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Cleric Epic 1.0 Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh

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The Beginning

Orb of Frozen Water

The Quest starts in Lake Rathe wear you must kill a named water goblin, Lord Bergurgle. He spawns in the underwater goblin cave, in the tower at (2800, 150). He is around level 40 and casts Complete Heal on himself. He is a rare spawn on a 28 minutes spawn time with a placeholder. The Deepwater Goblins spawn around him so have some companions come along with you and remember Endure Breath. He drops Lord Bergurgle's Crown. 

Take the crown to Shmendrik Lavawalker (3600, 0) who spawns once every 3 hours. Stay at his spawn spot because he is level 30 so someone might kill him if you are not there. When you give it to him he will give you Oil of Fennin Ro and Natasha Whitewater will spawn. Natasha will kill Shmendrik, causing a spirit of flame to spawn immediately on his corpse. Kill this level 40 spirit of flame who has approximately 3300 hitpoints. 

Loot the Damaged Goblin Crown from him. Natasha will also try to kill her so just root, enstill, mesmerize, or do something that will keep her out of the fight because if she gets killing blow it may cause corpse to disappear. The safest way to do this (but more time consuming) is to first just kill Shmendrik without giving him the Lord Bergurgle's Crown, then kill spirit of the flame and loot the Damaged Goblin Crown. 

Then wait for Shmendrik to spawn again, give him Lord Bergurgle's Crown, kill the spirit of flame and give Natasha the Damaged Goblin Crown you already have. Well anyways, after giving Natasha the Damaged Goblin Crown, she will give you Ornate Sea Shell. Take this Ornate Sea Shell to Omat Vastsea in Timorous Deep (-11567, -2227). To reach him, take the cave entrance at loc (-11530, -3728), then the entrance at (-11336, -1307). He will give you a Coral Statue of Tarew. Take this Coral Statue to a seeker in the Temple of Solusek Ro. He is at (326,38,29) and will spawn at 9 A.M. and despawn at 9 P.M. game time.

When you give it to him, he will take it and change into a Plasmatic Priest and start attacking you. He hits in the high hundreds and has 3000-3500 hit points. He is level 55 and casts Complete Heal, Tremor, Annul Magic, Reckoning. You should always bring him to the zone before attacking him because his Area Effect Tremor makes the keepers around him attack him and if they get the kill then you loose the corpse and you must start over. Once you have killed him, loot his 'Blood Soaked Plasmatic Robe'. 

Now go to Solusek A and kill Lord Grimblox. He is a rare spawn on a 19 minute spawn timer will a placeholder (Either Large Fire Goblin or Fire Goblin Shaman). He is only level 30 and shouldn't be hard to kill. Loot his Lord Grimblox's Signet Ring. Now, take the Blood Soaked Plasmatic Robe to Omat Vastsea, causing him to give you Orb of Frozen Water and making Natasha Whitewater spawn again, in Timorous Deep.

Orb of Clear Water

Immediately after giving Omat Vastea the Robe, run to Natasha Whitewater in a house close to Omat. Give her Lord Grimblox's Signet Ring and she will give you a second Ornate Sea Shell. Take this Sea Shell to Naxot Deepwater in Burning Woods. His location is (3400, -2150). He spawns there at 6 P.M. game time and despawns at 6 A.M. He will give you a Message to Natasha.

Now you must kill Ixiblat Fer. This is a level 62 immense Fire Elemental. Hit hits for up to 575 damage and has over 32000 hit points. He spawns in the Burning Wood at (-2000, 1500) . He casts a 300 damage Area Effect fire based spell. This spell is immune to fire elementals. His magic resistance is average to below average for his level. He is not completely immune to fire based spells but it is recommended that you use cold based magic. Once he is gotten down to low health, he will try to run. Try and keep him still because he has a fast regeneration rate. Loot off of him Sceptre of Ixiblat Fir. This drops every time.







Now you have to kill the Overking Bathezid Di'Zok. This level 63 sarnak spawns in Chardok and takes a load of people to kill. He casts a 500 damage Area Effect spell, complete heal, gravity flux, and gate. You have to be careful when killing him. If you fight him at his spawning location you must be careful that he you don't aggro the Queen and you also have to be careful that he doesn't cast Gravity Flux. That will aggro more mobs in upstairs rooms such as the Herbalist. You can also fight him in the hallway but then you have to be careful he doesn't Gate. Then he will start summoning people and they will die. Loot from him a Singed Scroll which drops every time.

Take the Singed Scroll and Sceptre of Ixiblat Fir to Omat Vastsea. He will give you the Orb of Clear Water and Natasha Whitewater will spawn again.

Orb of Vapor

Run straight to Natasha Whitewater after doing the previous step. Give her the Message to Natasha. You will receive the shimmering pearl. Now comes the most what most clerics agree to be the most tedious part of the quest, killing Zordak Ragefire.

Rather than spawning in Lord Nagafen's lair, Zordak Ragefire spawns just off the first ramp, outside the Fire Giant castle (-1379, 351).

Once inside Solusek B, head to the fire giant castle, you come to the "front gate" of the castle, where you go over a small bridge that is over a lava river. if you look over the side of the bridge to your right as you are facing the castle you will see a ledge. either jump or levi down to that ledge. Pinned on the wall of the castle, at that ledge is a flag. he spawns under that flag, on the ledge.

Hand to him your pearl, he will despawn and you will receive a 'Swirling Pearl' and 'Zordak's Box of Bindings'.

Head to Skyfire Mountains once you have your pearl and seek out Warder Cecilia. (3000, -3200).

'Hail, Warder Cecilia'

Warder Cecilia says 'Greetings, you have made excellent time. We received word that Zordak was gathering his power here, and we still have little knowledge of his true intentions. Scattered throughout these mountains there are small Pearlescent Shards, binding four of these shards together within a Box of Binding should allow me to create a Seal. This seal, when fused with a Swirling Pearl inside Zordak's heart should allow our seers to divine his true intentions, even after he has been slain. Once you have the seal I will release Zordak, make haste I will not be able to hold him for long.'

Drop rate on these shards is reported to be about 1%, they seem to have an equal chance of dropping off any mob in the zone. So, you collect the four shards, combine them in the 'box of binding', which produces 'assembled pearlescent shard'.

Hand this to Cecilia. She will hand you back a seal and spawn Ragefire for you.

He spawns as the human form, but will attack on sight. He's level 55 and seems to be the same as the old agro version in Solusek B. Once he dies, his dragon form, Zordakilicus Ragefire will spawn. The new dragon is level 60 and casts a much more powerful dispel and fire damage AE. It's been reported that the dragon has 65,000 hit points.

He will drop an 'Impure Heart of Zordak Ragefire'. This is a container, place the Swirling Pearl and the Seal in the heart container and combine.

You will end up with 'Zordak Ragefire's Heart'. Take this to Omat Vastsea in Timorous Deep.

Omat Vastsea says 'I see now that Zordak Ragefire and the exiled elder dragon Zordakalicus were the same being. That explains how he resisted our attempts to divine his affairs and past. Each of these orbs I have granted you represents one of the Triumvirate. Jhassad Oceanson awaits on the shore below to perform the ritual that will merge the orbs into a single Orb of the Triumvirate and summon an avatar from the Plane of Water. Present the Orb of the Triumvirate to the Avatar of Water when it arrives and allow your destiny to be unraveled.'

Receive 'Orb of Vapor'.

Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh

After the last step, Jhassad Oceanson will spawn close to the shore. Give Jhassad the three orbs: Orb of Frozen Water, Orb of Water, and Orb of Vapor. He will return to you Orb of Triumvirate and the Avatar of Water will spawn near Jhassad by the shore. He will then roam around the shore and finally come to stand next to Jhassad. It is recommended that you wait for the Avatar of Water to stand next to Jhassad because then you will get experience when you turn in the Orb. If you give it to him while he is on his roam path, you will get no experience and obviously the experience bonus is a lot since this is an Epic Quest. Turn in the Orb of Triumvirate to the Avatar of Water. He will give you the Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh.

The effect is right click based and is a level 56 cleric spell summoning someone to his/her corpse with a 96% experience regain.

Congratulations on your 'Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh'!

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