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Bard Disciplines

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Level Name Description Category
51 Resistant Discipline Focuses your will, increasing your resistances for a short time. Disciplines (Timer 4)
54 Fearless Discipline Strengthens your resolve, rendering you immune to fear. Disciplines (Timer 4)
55 Deftdance Discipline Increases your combat reflexes, allowing you to avoid most attacks and allowing you to dual wield every round. Disciplines (Timer 1)
60 Puretone Discipline Causes your voice to become perfectly melodious, increase the power of your songs. Disciplines (Timer 2)
69 Thousand Blades Brings your blades and your steps into perfect alignment for up to 1 minute. While in the dance your melee attacks will have a greatly increase chance to hit and you will have a greatly increased chance for critical hits. Disciplines (Timer 2)
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