now shines from within with the holy light of Marr.'

You receive a Purified Gold Filigree.

Staff Section 1

Go to Mistmoore's Castle. Zone in invisible, and follow the tunnel around to the graveyard. Enter the graveyard and the building within. Fall through the floor at the front of the casket. Go up the ramp or stairs (can't remember which) to a room with four doors. Open the door to your right. It should open and be a fake wall. If it doesn't, it's the wrong door. If it is the correct door, directly to its left is a secret passage. Enter the secret passage and go up and up and up till you get as high as you can in the tower. If you have not seen the lift, you need to look up and click the piece of wood. A fruit called the Taste of Enticement spawns on the table in the same room as the Dark Huntress. It looks like a blue mushroom on the table. Take this fruit and go to the seventh floor of the Tower of Frozen Shadow, a.k.a. Tserrina's floor. If you use the master key, you'll be in a room full of mirrors. Just outside of this room is the Advisor Svartmane, whom you must charm. If you are careful, you can open the door without him aggroing, especially since he does not see invis. Charm him and hand him the fruit.

Advisor Svartmane says 'I can't . . I . . .of course, I do not think that Tserrina has any need for this. I can't imagine that she would miss it at all. Please, take it.'

He will give you the 1st Piece of the Staff. This part is soloable, but has killed many enchanters. Take along a pal for safety and stack runes on yourself.

Staff Section 2

The 2nd Piece of the Staff drops from the yrendan scarab, a rare spawn in the Plane of Justice at approximately -1300, -850.

Staff Section 3

The 3rd Piece of the Staff drops from any named in the Vxed trial.

Staff Section 4

The 4th Piece of the Staff drops off of War Caller Kaavi in the Bloodfields. To get to her area, you jump off the bridge port in area and follow the wall south west. When I went to do her, someone had clearly failed her. She was already targetable. We pulled 2 of her guardians (called what?), and killed them. They easily mez/slow and are very much overcons. Then we pulled her and two more of her guardians. Mezzed the guardians and killed her. Her aggro is a little awkward but killed her easily enough. I took the same raid force for all major mobs. So we killed this mob with about 19 people. It was easily overkill.

Staff Crown

Faleniel of Darkwater spawns in Sirens Grotto. The easiest method to get to her is to teleport to Cobalt Scar, zone into Sirens Grotto, then evac/succor across the zone. Run to the well invised and drop down into her room. Nothing sees invis. You can get killed if your raid group can't stay invis.

She is perma-rooted, has many easily killed friends who may or may not heal her, and casts two AEs: Ice Rain and Drowning Panic. She can hit for 2k, and is difficult if not impossible to slow. She drops an Ornate Staff Topper. After you loot it, a chest (called what?) may spawn with additional loot.

Incandescent Oil

Combine Abysmal Moonwater (found on the bottom of the Abysmal Sea at +485, +70), a Vial of Purified Mana, Essence of Sunlight (dropped in various old world zones), and Glow Lichen (foraged in Nektulos Forest) in a brew barrel to craft a Glowing Concoction (< 150 trivial, trivial needed).

Next kill the untrackable "a greasy clockwork" in the Plane of Innovation. From zone-in, turn left and follow the path to the four-way intersection. Turn left and you cannot miss it if it's up. It hits in the 1800's, AE rampages, and has an AE called Blinding Smog. The fight is apparently very similar to the one with the Junk Beast. It drops Glimmering Oil. After you loot the Glimmering Oil, a chest (called what?) may spawn with additional loot.

Combine Glowing Concoction, Glimmering Oil, Dragon Egg Oil, and Prismatic Dye (not a Vial of Prismatic Dye) in a brew barrel to craft Incandescent Oil (trivial needed).

All-Seeing Eye

This is literally the All-Seeing Eye that spawns in the middle of the Plane of Mischief hedge maze. It is not perma-rooted, looks like a giant beholder, and hits for around 2k. Bring a raid force. Slow is difficult but possible to land, while cripple and weakness are more difficult. Strangle landed fine. It has an estimated one million HPs. Has single-target rampage and procs Gaze of the All-Seeing Eye. Once it's dead, loot the All-Seeing Eye. A chest (called what?) may spawn with additional loot.


Combine the Purified Gold Filigree, 1st-4th Pieces of the Staff, Ornate Staff Topper, Incandescent Oil, and All-Seeing Eye in the Ornate Staff Chest to craft a Latched Ornate Chest. Give this to Jeb.

a sarnak imitator says 'You have done well, my student. The staff is now complete. In order to stand up to the true fury of discord, it will need purifying, but even in this state it shall protect you well.'

Congratulations on your 'Oculus of Persuasion'

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