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Beastlord Epic 2.0 Spiritcaller Totem of the Feral

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If you have the Savage Lord's Totem (epic 1.5):

Elder Animist Muada says 'I am honored to have had the opportunity to observe you -- a feral champion for the ills that have befallen our kind. You have certianly made your name known among us. While the spirit world is not freed from danger, it is much more promising with all that you've done. Take this token of our appreciation. It may appear to be too much right now, but it will be very important should you [wish to continue to walk among the elders] of the lords and beasts.'

You say, 'I wish to continue to walk among the elders.'

Elder Animist Muada says 'So eager to improve yourself, hm? This is encouraging indeed. You must understand that the path from here on out is full of brambles and you will need to acquire great knowledge of the spirit of the warder that you control. There is still much that you do not [know].'

You say, 'What do I not know?'

Elder Animist Muada says 'The terrible fate of the spirits in Discord is not over it seems. While we set back the efforts of that dark animist of that realm, it has simply recreated itself and once again threatens the spirits of our warders. We are [learning] more, however.'

You say, 'What are you learning?'

Elder Animist Muada says 'I'm sure you recall the totem you found on that animist. Well, we have studied it in great detail and we need to create a counterpart to it. This requires a great deal of skill and may take some time to complete. This is not a [task] you will be able to fulfill on your own, so you may consider amassing a group of Norrathians that might be willing to help the conservation of the beastlords.'

You say, 'What task?'

You receive a Peculiar Unshapen Piece of Wood.

Elder Animist Muada says 'You must create a totem that is bound to the wild spirits as well as your own. At one time in their lives, each elder has had one. We used it to focus the power of our warders to make them stronger and to bond them to our own spirits. It is time for you to take on this labor of life, now that you are well on the path to becoming one with the elders. Are you [prepared] to do this?'

You say, 'I am prepared.'

Elder Animist Muada says 'This is good news. I had no doubt you were ready. First, take this piece of wood. It is the first item you will need in creating your totem. It is a unique piece of wood and one of few that has been collected by the elders. Keep it with you. Now, there are several other [things] you will need to find as part of this journey.'

You say, 'What other things?'

Elder Animist Muada says 'There is a creature of dark repute in a realm of winds that holds clay made malleable with magic. Once the shape of a beast is made with it, it can aid us to summon those forms from the wild. We have found a way to refine it to help us summon the strongest and most loyal warders. [There is more] too.'

You say, 'There is more?'

Elder Animist Muada says 'A somewhat peaceful, if not fickle sort, nearby one of our dearest elders in a forest has been touched by the seeping of Discord into Norrath. It has become quite sickly with a dark magic and it has caused it to become extremely violent and seeking blood. Our elder, someone you know, escaped its power and wrath once, but you must help. This creature carries a magical blood which we will use for your totem to honor the lost wild spirits this creature consumed. I understand this creature was strengthened by taking the life of a noble and ancient wolf of our [world].'

You say, 'Our world?'

Elder Animist Muada says 'I suppose many worlds have strife, but Norrath is in grave danger and folk all over argue and bicker like never before. To this day, the Vah Shir have been battling with the grimlings. Many beastlords have helped Scout Husman in the past, but something has changed and not just any beastlord can overcome this new [problem].'

You say, 'What problem?'

Elder Animist Muada says 'You may need companions to aid you, which will test your strengths as a leader and a true lord of beasts. Tell Scout Husman you wish to end the great threat in the Grimling Forest and he will brief you. There are two pieces worn about the necks of as many grimlings. We need those trinkets and they will be difficult to obtain. The two brother grimlings have strengthened beyond our control and are powerful with the help of magic of the wilds. We need the precious metal and magic held in their trinkets and to end their threat. When you have these items, you must return to me at once and tell me that you wish to [make the totem]. Good luck, fair feral one.'

Making the Totem

Fierce Spirit Clay - Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind

Spiritfrenzied Phoenix spawns on Phoenix Isle (/loc?) when the ring resets. Kill it (fight info?) to loot Fierce Spirit Clay.

Scalding Blood - Jaggedpine Forest

Rashara Wrualla may be found at +400, -1600.

You say, 'Hail, Rashara Wrualla'

Rashara Wrualla says 'I'm so glad you are here. There is a gnoll here seeking to steal my very essence! How did I come upon such bad luck? I believe this gnoll heard about the theft of my warder's esseence, and now it wants mine. You must find it and spill its blood and take it to Muada forthwith!'

Dismal Darkpaw Mystic will spawn at +3400, +800 in the gnoll caves. It is level 71 or 72, hits for 920 and procs Cessation of Health . Once it's dead, loot the Scalding Blood.

Eerie Medallions - Grimling Forest

Find Scout Husman in Grimling Forest at -863, -1168,+7.

You say, 'I wish to end the threat in the Grimling Forest.'

Scout Husman says 'Ah, I see you have come to help with the growing problem in the forest with the Grimlings. They were already a big enough problem, but some have changed and become ever more powerful and twisted. There are two in particular trying to amass a powerful following. You will mostly likely find them wandering in the forest from time to time as they recruit. Good luck to you friend.'

"A Grimling Colonel" and "Grimling General" roam the forest. Killing one supposedly spawns the other (need confirmation either way) . They are each easily soloable, and each can drop the Eerie Medallion.

Make the Totem

Return to Elder Animist Muada.

You say, 'I am ready to make the totem.'

Elder Animist Muada says 'Very well. You must now fashion the shape of the totem and imbue it with what you have collected, but not without this bit of beastlord magic. The elders fashion this essence rarely, so treat it with care. You must find a way to blend the magic items taken from the earth and blood together to make the magical base for this totem. Then, use the result to surround a solid frame you find and bathe it with our essence with heat to form the magical basis for this treasured item. Then, you must use fires to mold it. I trush your knowledge and willingness to learn will guid you through this phase of your trials as a beastlord. Return to me and tell me that you are finished with this important duty. Be careful.'

You receive Combined Essence and Elders Totem Mold.

Combine 2 x Eerie Medallion + 1 x Scalding Blood + 1 x Fierce Spirit Clay in a kiln to craft Gilded Resonating Clay, minimum pottery skill 100 required, trivial unknown (no-fail?) .

Combine 1 x Gilded Resonating Clay + 1 x Peculiar Unshapen Piece of Wood + 1 x Combined Essence in a spit or oven to craft a Malleable Glowing Token, minimum baking skill 100 required, trivial unknown (no-fail?) .

Combine 1 x Malleable Glowing Token + 1 x Elders' Totem Mold in a forge to craft a Spiritbound Totem, minimum blacksmithing skill 100 required, trivial unknown (no-fail?) .

Return to Elder Animist Muada.

You say, 'I have finished with this important duty.'

Elder Animist Muada says 'Now you have a fine instrument which is a reminder of your ascendance as a beastlord. Keep it close to your heart as you need that item of your very essence if you choose to advance further as an animist. Now...to continue your journey. First you must once again help to rescue the tortured spirits of our kin. The seething darkness in Discord has once again [trapped spirits] of the wild that we implore you to retrieve.'

You say, 'What trapped spirits?'

Elder Animist Muada says 'There are discordant beasts that have become twisted through no fault of their own. You may think of it as a spiritual plage, which has us mystified, but we need these creatures stopped. As they grow more infected with spirits, their strength is growing out of contol. We need you to go to that realm and find the source of the problem. They are incredibly large beasts, so beware and do not go alone. Go seek the scout.'

Find the Scouts

Bring a raid and find Jillaa Oogblat in Nobles' Causeway at +800, +950. Jillaa seems to be up for an hour, then down for two.

Set up your raid on the ledge at -50, +250.

You say, 'Hail, Jillaa Oogblat'

This spawns the mob! (Do you have to hand in the totem?)

Jillaa Oogblat says 'Ah, you have the totem. Me call you friend. So friend, we gots big trouble here. Dem bazu are out of control. It not as dough dey weren't tough enough already! Dey gots da wrong spirits running in deir bodies. Dere is no way to calm dem eider. So we are going to have to kill them to get da spirits back. You must do dis. I tink dey know I'm here. Dey close by!'

Bazu Terror and four Bazu Crushers spawned. Bazu Terror hits for 900 and procs Explosion of Bone and Resonant might . The Crushers are mezzable. Once it's dead, loot Feral Dust.

Then you are in for a surprise: a tiny version of Discordling Dark Animist spawns in the middle of the corpse and instantly aggroes the raid, summoning, hitting for 500, and proc'ing a stun/mezz that lasts for three minutes (name of effect?) . Once it's dead, loot a Discordant Animist Wand.

Bring the wand back to Jillaa Oogblat.

Jillaa Oogblat says 'Dat must be it! Da creature had da wand dat infected creatures. It must have tried to make an army. We done solved it! Me will wrap it and [keep] it until me see Muada soon. Me stay a bit to be sure dat dis not happen again.'

You say, 'Keep it?'

Jillaa Oogblat says 'Well, me sense dat dere something bad about dis wand. It not feel as powerful as it should really. Me sure it safe to keep with me. Take da dust back to Muada dough. He want to see dat.'

Head back to Elder Animist Muada and give him the Feral Dust.

Elder Animist Muada says 'Yes, yes, this is what we need. It's unfortunate you had to get it by the means you did. It seems that the command of the spirits is getting difficult to master with all the trouble coming about from that portal to that foul realm. Wait a moment, ______ . . . a messenger is coming.'

Messenger Yuashar says 'Sir! We have ill tidings. Jillaa gave the Dark Animist Wand she was holding to one of our scouts. No one has been able to find a trace of the ogre scout since -- and she is an easy one to find with that odor she carries around. What shall we do? Shall we keep searching?'

Elder Animist Muada eyes the messenger and then his feline eyes look over your face. 'We will send our esteemed beastlord, here. This master of beasts knows much and is more familiar with this issue than most. Will you [agree to take on this charge] of seeking out our lost scout?'

You say, 'I agree to take on this charge.'

Elder Animist Muada says 'I had no doubts, ______... Messenger, you may return to our scouts and tell them that our friend here will take on the hunt for the lost scout. Give Jillaa this elixir. I'm sure she is in need of it and it will alert her to your acceptance of the task.'

You receive Blended Elixir of Fortitude. Head back to Jillaa and give it to her.

Jillaa Oogblat says 'Yes, yes, welcome back. Me so worried. Me gave dat wand to scout, an ogre friend, and now it gone! And so is da scout. Someone told me dey found a tattered tunic dat looked liked da scout may have worn it quite far from here! It covered in strange black hairs and a sharp claw was stuck in it. Me don't want to tink about dat too much. It make me sad. Please go find da scout. And hurry!'

You receive a flag and can no longer spawn the Bazu Terror event.

Gather a raid and head to The Bloodfields and find the Tormented Scout in the southwest corner of the zone (/loc?) . The scout is up for thirty minutes, then down for two hours.

You say, 'Hail, Tormented Scout'

Tormented Scout says 'Get back, now. Dis a trick. Me can't control da . . . You must be [strong] for what coming. It know you here!'

You say, 'Strong?'

Tormented Scout says,in an unknown tongue, 'Me so scspy. Me xannet stos dyf . . . It paek irntrpl of me!'

Is this actually an unknown language or just one unknown to the author?

Yet another Discordling Dark Animist spawns, this time with six Savage Ferans. The Animist procs Call of the Ikaav , Flames of the Fiend , and Silence of the Shadows . When the Savage Ferans are killed, they instantly respawn as a mindburrow feran. When those are killed, they instantly respawn as a burnmuzzle feran. Try to fight the Discordling Dark Animist away from the ferans.

Once it's dead, loot the Gemmed Dark Animist Wand (can a chest with additional loot spawn?) and bring it back to the Tormented Scout.

Tormented Scout looks at you with sad eyes. 'Me so sorry, but me could not stop it. Wand is terrible power. Me wrap it again like Jillaa. You take it to Muada, quickly. Me tinks we did it! It has no power without dis wand!'

You receive a wand (called what?) . Bring this wand back to Elder Animist Muada.

Need missing dialogues.

If you gave your Spiritbound Totem to Muada by mistake, you can say "Lost," then go to Elder Animist Dumul and pay him 5k for another.

Need missing dialogues.

Complete the six raid trials in the Muramite Proving Grounds to gain access to the Citadel of Anguish, then defeat one of the bosses there: Warden Hanvar to spawn an Orb of Discordant Energy, the Keldovan the Harrier ring event to spawn Jelvan`s Keepsake, Arch Magus Vangl, or Overlord Mata Muram. Loot a Globe of Discordant Energy.

Give the Spiritbound Totem and Globe of Discordant Energy to Elder Animist Muada.

Elder Animist Muada appears overwhelmed. 'There is no limit to your greatness, is there? You have done more than any other to save us -- the masters of the wild. Your time has come, savage lord. You are about to meet one of the very first beastlords of Luclin. Her name is Alladnu Eshiara. She is often found in the wild, studying nature and the ways of feral creatures. Find her, give her this letter and your Savage Lord Totem and she will complete your journey. I will be there in spirit friend.'

You receive (what?) .

Head to Hollowshade Moor and find Alladnu Araihse at -619, +1407, -118.

You say, 'Hail Alladnu Araihse'

Alladnu Araihse says 'Ah, I can sense that you have truly walked the path of a commander of the wild spirits. You have your Savage Lord's Totem imbued with your spirit, do you not? Well, we will now put it to good use. You must give it to me as well as proof that Muada has sent you so we can proceed with final steps of your journey.'

Give Alladnu the sealed letter and your Savage Lord's Totem.

Alladnu Araihse says 'Follow me, _______. We will embark upon the final steps of your journey.'

She begins to walk; follow her.

Alladnu Araihse says 'Wait here for a moment.'

Alladnu Araihse begins to growl and ascend into the realm of the wild spirits as she closes her eyes.

Five different beastlords spawn one at a time.

Eternal Animist Ukki says 'Me happy to meet you beastlord. We watched you do all dat you did and we so happy to find you to end our troubles. I was da first ogre to learn da ways of mastering da beasts and you make us proud with your mastery of da feral ones.'

Eternal Animist Nyrash says 'It is an honor and pleasure to lay eyes on one with a heart so much like our own. Your deeds are worthy of many blessings. I was not the first Vah Shir to find the path to becoming one with the wild spirits, but I am the second. We owe you a tremendous debt.'

Eternal Animist Nudulk says 'We's so happy dat you came through almost like you's a wild spirit too. We can feel dat the spirits are slowly being restored, tanks to yous. Dat animist was behind most of da problems.'

Eternal Animist Mikkily says 'Aye, it is grand to finally meet the one we've had so many hopes for o'er many long hours. Just when we'd worry about something, there ye be, taking care of the problem. You are like so many of us -- willing to learn, determined, and ready to face any challenge. Grand day indeed, aye. I was one of the first barbarians to learn the way of the wolf and to bring it to my side.'

Eternal Animist Wikaq says 'Like my fellow eternal lordsss of the beastsss, I wanted to greet you. We are now at one with the wild spirits we spent our lives with and we want to give you the final teaching and rite as a savage lord. You are ready now . . . to accept the power of the beasts and receive our blessing.'

The air begins to rumble with a harmony of deep growls and all savage creatures grow restless with the passing breath and approval of the great animal spirit, Sahteb Mahlni.

Alladnu Araihse says 'It is done. I do hope you fully understand the gift that is about to be bestowed upon you. With each breath the eternal spirits of the wild spoke, your Savage Lord's Totem was imbued with their blessing. This totem has now come to represent all of the beasts most close to a savage lord. The swirling essence within it will allow you to tap into the spirits of your elders -- your origin -- with a focused mind. Are you truly [ready] to take your place among the respected elders of the beastlords of Norrath?'

You say, 'I am ready.'

You receive 10 AA points and your Spiritcaller Totem of the Feral.

Alladnu Araihse says 'Then you have finished your journey. Here ends my service and those of the spirits. You are one with the spirits now. Travel your life's journey with pride.'

Congratulations on your 'Spiritcaller Totem of the Feral'!

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