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Beastlord Epic 1.0 Claw of the Savage Spirit

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The Beginning

The Beastlord Epic Quest begins with talking with Historian Sharar in upper Shar Vahl. The Historian can be found in the library building. He is easy to find, but a map might help to get you there since I hear Shar Vahl is a confusing city.

You say, 'Hail, Historian Sharar'

Historian Sharar says 'It is a pleasure to meet you, friend. Please let me know if you have trouble finding the book that you seek. If you request something that we do not have available, I can make a note to keep an eye out for it. We are getting in a great variety of interesting new material these days. Speaking of which, I need someone to take a tome to Elder Animist Dumul. He has been frantically researching something or another. I'm sure that you could pry a little and learn more about it if you were to take this book to him. Is that something that you would be interested in doing? '

You say, 'Yes, I'll take the book to Dumul'

Historian Sharar says 'You have a braver spirit than mine, friend, but I'm glad that someone is available to assist me. Take care and keep alert. The Khati Sha seem to be very troubled by something of late. '

Next head to the lower level of Shar Vahl, and seek out the Beastlord Guild. There you will find the Elder Animist Dumul. Give Dumul the Historian's Book

Elder Animist Dumul says 'Thank you, young courier. I will not need anything more from you at this time. We have a great deal of research to do and absolutely no time to complete said studies. Did the Historian tell you anything? Matters are bad enough without rumors floating about in the shadows. Speak up... did you hear anything about our situation? '

You say, 'some spirits are disturbed'

Elder Animist Dumul says 'Well, my prying little friend. Someone as inquisitive as you may be of use to us. Perhaps you were sent to us by the very ones we seek to help. The spirits are capable of far more impressive manipulations. If any time warrants such trickery or nudging of fate, I would guess that this day would qualify. Be aware of one thing, youth... the beastlord that follows the path I see before us this day may not return to this house unscathed... if they return to me at all. If you are the Khati Sha I seek, prove your worth in combat and return to me with the Copper Medal of War. You can get this medal from assisting the soldiers in the Grimling Forest. '

Scout Husman

Now, head to the Grimling Forest to about –500, -1200 and you will find a shopkeeper who sells polished Acrylia Spheres. Buy one sphere. Run to –800, -1200 and you will find Scout Husman. Hand him the Acrylia Sphere. Follow him to a Grimling Camp, which he will attack.

You must keep Husman alive and help him kill the Grimlings. Several waves will follow the first 5 at the starting camps. These waves will consist of 4-5 grimlings each. You will need a group of 50s, or a few 55+ people. Make sure you have a healer, and someone that can taunt so that Husman is not taking all the hits.

Eventually, after the waves, a Grimling officer with spawn. If the waves stop coming for more than 5 minutes, then restart the quest. The officer is a rare spawn, and does not always pop on your first try of waves. Just step away, let the grimlings at the camp pop, and let Husman die. He will respawn ten minutes later. Just fyi, Husman is level 30, so he doesn’t have a lot of hitpoints.

It is farely easy to keep him alive after the first wave. Once you kill the officer, get his scalp, and give it to Husman for the Copper Medal of War. If Scout Husman dies anytime during the quest, you must start over.

Take the Copper Medal to Dumul back in Shar Vahl. He will give you an Official Seal of the Khati Sha and a Carved Wooden Crate. The crate is a 6 slot container (with combine button). He also says that if at any time you need another Seal, come back to him and ask him for one.

You say, 'I am ready'
He speaks of a magic-user that is using wooden totems to siphon the power of elder spirits using [new magic]. He is using this power to summon entities of malign intent.

You say, 'What new magic ?'
Elder Animist Dumul says 'The scouts were able to witness some of the rituals used to capture the spirits. They described a process that involved the use of a wooden totem, shaped in the image of the spirit's true form. The magic-user is able to use that totem to siphon the power of the spirit. He then uses that power to transform the spirit into an entity of malign intent. Fortunately, our research has given us the name of this vile magic-user. '

The Scouts

Scout Janomin - Permafrost

You will need to turn the seal into six different scouts. The first scout is in Permafrost. In Perma, first clear the caves with Ice giants and bears past the King room and Diplomat room. Then, hand in the Seal to Scout Janomin who is by the entrance/ladder behind some rocks and get immediately CoHed to where your raid is at. The Icebound Spirit will spawn in the pits. Have your puller (preferably a monk or shadowknight) pull the spirit to where your forces are. The Icebound Spirit is level 55 and hits for 225 max. If you are in a seasoned guild, you shouldn’t have a problem dispatching him. He has moderate MR, high Cold resist, and low fire resist. He is immune to slow spells and flurries. He has a lot of hitpoints. Once he is dead, loot his totem and turn it in to Scout Janomin.

Scout Jaromin says 'Perfect work, (your name)! I am glad the Elders made such a wise choice in sending you. I must admit, I was rather scared during the exploration of these halls. This lair is quite foul, quite foul indeed! Take this wrapped totem and place it in the case that you were given. Once you have all of the totems, seal the case and make your way back to Shar Vahl. I work my way back as well. Thank you again. '

You will receive the Wrapped Ice bear Totem and another Seal. Keep the Seal with you for the next scout, and put the totem into the 6 slot container.

Scout Rahjiq – Lesser Faydark

Scout Rahjiq can be found at 187,-1885. Hand him the Seal

Scout Rahjiq says 'Keep your head down, mate! The spirit that you have come for is very close. I have spotted it several times today. It keeps appearing near that odd structure just over the hill. Be careful not to attract the attention of those invisible creatures that roam near the structure. Just release the spirit and return the totem to me. I'll prepare the totem for placement in the container that you were given.

The air before the large monolith grows solid, as misty tendrils wrap together in the shape of a large wolf.

A large white wolf named the Spirit of Malevolence will spawn just East of the Shadowmen altar. He is not hard to kill, has medium amount of hit-points and hits for 225. The most annoying thing is the AE blindness spell, which can be resisted if you have MR. Give the totem back to Rahjiq.

Scout Rahjiq wraps the totem and returns it with the seal you gave him and says, 'That spirit was very powerful. I'm glad that you were able to release it. Please keep this totem safe until you can return to Shar Vahl. Once you collect all of the totems, seal the box and return it to your master. May the spirits watch over you!

Take the Wrapped Wolf Totem and put it in your container, and keep the Seal for the next battle.

Scout Ahlikal - Feerrott

Head to Feerrott and find the Scout Ahlikal at 374,-2440. Give him the Seal and Spirit of Decay will spawn North of the Scout in a stone structure. The spider casts an AOE snare with a side-effect DoT. The DoT spell does 100 damage per tick and adds 9 poison counters. The duration of the dot is unknown. I am guessing that you should have all your resists high enough so that the DoT does not hit you. Hand the totem from the spider to Scout Ahlikal to receive the Wrapped Spider Totem.

Put the Wrapped Spider Totem into your container, and keep the Seal for the next fight.

Scout Eyru – Swamp of No Hope

Find Scout Eyru in Swamp of No Hope at –3514,2345. Hand him the seal.

Scout Eyru says 'It is a relief to see you. I was beginning to fear that no one would be able to find me in this miserable swamp. I wanted to get word back to Shar Vahl about my location, but I was afraid that I would lose the trail off this spirit if I were to break off my pursuit. This location is as strange of a destination for our spirit as it is dangerous. I have seen the spirit several times and it is very out of place here. I can't help but think that the transformation has left the spirit confused beyond all repair. '

Scout Eyru says 'If you move towards the large body of water just north of here, you should be able to find a vantage point that will allow you to see it. The spirit has been resting under the surface of the water there for several days now. Once you release the spirit, please return to me with the totem that binds it. I will prepare the totem, so that you may return it to Shar Vahl. '

A giant reptile roars, as it sinks below the surface of the pond. It appears that it senses your approach.

The mob is the Spirit of Sorrow. It is level 55, like all the other spirits, but this one is a bit trickier to kill. Since it it underwater, you will want the tanks to have EB on. All the resists are high, so do not try to nuke until it has been debuffed or if you are a wizard then you can use your lure spells. Your spells will only work if the monster is out of the water, which can be tricky to do, since it summons. Another twist with this mob is that it has a 10-15 second ae stun. Again, just get MR high enough, and it won’t hit you. Once you killed the mob loot the totem and give it to Eyru.

Scout Eyru says, 'Splendid job, (yourname)! This wrapping should help to shield you from any of the negative properties that may be manifested in the totem. You should be fine if you keep it in the box that you were given. Once you collect all of the totems, please seal the box and return it to Shar Vahl. Be careful to protect the totems during the course of your travels. The balance of power in several realms is reliant on your ability to fulfill this mission. Please do not fail us.'

Take the Wrapped Alligator Totem and put it in your container, keep the seal for the next Scout.

Scout Malom – Stonebrunt Mountains

Now head to Stonebrunt Mountains, where you will find Scout Malom at 3650,-3530. Give him the Seal.

Scout Malom says 'Thank you for coming. I am surprised that you were able to find me. I barely know where I am at this point. I followed the vile beast that has been corrupting the spirits, but he eluded me after I followed him to that ridge up there. Fortunately, the spirit that you seek has remained at the site of its transformation. Use levitation to work your way up the falls and return to me with the totem that you will acquire from releasing the spirit. '

Something glows brightly from high above the falls. '

The Spirit, Spirit of Torment, spawns North of the Scout on top of the waterfall. He has low hitpoints, and only hits for 225. Quite easy to dispatch. He does proc a 10-15 second stun on whoever he is attacking. Hand the totem into Scout Malom

Scout Malom says 'Great work, friend. Take this totem and place it in the case that you were given in Shar Vahl. Do not unwrap the totem and be quick in your pursuit of the others. Once you have all of the totems, please seal the case and return it to Shar Vahl. I can only hope that you will get to all of the spirits in time. Take care, friend.

Put the Wrapped Totem of the Watcher into your container, keep the seal for the next battle.

Scout Vyrak – Emerald Jungle

Find Scout Vyrak at 237, 4212 in Emerald Jungle. He is not always up, because he is kos to wondering mobs. Hand him the Seal. A Totem Fiendling will spawn straight ahead, and will run to try and kill the Scout. Kill the Fiendling quickly before he kills the Scout. He is not a very high level, and is easy to kill.

Southeast of the Scout in a building, the Spirit of Rage will spawn. The Spirit of Rage has an aoe fear spell and flurries for 225 each hit. Kill it and get the totem. Hand the totem into Scout Vyrak for Wrapped Gorilla Totem. Put the Wrapped Totem into the 6 slot container.

The Battle with Draz Nurakk

Hit the combine button once you have all six totems in the box. You will get a Sealed Box of Totems. Hand this to the Elder Animist Dumul.

Elder Animist Dumul says 'I have received word from several of our scouts indicating your impending arrival. We are all very pleased that you were able to release all of the spirits before any true harm could manifest itself. Your efforts have not only restored balance to the spirit realm, they seem to have also acted to hinder any other plans our antagonist may have had... for the time being. '

Elder Animist Dumul says 'Our Taruun scouts have discovered Draz Nurakk's location. A scout has returned from a set of islands on the Old World. The islands are in a place called Timorous. The Taruun returned while leaving a scout behind to insure that the foul Animist does not evade us any further. You will need to find the island on which our scout has set up camp. The island has a great statue on it. Hopefully, he will still be in that location. Show him this seal and he will know that I sent you to assist. '

Elder Animist Dumul hands you the Seal of Elder Dumul at this point. Head out to Timorous Deep and look up Scout Sihmoj. Hand him the Seal.

Scout Sihmoj says 'Good to see you, now keep your head down friend. He may look out here at any moment, though he's been asleep most of the day. He's been staying in a ruined building on that island over there. I'm sure you can see it from here. You should be able to surprise him with little trouble. Just take care to avoid any traps he may have set. He's proven to be a very capable magic-user. '

Scout Sihmoj says 'When you finish with him, please bring any evidence of his being dispatched back to me in this bag. I'll direct you from there. Good luck... I'll watch from here. '

Draz Nurakk will spawn, but he will be very low, green con. He will spawn on the island on the opposite island. Pull him away from his spawn spot to where your groups are, and kill him. He won’t drop anything on this corpse but:

Draz Nurakk's corpse explodes into thousands of brilliant glass fragments! '

Now at his spawn point will be 6 Draz Nurakk’s Images. Five of these iksars are level 53, and the sixth one is level 55. One of the 53 cannot be snared or rooted, and one cannot be slowed. They can all be single pulled by someone 51 or higher, but you should have a 60 puller with feign just in case something goes wrong with the pull. All the 53s hit for around 140, and the 55 hits for 170. He is also not able to be stunned or mezzed. Each one of the iksars drops a Shards of Broken Glass. Put all 6 of the shards into the bag that the Scout Sihmoj gave you, combine it, and give it to Sihmoj.

Scout Sihmoj says 'I knew that this creature had power, but how do you explain this? That fight was well beyond my comprehension. I'm not sure what to do other than have you return the bag to Elder Dumul. I'm sure that he will know what to do next. Take care and be swift. '

Return to Elder Animist Dumul and hand him the bag.

Elder Animist Dumul says 'My fears were well founded, and I am glad that I have had people that are able to understand those fears. Please do not think that I have intentionally placed you in the path of harm, but I did have my suspicions about our adversary's strength. I am not surprised that he was able to deceive us in this manner. I thank the spirits that you were able to evade harm in your completion of this task. '

Elder Animist Dumul says 'Take this note to Arms Historian Qua. He has been researching a means of circumventing any protective magic that Draz Nurakk may have in place. When you meet him next, you will be well equipped to complete the restoration of balance to the spirit realm. Make your way to Qua and do as he says. '

The Armory Men

Seek out the Arms Historian Qua at -176.79, 52.26, -188.25.

You say, 'Hail, Arms Historian Qua'
Arms Historian Qua says 'Hail citizen, may I help you find a book or are you looking for assistance with something else? '

Give him the note Dumul gave you.

Arms Historian Qua says 'It is a pleasure to meet you, [your name]. The Animists mentioned that someone would be by, but for me not to wait, so I sent the information that they requested to Weapons Master Rahoul. He is having a master smith finish the blades. '

Arms Historian Qua says 'Take him this receipt and I'm sure that he'll get you the weapons as soon as possible. Take care, [your name]. It appears that a lot of people are relying on you in this matter. You may be the only person that can do this. '

Now find the Weapons Master Rahoul at -105.99, -540.14, -258.75.

You say, 'Hail, Weapons Master Rahoul'

Weapons Master Rahoul says 'Hail friend, are you a new recruit or have you been at it for a bit? '

Hand him the Receipt you received from the Arms Historian.

Weapons Master Rahoul says 'You are just the time. The weapon that Elder Dumul requested has almost been completed. We need you to gather a few items in order to complete the weapon. These items will not require much effort to acquire, but I will need to tell you where to look. Place all of the items that I request in this box and return it to me as quickly as possible. '

Weapons Master Rahoul says 'Now, seek out a large chunk of perfect acrylia ore, two Gems of the Void, and chunk of dense fungal padding. Once I have those items, I can finish the weapon that you will need to use to kill the dark animist.'

The large chunk of perfect acrylia ore drops in The Grey. They are very rare drops off of stonefiends, stonebeasts and stonehands. They are quite complicated to get to spawn but here is the guide. First, you find one of the traps (without triggering it.) Then, take a coin and click on the trap. This will cause it to say either You are too far away to trade with "a creature", "TRAP PH", or "sand trap." The traps called "a creature" are the ones that most commonly spawn stonebeasts. When you spawn a trap called "a creature" it can either respawn as "a creature" or "TRAP PH". The problem seems to be that "TRAP PH" does not trip if you run over it nor does it despawn in a long time if ever. So if someone is specific looking for the "a creature" traps to get the stone beasts, after a while you can have only "TRAP PH" up. I usual avoid the "the sand" traps, which are visable, usual spawn wurms and rarely shimmering stonefiends, but as far I can tell those won't get replaced. (Thank you Findaan for explaining this.)

The Gems of the Void drop from the Xi line. These are undead creatures that are either shadowknights or clerics. Reports say that it isn’t hard to get two Gems. Hunting at the Umbral Zone is a good place, since there are a lot of the Xi Vius/Xaus there.

The chunk of dense fungal padding drops off of "a shrieker" mobs in The Deep. These mobs are all over the place and very easy to kill. There are three that spawn at the zone, so if you don’t want to have a full group, you can get a tank and a healer (Druid, Shaman or Cleric) and continually kill the three entrance mobs until the padding drops. The padding is a random drop. It took some people 150 mobs, and it took others 6.

After you collect these 4 items, combine them in the box Rahoul gave you, and turn it back in to him.

Weapons Master Rahoul says 'These claws should work well for you. The design was research by Historian Qua. They should work to neutralize the magical field that protects the dark animist and allow you to tear his scaly flesh from his frame. Remember that all of this is theoretical. Those claws are an original creation. You will be the first to prove their effectiveness in combat. '

Weapons Master Rahoul says 'Take the claws back to Animist Dumul and show him their design. Use them well, [your name]. May the spirits guide you in your attack. '

Take the 2 claws, and give them to Dumul.

Elder Animist Dumul says 'These claws are exquisite. I can see that a great deal of thought went into their design. Now it is your turn to demonstrate your proficiency in your chosen role. You have a great challenge ahead of you, for we have determined that only these claws will work to harm this dark animist, this corrupter of spirits. You will need the support of your people; but in the end, only the strength of your will can save us. '

Elder Animist Dumul says 'Our scouts have tracked Draz Nurakk to an abandoned village in the Fungus Grove. We learned of his intent to track you down. I take it that he did not appreciate your willingness to assist us. He knows who you are, so it will be best for us to get him before he can conjure up any more surprises. Find Scout Halmia in the Grove and give her this seal. Then bring the evidence of his destruction to me when you are done. Place his head, the seal, and those claws in this box and return it to me.'

He gives you a Seal, a box, and the two claws that you just handed him.

The Final Battle

You are almost done! Head to Fungus Grove and seek out Scout Halmia. She is in the small cavern right at the Twilight Sea zone. Give her the Seal from Dumul.

Scout Halmia says 'I thank the spirits that you have arrived. I would not have been able to stop the dark animist if he were to attempt to leave. He has made camp in an empty set of huts. He has moved from hut to hut, but made no attempt to leave the area. I would be wary of traps if I were you. I must admit that I was afraid. That is why I moved to this location. He should still be there though. '

Draz Nurakk will spawn on a hill over from the Caller Quest mobs. He can not be hit by anything but your claws and spells. It has also been discovered that Monks with only their epics equipped were able to hit Draz as well.  He can easily be done with one group, just make sure you have a healer backing you up. You can also have another tank taunting it and taking the hits, so that magicians, wizards, etc. can nuke without getting aggro. Draz himself hits for 125 or so (at the most) but up to 3 times per hit, unless a chanter or shaman slows him. Once Draz is dead, loot his head. Put the head, the claws, and the seal all in the box and combine it. Return this to Dumul for your epic. Note that if when you hand in the claws to Halmia, Draz doesn’t spawn, head back to Dumul, give him your claws and start over from that point.

Elder Animist Dumul opens the container and looks at its contents and says, '[your name], you have saved the balance of the spirit realm. Your selflessness has made an impression that will last well beyond the effects of your recent deeds. The inhabitants of this realm are all in your debt. Your efforts to restore balance in the material realm have been worth more than we can reward you for.' '

Elder Animist Dumul shouts 'Citizens of Shar Vahl, please take the time to acknowledge the efforts of a true champion and hero to our people. [your name] has worked valiantly with great personal risk, to restore balance to our realm. We, the Khati Sha of Shar Vahl, feel that only a spirit as strong as [your name]'s can be entrusted with the Claws of the Savage Spirit. Please take this time to give [your name] your thanks and respect.'

The Beastlord Epic is a pair of two claws.  Sha's Vengeance: 55% Slow, adds 9 Disease Counters for a DoT of 460 Damage over 20 ticks.  Fury of the Vah Shir: ATK +30, Haste of 40

Congratulations on your 'Claw of the Savage Spirit'!

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