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Druid Epic 2.0 Staff of Everliving Brambles

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Note: If you have the Staff of Living Brambles (epic 1.5):

The Strange Drawing and Yuisaha

To start this quest, you will need to go Abysmal Sea and find Reyfin Malakwa at  +225, +285, +98 and speak with him.

You say, “Hail, Reyfin Malakwa”

Reyfin Malakwa stares silently over the ocean towards the magical wards protecting the ship from the unyielding onslaught of the pounding waves. He jumps back terrorized when he realizes your presence.  His visage calms a bit when he senses you mean him no immediate harm.  He ponders you timidly for a moment and then leans down and begins drawing something in the sea grime that covers one of the boxes.  You study his sketch for a moment and begin to understand that it is a rune of sorts.  Three arching lines join in the center to form a sort of Y-shape.

The bedraggled Taelosian refugee looks up at you after drawing the symbol and looks you directly in the eyes for the first time.  He seems to draw strength from your presence and you sense that he feels the power of nature that you carry.  He smiles weakly at you and then bends down and erases by smearing around the grime.  He then draws a new symbol.  This symbol is much more complicated, it is an arch with rods protruding from either side at the base.  The rod to the right splits into four branches, the one on the left ends in a swirl.  He looks up at you with a pleading look in his eyes as he hands you a small bag that appears to be made from his own clothing.

You receive Ragged Cloth Bag. This is a container, so make sure to have an inventory slot open.

Now go to Barrindu or Ferubi , where you must forage two (2) Rune Fragments. The fragments may be foraged, one in each zone or both from either zone.  Place the two Rune Fragments in the Ragged Cloth Bag.

Next, head to Qinimi. Find "a broken ritesdancer" in the houses to the right of Natimbi zone-in (loc?).  There are other mobs in the same house, including a noc darklurch that will attack you.  You will need to speak to ‘a broken ritesdancer’ while getting hit, unless you have been able to pacify everything.

You say, “What rune fragments?”

The worn Taelosian looks up at you defiantly. She studies you a moment and nods. Whatever judgment she was making about you, you seem to have passed. She reaches into her ragged clothing and pulls out a small hunk of rock and hands it to you. She then quickly returns to work.

You receive a third ‘Rune Fragment’. Place this in your Ragged Cloth Bag and combine them.  You have crafted a ‘Wrapped Cloth Bag’.

Return to Abysmal Sea and give a ‘Wrapped Cloth Bag’ to Reyfin Malakwa.

Reyfin Malakwa looks almost delighted, certainly happier than he has been in years. He smiles and raises his arms, both hands tightly clenching the rune fragments you have recovered. A small burst of magical energies pops off his hands. He lowers his arms and holds out to you the rune, reformed. He then speaks a single word to you, 'Yuisaha.'

You receive a Rune of Yuisaha.

Go to Nedaria's Landing and find Historian Finrazel (/loc?).

You say, 'Hail, Historian Finrazel'

Historian Finrazel says 'Well hello there. I hope all is well with you, friend.'

You say, 'What of Yuisaha?'

Historian Finrazel says 'Where did you hear that name? How do you know it?'

Give him your Rune of Yuisaha.

Historian Finrazel says 'Well, this is an amazing find! I didn't think any of his runes survived the invasion.' The historian cleans the rune with a special solution, then hands it back to you. 'Let me tell you what I know of Yuisaha. He was a great rain spirit, perhaps the greatest patron of the Taelosians. He was manifested when the Muramites invaded Talosia so long ago. He was captured by the army and brought back to the Plane of Discord. What happened to Yuisaha then is hard to say, but there is a separate story of a powerful rain spirit that was frozen during a battle and shattered. The story claims that the frozen shards of the spirit were divided among the leaders of the winning army. Where they have gone since then, or if they still exist, nobody can tell. Do you really [plan to find] him?'

You say, 'I plan to find him.'

Historian Finrazel says 'Then you'll need this. I use it to store magical potions, but it might work for holding frozen pieces of a greater rain spirit.' He shrugs. 'I hope so, anyway. I don't exactly see a lot of frozen rain spirits.' He smiles. 'I wish you luck, friend. Rescuing such a being would be a boon for all of Norrath.'

You receive a ‘Thick Leather Bag’.

The Four Shards

Note: These four shards may be looted in any order.

1. Head to Nobles Causeway. Look for the Ukun Packleader camp. You can find it by tracking the only Aneuk in zone. Behind this Aneuk is a trench with a canyon. Don't go down, instead make a left north. You will see Bazu Scavenger wandering around. He is snareable and rootable and doesn't summon. Once he's dead loot a ‘Frost Shard’.

2. Next, head to Dranik's Scar. Go near -850, +1075. Tranlinor the Maimed will spawn. He is a noc that quads for 800, summons and has a single rampage. So you will need a few to join you for this fight. Once he's dead loot a ‘Wind Shard’.

3. Now head to Wall of Slaughter. You will need a few groups for this mob and some mezzers. Tell your raid to go to loc +265, +460, on top of the castle. North of Pyrique Redwing. At this point some mobs will pop when you get near. Be sure to indicate to your raid that clearing the area first from trash mobs before you pop your named is a necessity. 

The mobs are 2 "a nervous guardian" and the main mob which is "a retired soldier". You will have to kill his two nervous guardians for the main mob to "awaken" and agro. Once they are dead, a retired soldier will become Lightning Lord. He hits for about 1200 max, summons of course, doesn't rampage and he can be shaman slowed. He spawns 4 to 6 adds called "Lightning Loyalists," so either mez them or kill them, they are also slowable by shamans. These adds will give a complete heal to the named and die/disappear after they do it, so either kill them before they sacrifice themselves, mez them or just burn the named while he CH's while mezzing/offtanking adds. Once dead, loot a ‘Rain Shard’.

4. Head to Qinimi. In the West part of the zone, you will find a shrine (/loc?). Approach it and three mobs will spawn: Mastruq Commander Gorlakt, Spiritlord Mind and Spiritlord Body. This is a raid fight for sure. You need strong people, probably 3-4 groups of Time/Qvic geared people, and you need good healers and a good tank.

This fight is  similar to that of the Lightning Lord in  Wall of Slaughter, but with a twist. Spiritlord Body procs Body Warp, Spiritlord Mind procs Mind Warp. Both the Spiritlords hit for 1500, can be shaman slowed and they are tethered/leeched. Once you kill one, Gorlakt will come alive and will inherit the AE of that which you killed first. Gorlakt also hits for about 2800-3000 and rampages. Kill all three mobs. Once dead, you will receive ‘Spirit Shard’. There is a possiblility for spawn of a chest with additional loot.

Now, combine all four shards in a ‘Thick Leather Bag”. You have now crafted a’Synched Leather Satchel’.

Take this to Historian Finrazel in Nedaria's Landing and give it to him.

Historian Finrazel opens the bag and examines the shards with care and awe. He then seals them back into the bag and returns it to you. 'Well, isn't that a sight to behold. I'm grateful to you for letting me see them. It appears that the stories were correct. My guess would be that those shards were given to various Muramite leaders as rewards for some particularly horrible work they had done. I hope you can find a way to make those pieces whole again. I wish I could help you, but you've already exceeded the bounds of my knowledge. I wish you luck finding someone to help you restore the rain spirit shards.'

Restoring Yuisaha

Head to Abysmal Sea and give your bag to Reyfin Malakwa.

Reyfin Malakwa makes a motion with his hands, slowly clasping them togheter untill they are locked tightly. He points at you, then at the shards, then makes the motion again.

Now find Silanda Leafdew at -315, +200, +114, she is on the top deck, and give her the bag.

Silanda Leafdew says 'Well, this shouldn't be too hard. These pieces want to be rejoined. I suppose all you really need is a good source of reliable cold to help the pieces mend together and a cool place to put them while that happens. Once you have the pieces together you'll need a source constant heat to revive the spirit. The frozen spirit and the heat will need a warm place to sit for a while. You could probably use one good insulated container for both tasks. Here, let me show you what I mean.' Silanda sketches a drawing on a pieces of rough parchment and hands it to you. 'You'll want to have that made out of the clay the Taelosians used to make their stone workers.'

You receive an Insulated Container Sketch.

Make a ‘Clump of Refined Ancient Taelosian Clay’ by handing a ‘Chunk of Broken Ancient Stone Worker’ to Hiolan O'Yviania in Abysmal Sea (or you may put the chunk in a kiln and hit combine, trivial 15). The Chunk can be looted from golems in the Gates of Discord zones.

Head to your nearest Kiln and combine the Clump with the Sketch. This combine will yield an ‘Insulated Container’.

Now, head to Velketor's Laboratory. Find mobs called Velketor's Experiment and/or Failed Experiment. The Failed Experiements are near the end of the Icepaw tunnels, while the Velketor Experiments are found past Velketor's room in a dead end that has six total mobs. These two mobs are relatively easy, but hard to find. Once you kill them one will drop a ‘Pulsing Frozen Heart’. This is the cold source that Silanda speaks of.

Combine your ‘Bag’ and a ‘Pulsing Frozen Heart’ in your Insulated Container. This combine will yield Frozen Rain Spirit.

Next head to Burning Woods and look for "a crippled wurm." The mob pops when you zone in at around +3000, 0. The mob is immune to run speed changes (meaning NOT snareable or rootable) and doesn't summon. It hits for about 450 damage. It can be kited, but make sure you have Spirit of Eagle on.  It drops an ‘Everburning Jagged Tree Limb’.

Now head to Citadel of Anguish (access granted as a result of a separate quest). Warden Hanvar will spawn an Orb of Discordant Energy, the Keldovan the Harrier ring event to spawn Jelvan`s Keepsake, Arch Magus Vangl, or Overlord Mata Muram. Loot a ‘Globe of Discordant Energy’.

Finally, combine the Limb, Globe, and Frozen Rain Spirit in the Insulated Container. This combine can only be made in Citadel of Anguish and only if you're in the expedition.

Yuisaha shouts 'I am Yuisaha, spirit of rain and storms.' A great thundering voice booms across the land like a thunderstorm breaking. 'You have endured much to free me. I thank you for rescuing and reviving me. Take this, a small portion of my essence. May it aid you, and may none forget the great deed you have done.

You receive Essence of Rainfall and the Insulated Container back. Combine the Essence of Rainfall with your ‘Staff of Living Brambles’ (epic 1.5) in the Insulated Container. You receive 10 AA's and...  

Congratulations on your ‘Staff of Everliving Brambles’!

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