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Druid Epic 1.0 Nature Walker 's Scimitar

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The Beginning

First off, know this, if you have done any of the following:

  1. Participated with any battle in the Plane of Growth
  2. Killed the Millers in Qeynos Hills
  3. Killed Holly Windstalker in Qeynos Hills
  4. Killed Druids at a druid circle
  5. Killed Treants

Then you will most likely have faction issues to correct in order to complete the epic 1.0. It's tedious, but it can be done.

Telin Darkforest

It starts with Telin Darkforest (Level 55) in Burning Woods. He's hidden in a grove of thick trees near to the Skyfire zone and has been spotted at 3234, 2871. Use tracking to find him, and invis to get through the zone unharmed.

You say, "what action"

He will give you a' worn note'. If he doesn't, then your faction may be too low. Faction can be built up fast by doing the "Muffin Quest" in Freeport. Also, you must be of level 50 or higher before he will speak to you as well.

Next, find Faelin Bloodbriar in Greater Faydark. She spawns around 1500, 500 or south-west of the Crushbone zone. She has an orc pawn placeholder, so kill every pawn you see to make her spawn. Once she spawns, make sure you have casted Spirit of the Wolf on yourself, because she runs constantly and won't stop when you hail her. Give her the note (and keep running after her) and you'll receive a ring. After giving her the note she despawns.

Go to Kithicor Forrest and track Giz X'Tin, a dark elf who will not attack you. He can be found on the path to Highpass Hold, but is usually closer to the West Commons zone than Highpass Hold. Be very careful of the other dark elves in this zone. Give him the ring and he gives you a dark metal coin. After you hand him the ring a level 50 Darkelf Reaver spawns and attacks you. Have SoW on you so that you can run away.

Go back to Telin Darkforest and give him the Coin. He will give it back to you as worn metal coin and tells you to find Athele. She is in East Karana, just north of the barbarian fishing village. Once you start this section, you begin a chain of events, so don't do it until you are ready to finish the job.

Give her the worn metal coin and receive a worn amulet. Give this amulet to Sionae (-2300, -930), then to Nuien (-3650, -300) and finally to Teloa (-3800, -2860). Teola will say to follow her, but don't. A Dark Elf Corruptor and two Darkelf Reavers (all around level 50) will spawn around -1500, -1000. The Corrupter will depop after 10 seconds if not attacked and the Reavers will attack and kill all of the druids you just dealt with, so have a small army ready. You must take out the Corrupter. Loot immediately to get his tome. His buddies will attack the druids down by the shore if you don't stop them. If you don't kill him in time, or don't loot in time, and his buddies kill the druids and despawn, you won't get the book and will have to start over from the beginning. Also keep in mind these inkies are Shadow Knights, so don't be too close to their spawn point or you will be harm touched.

If the Reavers kill the druids, just wait one hour of real time (not EQ time) and Athele will spawn again. Give her the tome and she gives you an Earthstained Note. Bring this to Ella Foodcrafter, a Halfling running around in Misty Thicket. Like Faelin, she constantly runs, so you have to chase her. Give her the Earthstained Note and she will tell you that she needs a mixture. She will give you her mixing bowl. It is a Container so you need a free slot in the Inventory. She also mentions some kind of ancient bowl that she needs.

The Hardened Mixture

You must forage four items that you have to combine in Ella's mixing bowl:

Forage a Chilled Tundra Root from Everfrost Peaks

A Sweetened Mudroot from Misty Thicket

A Speckled Moldy Mushroom from Innothule Swamp

A Heartfruit from Greater Faydark.

You need a forage skill of over 100 to do this, so I hope you've been building up your forage skills.

Go to these zones, you can forage these items anywhere within the zones, find a nice safe space and hit forage continuously. The four items look like edible foods, but you'll get a message reading "You have foraged something that does not look edible." This can take several hours so be prepared to be very bored. When you get the items, combine them in the bowl and you get a 'Hardened Mixture'. After this you will no longer need the mixing bowl.

The Runed Bowl

Now go to the Chess Island in Timorous Deep. The easiest way to do this is to talk to a translocator in The Desert of South Ro, in which he will wisk you away to Timorous Deep. From this island, cast Egress, or Lesser Evacuation to transport yourself to the Chess board island. Use track to locate Alrik Farsight. He's at about -6500, 2000, but does wander.l Egress is a level 52 Druid spell, and Succor is a group form of that, received at level 57 and Lesser Evacuation is a lower, level 18, form of Egress.

You say, " Hail, Alrik Farsight"

You say, "How do you make an ancient bowl?" and "I can take the artifact." He gives you a crushed pot and sends you to Felwithe. Hail Farios Elianos in Felwithe South before you give him the crushed pot. Farios is in the merchant building near the caster's guild. When you enter Felwithe South, you'll see the entrance to the merchant straight ahead, whereas the entrance to the caster's guild is to the left.

If he doesn't respond to you then your faction with Keepers of the Art is too low. Do not give him the pot. You must con amiable to him. If your faction is too low,you can build up faction fast with the "Batwing Quest" in Felwithe South.

Once Farios cons amiable and talks to you, give him the pot and you receive a grocery list. The dialogue with the NPCs for this segment is pretty funny. He will give you the receipt for the bowl if you do a job for him. Bring this grocery list to Merchant Nora in the Shop of All Halos in Felwithe north, which is near the cleric guild. She gives you in return a bag of Provisions. Bring it to Farios and he gives you the receipt for the ancient bowl. Head back to Alrik Farsight in Timorous Deep. He will give you an ancient pattern when you give him the receipt.

The pattern says that you have to combine it with a piece of enchanted clay and platinum speckled powder in a pottery wheel. No skill in pottery is required.

Platinum speckled powder can be obtained through another sub quest.

Forage a Rose of Firiona in Firiona Vie and give it to Merdan Fleetfoot in Surefall Glades, a male ranger in the back of the zone, near the water. The old wooden painting that you receive has to be brought to the human skeleton (Level 40) that roams the western part of Frontier Mountains . It can be found wandering on the western and southern areas, far from the giant fort.

Invis yourself to be left alone by the wandering mobs. Look for "A Human Skeleton" on track. Give him the painting and he will crumble, and you'll have a silver chained locket in your inventory.

Back to Surefall Glade. Give the locket to Niera Farbreeze, a human female in banded armor, also near the water but close to the druid guild building. She will hand you the platinum speckled powder.

Enchanted clay can be obtained through Kinlo Strongarm in Kaladim's EverHot Forge. If you ask him "what mud" and "do it for me" he will tell you that he would like to have a colored axe for his service. He wants a Jade Reaver that can be found in the City of Mist off of a Black Reaver who is about level 52. This is not easy at all. The Reaver is a rare drop and the Black Reavers are a real pain to take down. You will need at least one full group of 50+ players if not two, and one must be a rogue with high lock picking skills.

Hand Kinlo the axe and you get the enchanted clay. If you hunted dwarf citizens in Butcher, invis yourself and head to the forge. The merchants, thankfully, are on a different faction table. Just go to the Everhot Forge and hand Kinlo a Jade Reaver to get the clay. Now combine the pattern, clay and powder in any pottery wheel to make the Rune Crested Bowl.

The Stones

Go Back to Misty Thicket and hand Ella Foodcrafter the hardened mixture and the rune crested bowl. She will make for you a softly glowing stone from it. Ella tells you to find one such as yourself. For the Druids this means to seek out Foloal Stormforest in Firiona Vie.

Foloal is a half elf on the wall that circles the city of Firiona Vie at the north end. Ask her "are you one such as myself?", "what answers?" and "what about Venril Sathir?" She tells you to bring her the stone you already have from Ella and the gem that can be found on Venril Sathir.

You can kill Venril Sathir in Karnor's Castle, but why? Venril is a very tough shadow knight. He is only killed by the strongest guilds or big raids because he is level 55, hits for 300 FAST, has a 1000+ life suck spell and has two personal clerics that heal him whenever he gets hurt. This guy is extremely hard so you might want to be in a good group to do this part.

Better thing to do is let some uber guild take him down. He gets killed for his loot all the time. His remains will spawn in 24 hours, or less. When you see Venril Sathir Remains on track, get your friends together, fast. The Remains will be indifferent to you and just stand there. Hail him and he will respond.

First, conjure a Globe of Fireflies. Dance of the Fireflies is a level 5 druid spell that you may not have even bought, but you'll need it for this. Hand him the globe. A new VS will spawn. Then give him the level 49 cleric Resurrection spell, which you can buy at any cleric guild. He will attack you. Step back and let your tanks take him out. Thankfully, this new VS is not as brutal as the original, but he's no cakewalk either.

The remains will drop two stones, called Pulsing Green Stone. You can use either stone. 

Take the Softly Glowing Stone and Pulsing Green Stone back to Foloal Stormforest. She will give you a warm pulsating stone. This is the time where the quest splits up into the Druid and the Ranger parts. Up to now, they've been identical.

Foloal tells you to take the stone and walk your path.

The Druid's path leads back to Ella Foodcrafter in Misty Thicket. Give her the stone and you will get the Elaborate Scimitar (10/30 9 wis 10 mana 5 sv poison and disease). Now you have one of the four final pieces and a pretty good weapon in its own right.

She asks you to collect the Cleansed Spirits of Antonica, Faydwer and Kunark and hand them along with the scimitar to Xanuusus.

The Cleansed Spirits

In almost all cases with the cleansed spirits, on all three continents, you will have to kill placeholders before a Tainted animal will spawn. Once you kill the Tainted, a Corrupted version may or may not spawn. It’s always pot luck and you may have to kill several Tainteds to get one Corrupted. In all cases, a Corrupted will spawn immediately after the Tainted is killed, there’s no delay, and it will spawn from the corpse of the Tainted, not at the original spawn spot. So a lot of patience is required. The good news is that when the Corrupted spawns out of the Tainted, some of them won't agro on you, so you have a few seconds to regroup before attacking again. But don't sit around or it will depop.

The Cleansed Spirit of Antonica

Go to North Karana and find a Withered Treant. It is at the far north end of NK, at the base of a mountain wall. It’s very close to Xanuusus, who gets the three Cleansed Spirits and the Scimitar when you are done. Hail him and ask him "What Sickness" and he will respond that he wants you to cleanse Antonica of its sickness. He means to kill three things.

The first one is the Corrupted Mammoth. He is below level 30, spawns in Everfrost Peaks , pops near Permafrost zone line and Mammoth Calves are his place holder. I got this one while hunting Icy Orcs at Redwind's temple. From level 25 to 30 you can camp the Icys and get good XP, all the taking out Mammoth Calves to make him pop and keeping an eye on Tracking for the Tainted Mammoth. When you see the Tainted, take it out and immediately a hopefully a Corrupted Mammoth will spawn. Kill it and a Chunk of Tundra will drop. That's what you need.

The second monster is the Corrupted Aquagoblin Shaman. He is mid level 30 in Lake Rathe with side spawns on tops of the underwater-tower. There is a female dark elf named Deep for the Cleric Epic Quest. Ignore her and she’ll ignore you. Do this in wolf form so the other goblins won't agro on you. Some people have chosen to fight under water, but if Enduring Breath wears off you could be in a heap of trouble. You are better off kiting the goblins at the top of the tower to the surface, especially since these gobs are clerics and cast some strong cleric spells. They can dish out a serious hurting, plus they can heal themselves. Kill the gobs at the top of the tower only, don’t bother with the ones around the base. Eventually a Tainted Goblin will spawn. Kill the Corrupted and get a Clean Lakewater item. It looks like a globe of water.

The third one creature is the Corrupted Hill Giant in Rathe Mountains. You want to hunt in the HG area south of the hill with the Guard Tower in Rathe, where Cyclops can also be found. The same process applies here. Kill HGs around the tower and a Tainted Hill Giant will spawn. Kill it and hopefully a Corrupted will spawn. When it dies, loot an Ancient Rock from it.

Give the 3 items looted from all the Corrupted monsters to the Withered Treant in NK to receive the Treant Heart.

Go to Yeka Ias (2330, -2340) in South Karana, who is far to the east of the bridge and along the water, and give him the heart. He will give you the Cleansed Spirit of Antonica. This is the easiest of the three spirits.

The Cleansed Spirit of Faydwer

You will meet a pained Unicorn in Lesser Faydark. Ask him "What Corrupt" and he will tell you, "Pained Unicorn tosses its head back, drool falling from its mouth. The priests of the sick, channel filth and sickness into the lands. Too late did we notice to stop them. Here, in the ocean, and in the underwater city of old. Go to those places and find the corruptions. Bring them to me." Collect for him the items looted from the Corrupted Seahorse, the Corrupted Cyclops, and the Corrupted Brownie.

The first monster, the Corrupted Seahorse is located in Kedge Keep. He is around level 52 and needs 1-2 strong groups to be killed. It's passed the area where Estrella and Undertow, the named Seahorse, spawn. This guy hits for about 141 damage and is a cleric, so he can complete heal himself. Bring clerics and barbarians to stun him when he starts to cast a spell. KK is a rough zone, bring lots of scales for Enduring Breath or get an EB item like a fishbone earring. You MUST bring an enchanter for crowd control because there are a lot of crowds.

The second creature is the Corrupted Seafury Cyclops. You need 3-4 high level people to take this one out. It spawns on an island west of Sister Island in OOT. Take the boat from Freeport, get off on Sister Island, and head west. The first island is the one with a mage spell vendor in a tower. The next island to the west is Sea Fury island. There's around a half dozen Sea Furies, which are cyclops. You can pull them to the shore or other island until a Tainted spawns. The best tactic is fear kiting because they hit hard and are around level 52. The Corrupted also summons. The item dropped is Seavines.

The third creature is the Corrupted Brownie. He is a level 55 druid and can be taken out by a full group of mid level 40s, especially with a necro or enchanter to fear kite. His placeholder is a Brownie Scout. All Brownie Scouts spawn at location 0,0. Camp there and kill every brownie that spawns. The Tainted will spawn at the same location. The Brownie is a druid so get your magic resist up and be ready to get hit hard.

Now head back to the Unicorn. The Unicorn will give you a gleaming horn for the 3 items looted from the corrupted. This has to be handed to the gnome Silox Azrix in Ak'Anon to get the Cleansed Spirit of Faydwer. He is near the mines on the left side of the green river. There is another green gnome near him but you can do this part with superior camouflage on you if you are KoS or otherwise disliked there because you need no faction for Silox.

The Cleansed Spirit of Kunark

Ulump Pujlik, a named Froglok in Swamp of No Hope tells you to give his own essence along with the 3 corrupted things to the gnome that hurts the land. His location is -108, -1762. He is around level 55+ and hits for over 200 damage with 32000 hitpoints and almost 100% magic resist. The only spell that works is the wizard Lure spell. You should have 2 groups with 4-6 melees and 2-4 healers to kill Ulump, casters with pets if you can, and damage shield the tanks. He drops the Froglok Essence.

The 3 corrupted mobs of Kunark are the Corrupted Gorilla, Corrupted Barracuda, and the Dragon Faydedar. The Corrupted Gorilla is mid-40s and spawns in the Emerald Jungle in the northern part of the plateau. Take the giant stairs on the western side of the zone and then head north from the stairs, to the zone wall. Tottering Gorillas are its placeholder. Only pull Tottering Gorillas, the rest are pointless. The best way to get the gorilla is to use invis to get around, track them down and pull to the northern zone wall away from other mobs. Make sure that Severilous, a very powerful dragon, is not around. He will agro if you are in wolf form. The gorilla can be feared with Repulse Animal. He drops the Green Tree Bark.

The second monster, Corrupted Barracuda, is found in the main lake of Lake of Ill Omen at around -900, -900. Same old story here, kill the placeholder, a Deepwater Barracuda, until the Tainted spawns. Placeholders are on a 6 minute timer and this will consume many boring hours. You can determine if the Tainted Barracuda will spawn the Corrupted very easily. Exit the water. If it follows you onto land, that Tainted WILL spawn the Corrupted. If it doesn't follow you, it won't spawn the Corrupted, but you still have to kill it anyway. The Tainted that comes on land is significantly tougher than the other barracudas and you will need help, like a necro to fear kite. Kill him and get the Pure Lakewater.

The last, final and toughest mob in this whole ordeal is the dragon Faydedar in Timorous Deep. He's a really small for a dragon and looks like a lowland basilisk in Butcherblock, but don't be fooled. He is at least level 53 and hits rapidly for up to 250 damage and has major magic resist. His spawn spot is in an oasis at the very southern end of Timorous Deep. Talk to the translocator in The Desert of South Ro to be translocated to Timorous Deep.and have a 57 or higher wizard evacuate you to Chess Island, or just levitate and run there. From there the oasis is to the southeast. Don't go straight south because you'll hit Raptor Island and the agro range of those raptors is ridiculous.

The entrance is at approximately -11300, -3500. It's a large mountain range with a hidden cove. On the far eastern side is an underwater cavern. Swim in and you come up in an inside ring, with yet a second circular area to enter, like a circle within a circle. The second entrance is on the north side of the inside ring. So when you get inside, go right and follow the inside wall, so it's on your left. There is a second underwater entrance that will bring you into the lagoon.

The tactics are: load up with about four or five useless, dummy buffs like see invisible, save vs. poison, etc. Then put on your good buffs. He will dispel you several times, so let the garbage buffs go first. You need as high fire and magic resist as possible, those are his main weapons. Get all the fire and magic resist gear you can and have a bard to twist Psalm of Mystic Shielding and Psalm of Cooling. Also, remove SoW and turn run to walk. He will fear people. If you are SoWed and running you will go quite a distance. Never, under any circumstances, should a caster sit to med when they go OOM. You will be summoned and killed. Last, never heal yourself. Have someone else do it.

When you go to trigger him, have the casters hiding in the second tunnel that leads into the oasis. This will keep them out of range of the AoEs and Dragon Roar. Take the tanks with you to the shore where you will see a dwarf fisherman named Dolgin Codslayer. Give him the Froglok Essence you got from Ulump. Dolgin will give it back to you and depop. This triggers Fay. Have the tanks melee him down to 80 or 70 percent, then bring in the casters from the tunnel to nuke him and start healing the tanks. His magic resists are very high, but cold spells and wizard lures can stick, as will Tashan. But to be honest, lots of tanks and lots of clerics really are the tactic here. Casters won't be much help except wizards for lures and enchanters to haste the tanks. Kill him and loot the Pod of Seawater.

Hand the 4 items to the Gnome Nekexin Virulence in Overthere. He is by the water at the far north end of the zone, to the east of the evil outpost. Approach from the far east, heading west. The evil outpost, with those damned goons, is on the far west of the zone by the water and you don't want to go near it. Give him the Froglok Essence, Pure Lakewater, Green Tree Bark and Pod of Seawater. He will depop and give you the Cleansed Spirit of Kunark.

The End

Hand the 3 'Cleansed Spirits' and the scimitar to Xanuusus the Treant in North Karana.

Congratulations on your 'Nature Walker's Scimitar'!

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