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Bard Epic 2.0 Blade of Vesagran

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If you have the Prismatic Dragon Blade (epic 1.5):

Oshiruk All Shook Up

Alkron Wyrmsong may be found in the Nobles' Causeway.

You say, 'Hail, Alkron Wyrmsong'

Alkron Wyrmsong looks at you with barely contained terror. 'You! You have brought the orb back to this land! You will destroy us all! The terror of Oshiruk can not be destroyed! Give up your foolish quest while you still can!' He grabs for the orb as you back away slightly. His claw trails across your sword as it draws fresh blood.

The blade in your hand begins to glow slightly. Alkron gazes down at the blade with eyes wide. His eyes snap frantically back and forth between your face and the blade, finally coming to rest eye to eye with you. His other claw subconsciously moves to cover the wound from your blade as he continues to stare directly into your eyes. 'You walk a foolish path Human. No mortal has the power to destroy the chaos that is the spirit of [Oshiruk]. The devourer has power beyond our comprehension. You are a fool if you think that blade will save you. The spirit of the crystalline wyrm has long since left this existence. You are alone in your quest for death.'

You say, 'Who is Oshiruk?'

Alkron Wyrmsong says 'You carry his spirit with you and know not who he is? Our worlds are ill fated indeed. But fate is not mine to control, and for my part I will [tell] you of Oshiruk. No warrior should fall before an unknown enemy. It is the legacy of my people, but I fear it will end here with all our deaths.'

You say, 'Tell me of Oshiruk.'

Alkron Wyrmsong says 'Very well ______. Millennia ago at the height of the Dragorn empire, a dark portal opened to the north. Not far from the halls of Anguish. We soon found ourselves under siege from a dark army. While we were surprised by their initial appearance, we Dragorn are not weak and were able to fight them back to the portal itself after years of war. Ten years to the day after the opening of the portal, mere days before we would have been able to destroy the portal, Oshiruk first set foot on our world. Oshiruk was rumored to be a dark deity from a reality overcome with discord long ago and that he had come to power by consuming the other deities of his pantheon. He brought a wave of destruction across our world, killing any and all dragorn kin that were sent against his [armies].'

You say, 'What armies?'

Alkron Wyrmsong says 'Eventually the armies of Oshiruk stood at the gates of Dranik. The hordes of demonic creatures clawed at the gates as we prepared our final defenses, fully expecting to meet our final demise. But the Dragorn were not destined to fall that day. The priests of Vesagran stood stalwart at the gates of our city and that day our god answered us. A great cry was heard and great crystalline wings flapped across the city blowing up an enormous cloud of dust. The titans clashed and ultimately Oshiruk fell that day before the fury of the crystalline dragon. As he struck the ground, Oshiruk's body was consumed in [darkness].'

You say, 'What darkness?'

Alkron Wyrmsong says 'Dark tentacles lashed out around the corpse and struck the dragon, sending ripples of dark energy across her crystal scales. When the tentacles finally died away, all that was left of the mighty Oshiruk was his infamous dark armor. The chestplate held a black orb that crackled with dark lightning. The dragon reached forward and tore the orb from the chestplate, causing a cataclysmic backlash of evil energy. She collapsed to the ground, overcome by the dark energy. The priests of Vesagran were able to protect her from the remnants of Oshiruk's army, but were not able to keep them from taking the black armor back through the portal to discord. But Vesagran held the orb, and with it the spirit of Oshiruk. The orb and Vesagran have never been seen again until today. How it might be destroyed I don't know, but should the armor ever be reunited with the [orb] Oshiruk would surely return and destroy us all.'

You say, 'What orb?'

Alkron Wyrmsong says 'The orb that sits in your very pack holds the soul of Oshiruk you fool! The orb is the source of all his power. But he requires a body in order to resurrect himself into this existence. He certainly wants to reform his former self and to that end will try to find the breastplate, gauntlets and boots of his previous armor. There may be a way to destroy his former body at least. The power of Mata`Muram is vast, perhaps we can use these two evils to destroy each other. Bring me the armor and a globe of discordant energy from the lair of Mata`Muram and I will attempt to destroy the armor and prevent Oshiruk's return.'

Black Chaos Gauntlets drop from trash mobs in the Nobles' Causeway. Black Chaos Boots drop from trash mobs near the Wall of Slaughter. The Black Chaos Breastplate drops from trash mobs in Riftseekers' Sanctum.

For the globe of discordant energy, you will need to pass the six raid trials of the Muramite Proving Grounds and proceed into the Citadel of Anguish. In there, kill Warden Hanvar to spawn an Orb of Discordant Energy, or kill Arch Magus Vangl, or kill Overlord Mata Muram, or finish Jelvan's ring event to spawn Jelvan`s Keepsake. Kill one of these mobs and loot a "Globe of Discordant Energy'.

Bring the three armor pieces and the globe back to Alkron. This will spawn Oshiruk, who now needs to be killed. Loot the Dragorn Essence from Oshiruk's corpse.

Hand the Dragorn Essence, Dark Orb, and the Prismatic Dragon Blade to Alkron for your Epic 2.0: The Blade of Blade of Vesagran.

Congratulations on your 'Blade of Vesagran'!

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